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Check Out These Amazing ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Edward and Bella Doll Repaints!

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Check out these amazing Breaking Dawn Part 2 Doll repaints by artist Noel Cruz!
That is just amazing! Breath taking! Even their hair looks spot on! I can’t get over it.

You should check out all of Noel Cruz work. From celebrity icons to royalty.

Via Hitflix

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  • 5ctBauble

    This is so trippy! They’re so spot on!!

  • Mary Masen

    WOW! They are amazing! So much better than the originals. Oh the feels <3

  • leahreallyitis

    TAKE THEM BACK! whoever made these did not do a very good job on Rob/Edward they are nice but he does not look like Edward he looks totally different sorry can’t duplicate perfection again they are nice but that is not Rob I’m sorry

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