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Edward and Bella ‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding Barbie Dolls

Special wedding edition Barbie dolls of Bella and Edward will be available in February 2012.

They can be purchased from for $29.95

I love the attention to detail on Bella’s dress and Edward’s suit! Although the Edward doll doesn’t look too happy about his wedding day. LOL

[Source via RobstenDreams.  Thanks everyone who sent this in! ]


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  • Crystal_beza

    I love the Bridal Dolls…I gotta get them!

  • Jaypat

    Lol! Um, I actually have the Edward and Bella Barbie dolls and a ton of twilight stuff. I’m sure the restoration people thought WTF?

  • Jaypat


  • 5ctBauble

    LOL thats funny! But also sad…i hope you didnt lose any one of the kind twi merch!!!

  • cullenmom/Twisters

    They really need to go back to the drawing board and make a new Edward. Bella is pretty but really just looks like another barbie doll, Love the dress.  And poor Edward just looks weird.  Please make another Edward doll so I can buy them both.

  • K☼__Ami♥ BD2♀ Csmpls♠

    I totally agree, it looks just like SG! And Edward…gah! That was a total LMFAO moment. I’ll never understand some these doll makers who get to the end of a project, look at the doll and say, “OMG, that’s perfect!” Cause honestly…no it’s not! Not even close! ☺

  • Legolas7

    Edward looks like a dead David Duchovny.

  • Kingburrows

    This is seriously the best they can do?! Perhaps new jobs are in order…

  • Monique/booksaddicted

    What is it with these doll make,  that can never get these two beautiful people to look like themselves.  The Bella doll doesn’t look like Kristen and the Edward… I don’t who’s likeness they use but… you are right new job are in order. LOL.

  • Monique/booksaddicted

    LOL… Not to be crude… but I think it should be WTF

  • Monique/booksaddicted

    You know when these dolls doesn’t sell, they are going come up with an excuse that the Twilight craze is dying!  Because of course the beloved fans must but anything they put out… Did Summit… approve these?

  • Anonymous

    These dolls look nothing like Bella & Edward, their just wrong on every level.

  • La Voz del Silencio

    LOL!! BEAUTIFUL Bella. Edward… nice body shape and dress, but his face… :/

  • Jen

    Ed looks like David Duchovny.

  • Grandmadaqueen56

    Those dolls look nothing like them…30 bucks each, are they nuts?????

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