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Kristen Stewart Wins for Favorite Movie Actress and Butt Kicker

Kristen Stewart Wins for Favorite Movie Actress and Butt Kicker

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Kristen Stewart has won the award for Favorite Movie Actress and Buttkicker for her roles in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Snow White and the Huntsman respectively.

Congratulations Kristen!!!

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VOTE for Kristen Stewart for the Kid’s Choice Awards 2013

Kristen Stewart is the only Twilight cast member to be nominated at this year’s Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards which airs Saturday 23rd March.

Kristen is nominated for Favorite Movie Actress (Breaking Dawn: Part 2) and Favorite Female Buttkicker (Snow White and the Huntsman)

See how to vote after the break!

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Awards Season

Awards Season

I love awards season!!!

First, we had the People’s Choice Awards which aired on January 9 and The Twilight Saga won the award for Best Fan Following! :D

We then have the BAFTA Awards on February 10th where Snow White and the Huntsman has been nominated for its Costume Design by Colleen Atwood.

Finally there’s the Academy Awards on February 24th where Snow White and the Huntsman is nominated for its Achievement in Costume Design and Achievement in Visual Effects.

Congratulations for all the nominations!

I really hope to see Rob and Kristen at the Oscars!!!

[Source: Just Jared, Hollywood News]

2013 People’s Choice Awards Nominees

2013 People’s Choice Awards Nominees

The 2013 People’s Choice’s Awards nominations are out!!! No, there are no nominations for Breaking Dawn Part 2 as it came out later in the year, but there are nomations for the Twilight Saga and the stars of Twilight (for their other movies of course).

In the category of Favorite Fan Movie Following: Twihards —- Twilight

Favorite Face of Heroism: Kristen Stewart — Snow White and the Huntsman

Favorite On-Screen Chemistry: Kristen Stewart/Chris Hensworth — Snow White and the Huntsman

Favorite Movie: Snow White and the Huntsman

Favorite New TV Drama: Revolution (Billy Burke)

The 2013 People’s Choice Awards is on January 09, 2013 from the Nokia Theatre in LA.

Be sure to vote! Twihards are amazing!!

People’s Choice Awards Voting

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‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ Available September 11th Plus Blu-ray Extended Edition Info

‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ Available September 11th Plus Blu-ray Extended Edition Info

Snow White and The Huntsman Blu-Ray and DVD will be released on September 11th. I had the opportunity to view the Snow White and The Huntsman Blu-Ray extended edition plus digital copy.  The extended version, and the extras and behind the scenes footage are really amazing.   The extended version is 2 hours and 12 minutes, 4 minutes more than the theatrical version.

My favorite part of viewing the Blu-ray was the picture in picture behind the scenes footage along with the film.  (Only if you’ve seen the film first)  It was very interesting to see how the film came together while watching that particular scene.   I love that you have the digital copy as well with the Blu-ray and DVD to view on your computer or iPad.  I’m anxious to use Universal’s Second Screen pocketBLU app on my iPad.  I’ve only started, and I’m hooked!  Very cool! It’s available now on Amazon.

 The Combo Pack includes an Extended version of the film not shown in theaters, as well as a Digital Copy of the film, compatible with iPhone, iTunes, iPad, iPod, iPod touch, Adroid or online retail partners, and also includes Ultra Violet.

Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Features: 

- A New Legend Is Born

Bonus Features Exclusive to the Blu-ray

-Reinventing the Fairy Tale

-Citizens of the Kingdom

-The Magic Of ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’

-Around the Kingdom: 360 Set Tour

- Universal’s Second Screen: An innovative viewing experience that allows viewers to control, interact with and explore Snow White and The Huntsman groundbreaking features on a networked tablet or computer, in synch with the movie on the television screen!  As the movie plays, experience features such as:

  • Flick View: Move content form the tablet to the TV screen and compare storyboards, animatics and other exciting bonus material with a ‘flick’ of the fingers.
  • Behind the Scenes (Picture in Picture)
  • Arond the Kingdom: 360 Set Tour
  • Virtual Flip Books
  • Cast of Characters

-Ultra Violet

-Digital Copy

-pocket BLU App: The popular free pocket BLU app for smartphones is now even better with newly update versions for iPad, Android tablets, PC and Macintosh computers, with features made especially to take advantage of the devices larger screens and high resolution displays

  • Advanced Remote Control: A sleek, elegant new way to operate your Blu-ray player. User can navigate through menus, playback and BD-Live functions with ease
  • Video Timeline: Users can easily bring up the video timeline, allowing them to instantly access any point in the film.
  • Mobile-To-Go: Users can unlock a selection of bonus content with their Blu-ray discs to save to their device or to stream from anywhere there is Wi-Fi network

‘Snow White & The Huntsman’ Conquer The Kingdom Game & Promotions Hitting The US!

‘Snow White & The Huntsman’ Conquer The Kingdom Game & Promotions Hitting The US!

4 Comments August 30, 2012 by Filed Under: Kristen Stewart, Snow White And The Huntsman

In celebration of Snow White and The Huntsman on DVD/Blu-Ray September 11th, fans can play games and win prizes!  Check out the Conquer the Kingdom website to see the behind the scenes footage!

“Snow White & the Huntsman” Magic Mirror Takeovers

Approximately 165 bars and restaurants in seven cities will transform their restroom mirrors to offer personal photo opportunities for patrons to emulate either Queen Ravenna or The Huntsman via specially designed window clings of the characters.  Just position yourself within the image and snap a photo to upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and share with friends and fans.  Look for the “Queens” or “Huntsman” restroom door signs at locations in Atlanta, Boston, Philly, Chicago, NYC, Los Angeles and San Fran from Sept 5 – 12.

Free ‘Queen Ravenna Red’ Nail Changes at Participating Nail Salons

Twenty participating nail salons around the country will offer FREE “Queen Ravenna Red” polish changes and a keepsake mirrored key chain to the first 50 patrons to make an appointment from Sept 4 – 14 at locations in Detroit, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Orange County, Chicago, Tampa, Cleveland, St. Louis, Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Houston, San Diego, Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York, San Fran, Washington, Philly. Look for the special flyers distributed at malls and bring your friends, post your new look and enjoy watching sneak peek clips from the upcoming “Snow White & the Huntsman” Blu-ray/DVD.


No ‘Snow White’ Sequel For Kristen Stewart?

No ‘Snow White’ Sequel For Kristen Stewart?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kristen Stewart will not return in the sequel to Snow White And The Huntsman.

Universal has decided to shelf its planned Snow White and the Huntsman sequel and is instead focusing on a solo Huntsman movie starring Chris Hemsworth. Kristen Stewart will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the sequel to June’s Snow White, which starred Stewart, Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, is being reconceived as a spinoff movie. It’s unclear whether director Rupert Sanders will return, though one source with ties to the production says he will. However, screenwriter David Koepp, who had been hired to pen the continuation of the original film, is being settled out of his rich contract, according to sources, as the project is being transformed into something other than the movie that Koepp had been hired to write.

“The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise,” a Universal spokeswoman says.

They may keep Rupert Sanders as director, but drop Kristen? That is the biggest bunch of BS! How is that right? SHE made that movie! $389.2 million worldwide was not because Rupert was the director. SMH.


The site then notes, “Kristen Stewart will not be invited to return if the follow-up goes forward.”


Those are some big claims.

And they’re WRONG.

A well-placed insider tells Gossip Cop that Stewart “hasn’t been dropped,” adding that theTHR story is “inaccurate.”

“There isn’t a script” yet, our source points out, making it impossible to know for sure which characters will be included in future installments.

In fact, a spokesperson for Universal says NO decisions have been made.

“The studio is currently exploring options to continue the franchise,” the rep says.

Wow, THR.  Way to get everyone all riled up.  OK, so Kristen may or may not be in the sequel still.  So nothing new to really report.  LOL!


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