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E! News First Look At ‘Immortals’ With Kellan Lutz!

8 Comments April 26, 2011 by Filed Under: Immortals, Kellan Lutz

Sorry if you missed it!

E! News has a first look at Immortals trailer with Kellan Lutz as Poseidon! 

This looks really good! I definitely want to see this! Immortals opens in theaters November 11, 2011.

Okay, if Immortals is out a week before Breaking Dawn Part 1, shouldn’t we get a first look at the Breaking Dawn trailer soon?  *crosses fingers* ;)

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  • D. Martin

    I agree…if they are showing a “first look” of Immortals – now – then we should see something on BD at LEAST by the end of summer. They are still shooting some things but I would think they have enough for a “first look” of the first movie. Then again, they just shot the wedding scene a couple weeks ago right? Yeah, at least by end of summer. Does Immortals have a website up and going yet?

  • D. Martin

    Okay guys. One more reason to support our faves as they take on other roles. I just found this article on RP and his role in WFE. You can read about it here:

    We need to get out there and support them – if possible – when they take on other roles.

  • IndiesR

    This looks really good…reminds me of braveheart & 300. Definitely gonna see this in support of Kellan…and also to get my fill on yet another British hottie. Lol

  • IndiesR

    I agree… They definitely need our support. I’ve already seen WFE twice and will be seeing it again on the 29th. I think Rob did an amazing job and i loved every bit of the movie.

  • candace reece

    it toally reminds me of 300…..i’ll MOST DEF go see it..i just hope i have a boyfriend by then to see it haha

  • Unique Jenique

    That would be really nice if we could get a first glimpse of Breaking Dawn like right now but it is doubtful since they are still filming scenes. I am guessing that they finished filming Immortals before production for BD started back in November :(

  • Kris

    Freaking awesome trailer Kellan!!!!

  • Alissa


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