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Dakota Fanning on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine

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 Cosmo Dakota Feb 2012

Dakota Fanning (Volturi member Jane) graces the cover of Cosmopolitan US February 2012 issue.

She talks about growing up, finding the one and what she’s up to next.

She’s looking very grown up! Dakota turns 18 at the end of February but she’s stirring up some controversy for Cosmo being that she is still a minor for now and its’s Cosmo!

What do you think? Is she too young to be in Cosmo or are people just in denial that she’s about to become an adult?

Cosmo Dakota Title

[Source: Cosmopolitan MagazineVera Wang]

Category: Dakota Fanning, Jane

  • Marti Mitev

    Why not?!
    She’s awesome… <3

  • Tomas

    She is SO sexy, and awesome and very very very very very very very very very very very talented!!!!!!!! She is becoming an adult, and 3 weeks after her, I turn 18 :D

  • Anonymous

    It’s just silly. It’s not like she’s posing for playboy

  • Franjeffries

    OMG! i thought she was Kristen’s age!21! Such a beautiful girl.x

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    I agree with you! It’s not like she’s nude, and it’s naive to think girls under the age of 18 don’t read Cosmo! People these days are far too critical on descent people when they should be focusing all their negativity towards the craziness that’s “reality” tv.. xP 

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    I’ve discovered something about the Fanning sisters. While both are beautiful, it is  Dakota who has the more feminie voice. Just thought I’d share that lol!

    I love her hair. It’s so shiny and flippy!

  • Happyeducator

    This is not Dakota, but her sister.

  • K☼__Ami♥ BD2♀ Csmpls♠

    Cosmo is for adults…and the woman’s 18! Welcome aboard, Dakota! ♥ And holy my-tongue-is-hanging-out-of-my-mouth, the girl just gets prettier and prettier!!!

  • Guest

    Does no one remember ‘The Runaways”- if she was in that movie, she can shoot for Cosmo.

  • Guest

    Its Dakota.



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