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Director Bill Condon Talks Deleted Scenes On The ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ DVD and More!

I know it’s alittle soon to be talking about the Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD, but yeah we want to know! MTV’s Josh Horowitz sat down with director Bill Condon and talked about deleted scenes that could make it on the Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD!

“There are a few scenes of the Volturi traveling around the world,” he revealed. “There’s one scene of Bella training that seemed to be redundant, so we took it out. Then there’s a big speech out in the field that we’ll see a rough version of one the DVD.”

Bill explained that the speech in question is one delivered by scene-stealing Lee Pace in his role as outspoken Garrett. But we want to know more about that Bella scene!

“It’s Bella trying to become a bad-ass fighter and failing at it, so it’s kind of funny,” Bill added. “The only reason I miss it is there’s this last roundhouse kick that Rob taught her how to do in that training scene.”

Oh man! I really wanted to see that scene with Garrett’s speech! I can’t wait for the DVD! Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD was released on February 11, 2012. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for another Valentine’s Day special for 2013!

Check out more of Josh’s interview with Bill and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg after the break! They talk about the cottage sex scene, the close call on the PG-13 and about the surprise twist ending!

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  • Hop

    THANK YOU. I so want more on this DVD than on the BD1 we had. I want those extra scenes. I can’t wait/

  • twikat

    Thank u and happy thanksgiving to u n ur families and for keeping us posted on our believed franchise! U guys are the best!!! Xoxox

  • kim

    But what about scenes from BD part 1? The deleted/extended from part one should be on there. And all I can say is IT BETTER HAVE THE DELETED SCENES OF THE HONEYMOON! And cottage sex =P

  • TeamSpaceHeaters-Paulex[Mar09]

    Typical don’t play in the UK :(
    Like you looking forward to Garret’s speech!

  • Lux

    I must say that one of the moments that I wanted to see in the film was precisely Garret’s speech, but I’m glad we’re going to have on DVD, but it should have been in the final edition. The same applies to Bella’s physical training, something should have shown. And other scenes too.

    What I can’t understand is how other productions exceed two hours, and Twilight movies don’t. A few extra minutes to incorporate important scenes and make a better adaptation, had not killed anyone… I don’t understand.

    Anyway, to wait for the DVD!

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Lux I always said they should have been 2 1/2 hrs each. NM was the longest 2hrs and 15min. and they still didn’t get in the best parts of the book, which was the end.

  • 5ctBauble

    I have a few more days in the Us to watch everything thats normally blocked from me lol :D

  • 5ctBauble

    Was it just me or did the sex scenes in part 1 seem more explicit? But yes I want the DVD ASAP with lots of extras!!!

  • Lux
  • TeamSpaceHeaters-Paulex[Mar09]

    Are you in the US??!!

  • Hop

    I so agree. Those of us true fans, and there are a huge amount of us, would gladly sit through a 2 and a half or even longer for the file to get more scenes that matter to us and to the nature of the books to come through. I mean heck there are tons of films that are mostly talking and not much action longer than 3 hours.

  • JayPat

    Yeah, we needed to see them break stuff! Lol!

  • JayPat

    That has to be when their training? Yeah we didn’t see that!

  • JayPat

    I wonder what that reason was too. Why not add the extra min for Garrett’s speech? Surely it wasn’t more than a min.

  • JayPat

    Move here!! Lol!!

  • Jennifer Rogers-Germain

    I hope the deleted scenes are also on the blu-ray, because thee weren’t any on he Part 1 blu-ray. I was very disappointed.

  • Lux

    Exactly, I’m not talking about making a movie of three hours (although I would love that :) ), just a few more minutes, which is what can last Garret’s speech, or deepen some scenes…

  • Lux

    Yes, maybe. I hadn’t thought that.

  • mary

    omg..i think i’m depressed… i cant believe the whole series are over now…. it makes me cry everytime i think about it….thank you stephanie for such a great story..story made us all delusional :) ) but it was great experience for me…BTW the last scene in movie where bella shows edward how much she loved him, that made me cryyyyy like crazyy..seriously is it just me????

  • ebjalove

    I cried in the beginning and I cried at the end. I will always love the movies and I hope they bring out a huge collection with a lot of extra scenes in a boxed edition. I will pay the price and I am sure there are many others who will too. I would love to just watch every bit of footage they could give us. I just want to thank everyone involved in the making of the books and all the movies. I have had nothing but joy from them and I am 51 years old but it made me remember my youth. I really remembered my biology partner. He was my first big crush…..

  • sbak2510

    my only problem about the ending where alice has her “vision ‘ of jacob & nessie i that she wouldnt have had that vision~ her visions ar blocked by werewolves and hybrid nessie~ ugh!!

  • buffy

    That is from BD Part 1, from the Hunt…
    Esme rolled down the slope and land on her feed.
    The scene in the movie ist dark…

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