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Entertainment Weekly Behind the Scenes Photo from ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ DVD/Blu-ray

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive photo from Breaking Dawn Part 2 behind the scenes with director Bill Condon, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Mackenzie Foy.

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  • Mirandathevampgirl

    I just wanted to share that a couple of days ago after learning about the disturbing news about the awful razzi’s including hearing the one about our dear little Mackenzie. Poor thing. Well i just wanted to share to you all out loud that i came up with a a fictional note, I made about how much the Cullen family love their precious angel Reneesme and told her to not feel down or feel any less loved just because her real life counterpart got nominated for those hideous razzi’s. Picture this, Reneesme is on the couch with Edward, Bella, Jacob and John as well as the rest of the family sitting on the opposite side as well as a few of their friends from elsewhere like Katnis, Peeta Gale and Prim and maybe a harry potter character or two. Edward sits her down on his lap, while Bella puts her arm over her shoulder giving her the note.
    Dear Reneesme,
    Our precious darling daughter, our sweet little angel, our little lamb, our princess, our little girl. Today, we want to open up and tell you from the bottom of our hearts how much we all love you. Yesterday’s news we know was very hard for you to hear, you are very young and don’t really understand everything that is happening around you. You are only a child, it is not your fault. It broke our hearts to see you burst into tears and break down so hard. It was not fair for you to feel so hurt that way. Why you wonder? Honey I think right now it is only right in some way that you understand from us your loving family about the harshness of reality. What we are trying to clarify to you about this ordeal is that sometimes in life for
    no good reason and you will understand better when you are older that sometimes in life there are people, some people in this world that are not very nice. They will do things and say things to make you feel bad and unworthy and think that you are worth nothing and won’t go far in life. But my dear, those mean
    people are like that because deep down inside they are miserable and do not
    have anything going on in their lives and are very insecure with themselves and
    just want to take their anger out on others and hurt them. I know it may not
    make sense and you are still hurting. But baby, understand this and hopefully
    it will make sense and you’ll feel better about yourself about it, you are a
    very, very special girl. You are without a doubt the most beautiful creature in
    the whole world. Do you know how much we love you and care for you. You are
    surrounded by people who love you oh so dearly, people who can’t help but smile
    upon you and think you are such a delight. You are friends with everyone you
    meet. You are a gift from God from the heavens above where the angels reside.
    What the good lord created in you, he made you to be very special. A beautiful
    person who is capable of doing special things and making a lot of achievements
    and goals in her life as you grow. You are only getting started my love, please
    do not give up or ever feel like you are less than worthy. Do not ever listen
    to any of those rotten, mean people they are only jealous because they don’t
    know how wonderful you truly are. You bring so much happiness in our lives
    baby. You are the sunshine on a gray day, the life of a party. You are a gifted
    musical prodigy like your wonderful, brilliant father and Uncle John of course.
    You are as intelligent and strong like your beautiful mother. Your smile, your laugh, your courage, strength and unselfish, gentle heart is what makes you beautiful. Hang in there my love. Do not ever doubt yourself, or ever do anything to hurt yourself, it is not worth it. Life is worth it. Life is something to not waste or take for granted. Life is there for you to enjoy and do whatever makes you happy. We all have felt like you before, people have said not the nicest things to us as well, but we did not ever let it bring us down in any way. We all stood together like a family and walked with our heads held high and did our job. If we can do that so can you. Just keep both your mind and your heart wide open my love and I promise you dear, you will be all right. We love you. You are the best daughter,
    granddaughter, niece, and friend anybody can ever ask for. And nobody can ever
    change that or take that away from us. You will always be our little princess.
    Your family and your friends.
    After all this, she hugs her father and mother and everyone else. And that is that, I dare not write anymore because I will most likely cry up a storm at this point. I

  • Roblover27

    Omw when I read this I was like Wow sounds real like if this wasn’t a fictional letter I about died it was so good I cried a lil you have talent… wish they had this in the movie you could have made it in there I am proud of you I would not know what to say it probably wouldn’t have made sense… Awww this picture is so cute of them they make a great sense oh and also the dog lol JP but not about the family I guess Jake is part of the family now he’s kind of annoying like I said he’s part of the family now maybe she’s like 11 he’s like 19 or however old he is… love the scene can wait for the movie hope it comes quicker than the day is supposed to!!

  • Teresa

    Does anyone know when both the extended version and Breaking Dawn Part 2 come out in Australia?

  • 5ctBauble

    Wow Mackenzie has heaps of hair! LOL. And Kristen looks cold. But shes lucky and has herself a rob-warmer ;)

  • twilight_girl

    Yer, I was wondering about that too. I thought the American one’s the same as teh Australian one. Isn’t it. It has been for the previous ones.

  • twilight_girl

    Beautifully written, Miranda.

  • twilight_girl

    Is Mckenzie’s hair really that long in the movie? I know some of it is a wig, but I don’t recall it being that long.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    That so sweet. The razzies should be ashamed.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    When I see BD2 again, I’ll have to make sure I pay attention to that scene to see if its that long. Rob is so sweet trying to keep Kristen warm.

  • EdwardsNana

    I love this shot of Rob holding Kristen. Yes, our dear Rob, who thinks he has very few of Edward’s traits…………..hummmmm

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    He has more traits than he’s willing to admit to.

  • EdwardsNana

    Hi TEB4E!!! Yes, I think a lot of Edward is inside Rob. He just doesn’t see it like we do.

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