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Collider: 10 Minutes Behind-the-Scenes Footage of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′

Collider has 10 minutes of behind the scenes footage of Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Bella and Edward on the couch at Isle Esme…..AHHHH!!!! I can’t! The end is the same as the B roll footage we posted earlier with better quality and sound….

Bella sitting on Edward on the couch! AHHH!!

[Source: Collider via KStewAngel]

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  • Fanpire Cecy

    Them sitting on the couch has to be one of the sweetest and cutest things I’ve seen in a long time. :)

  • PieceOfForeverRPatz

    The Cullens can seriously dance! 

  • Ash McPerk

    Oh my… Alice is dancing the Charleston!!  LOVE it!  Also, what is Tanya doing…? She is as cute as a button.  Love her!  Did anyone else notice the busted bed frame and feathers in the  background on the scene where Edward tells Bella that it was the best night of his existence?  Also, with the scene on the honeymoon where he’s in bed… look on the wall behind him.  Part of the railing is torn off and there are finger marks on the wall!!!
    Hehehe at Jess at the wedding.  Reminds me of when Angela said in the first movie, “They’re not REALLY related.”

  • twimaniac_90

    this movie will be epic!!!!!

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    Am I the only one whos crying like a baby? I saw all the moments I’ve read about.. and couldn’t help to feel.. what a beautiful journey it is.. and how it is absolutely right. All this is so beautiful to see. The Stephanie/Kristen hug.. seemed like a little bit more. And everything .. looks better than I could Imagine..

  • Team Bella and Edward >3

    OMG Bella and Edward are so perfect for each other. I loved the scene when Edward says “Last night, ws the best night of my existence”.  Then the scene of Bella and Edward in the waterfall. This movie is going to be more than epic it’s going to be my favourite of them all can’t wait. 

  • Kmdevers

    I don’t usually comment but I’m just so emotional right now. This is going to be so epic. Seeing our favorite moments on the big screen. Truly magical. I just about died watching that. I think that Rob and Kristen should be a package deal for every movie they do from here on out haha I’d seriously pay $12.50 to watch ANYTHING with them in it!! I think they’ve grown to love Edward and Bella as much as we do and it’s going to make all the difference.

  • Cymraeg36

    cant wait for the movie. do you know if they will be doing the scene where bella has a dream and edward gives in and sleeps with her again in the book they sleep together 3 times

  • TeamMcSparkly<3

    Oh my word. Heart Palpitations…..
    I keep telling myself I won’t watch anything else to save the rest for the movie (seems like they’ve been putting a LOT of footage), then you guys catch me off gaurd by posting a tantalizing picture, and I just don’t have the will power! AGH! ;)

  • Vivid

    i can’t see the clip :( ((


    omg I remember the cast talking about the dance at the wedding! it looks sooo good! Ashley and Jackson are just perfect :)

    and oh my, Kristen has like the most amazing legs. when she was sitting on the couch with edward…wow!


    AWWWWW THE COUCH SCENE!!!!!! :”> he was like ” who prey on BEAUUUUUUUUTIFUL WOMEN.” awwwwwwwww <3 ohmygosh cant wait any longer! :)

  • Lucetta24

    The vampires dancing at the wedding literally made me scream… I can hardly contain my excitement!

  • Anonymous

    When Rob and Kristen kiss, there’s always this super hichpitched sound coming from them, almost like a whistle. Lol!

  • Krista

    I read an interview with either Bill Condon or Kristen Stewart, and it said there were 2 sex scenes between both films. It indicated one in the first film (Honeymoon) and the other being in Part 2 (Cottage Honeymoon)

  • Krista

    LOVE IT! 

    Vampire Dancing!
    Bella and Edward on the sofa!
    Even the use of Bella’s quilt from Eclipse got me teary eyed! (It’s covering her in the pregnant Bella scene)

    Ahhhh 2 weeks from today I will be sitting in a theater with my closest friends enjoying this film! NEED TISSUES!!!!

  • Pyroprincess89

    I thought it was two iconic sex scenes? Like they were worried about two “big” sex scenes that the fans were waiting for… I could have read the interview wrong though.

  • Anonymous

    After watching this, the 15th of November, quarter to twelve just seems too far away!!! I’m going crazy over here.  No wonder they keep this kind of stuff until it’s time to start promoting, can you imagine how we would have felt if we’ve seen this 6 months ago?

  • Mirandathevampgirl

    oh dear lord all mighty in heaven why do you keep torturing us this way its so cruel

  • shelley513

    Best thing for me was when Edward kicked Jacobs ass. So looking forward to that. That lone shot, is the icing on the cake for me.  Can hardly wait.

    I also loved looking at the actors faces when Bill was speaking to them, they all care about these movies. It was nice to see.

  • Robsten fan

    Did anyone else catch Jessica’s snide comment about Bella “showing” and Angela coming to Bella’s defense! That was awesome!

  • LegHitchThis

    This was certainly a joy to watch. I damn near had a heart attack last night because of this. :)

  • spunknkstew_love (Melly)

    oh my goodness. That is all I’m able to say right now…. 

  • Karen Hernandez26

    Wow. Thanks for pointing that out. I didn’t notice that before hehe.

  • Dana321

    “Im late.. My period is late..”
    ohhhhh! I cant wait for this scene! Pregnant Bella and shock Edward! LOL

  • Anonymous

    the only bad thing about this is that i realized in the movie feather night and headboard night are put into one :( ( in the book the first time they made love she woke up in feathers…and the second time edward broke the bed..and in the movie it seems to be the same night :( ( i knew they’re gonna cut the honeymoon short grrrrr

  • Mskrystal

    SO many things I loved seeing!!! I am really looking forward to this movie!! I definently am excited to see Edward finally having it out with Jacob!!! I am SO glad they are not leaking pictures or footage of the wedding dress!! I don’t want to see it!!! Oh how I’ve missed Jessica and her funny lines!! :) Lots of great things!!!

  • Scotangel1961

    awsome cant wait to see it

  • Tinkerbell_sara21

    That was awesome… and i know the movie is going to be 1000X’s better than that little behind the scenes . I am so excited!!

  • Cymraeg36

    there has to be a second time they sleep together as in the book otherwise it will be completely different from the book and bella does keep trying to get edward to sleep with her again in the movie surely they wouldnt change that or maybe they reversed it the original scene from the book on there wedding night from the book when they have sex but she woke the next morning and dont actually see any sex they could have put this in the second sex scene which would be when she wakes from her dream

  • Cymraeg36

    in the book bella tries althrough out the honeymoon to get edward to sleep with her again and he does so there has to be the other sex scene but dont actually see any sex otherwise its completely different from the book plus the underwear scene when bella getting ready to swim with edward she finds naughty underwear which alice packed for her which bella uses at some point to get him to sleep with her so the other sex scene has got to be in there but without seeing any sex

  • Kez_MLIT..100%switz.stew.riley

    -I LOVE the humans, so glad they’re in it for a bit.
    - LOVE the dancing! Go Alice :)
    -LOVE Taylor’s enthusiasm
    -The stunts look so much fun!
    -LOVE rob and kristen’s chemistry gahhh <3
    -LOVE Booboo in this!
    and most of all, LOVE Kristen's legs, she's one hot gurl.

  • Twilight8

    nor can i . my god im nearly in tears . best book ever n best story ever .and im a mom !it is a universal story which transcends age also

  • Twilight8

    totally totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • doesn’t have a name

    me too! i was legit on the verge of a panic attack!

  • Cymraeg36

    even though they have cut the honeymoon short  melissa rosenberg and robert pattinson have both said the movie is excately like the book  there isnt anymore sex scenes but they do have sex again but you dont see them doing it like in the honeymoon scene .   they have just shortened the other sex scenes

  • Twilight8

    do you or anyone else know how to get fanmail to stephenie meyer please ?i donot mean e mail etc . just old fashioned paper n pen .

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