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Rumor: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Line Surprise at Comic-Con 2012

Rumor: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Line Surprise at Comic-Con 2012

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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Comic-Con 2012There are rumors that Summit will have some surprises in store for fans Wednesday at 9pm in front of Hall H. If you’ll be waiting for Thursday’s official Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel, don’t choose then for a line break!



Robert Pattinson is NOT joining ‘The Hunger Games’

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From Gossip Cop:

Robert Pattinson was caught off guard by at least one new casting rumor quickly spreading online.

A number of outlets have reported that the actor is in the mix to join Catching Fire, the sequel to The Hunger Games, in which he’d supposedly play Finnick Odair.

Pattinson cleared up that rumor on Saturday at the Cannes Film Festival, where he premieredCosmopolis on Friday.

“I woke up this morning and saw all these things about me being cast in The Hunger Games,” Pattinson told USA Today. “I was kind of curious for a second. So I called my agent.”

He continued, “My agent was like, ‘No.’”

Pattinson laughed and said his agent told him, “No one’s going to offer you that part. I was like, ‘Thanks for the reassurance.’”

So there you have it.

The star of The Twilight Saga is not planning to leap to The Hunger Games series.

Did many of you hear this rumour??

[Source: Gossip Cop]

Rumor Control: Robert Pattinson Not to Appear on Top Gear

Rumor Control: Robert Pattinson Not to Appear on Top Gear

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Once again our beloved saga is the victim of yet another hoax. Okay, so that’s a bit dramatic. Anywhoo, if you’re a BBC fan most of you in Twitterland probably saw the awesome tweet about some pretty cool guests appearing on the British motor vehicle show, Top Gear.  Well Rob was named as one of those guests for the upcoming season and that’s just not the truth. Here’s the original tweet below:

I’ll wait to hear it from Rob himself, LOL


‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1′ LA Premiere November 14th?

‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1′ LA Premiere November 14th?

According to Mark (From their Twitter: Markmeets is a PR/Photo agency. Best know for film premieres & for being on T4 ‘Homemade), the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 Los Angeles premiere is tentatively rumored to be set for Monday November 14th.

This has not been confirmed by Summit.

The World film premiere of Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 will take place in Los Angeles on Monday 14th November 2011. the US red carpet will see many of the main cast attending.

There currently is no London film premiere booked, should there be one planned it will take place between 15th and 17th November 2011 and we’ve been told from the organisers that Battersea evolution (where the New Moon fan event took place) would not be a suitable venue. We have been asked to state that no-one books flights/hotel for the UK premire as negotiations are still taking place.

As soon as we get confirmation from Summit, we’ll let you know!  Don’t book your plane/hotels yet!  Who’s going to the BD Part 1 LA or UK premiere?

Breaking Dawn Casting News: Christie Burke Rumored To Play Teenage Renesmee

Breaking Dawn Casting News: Christie Burke Rumored To Play Teenage Renesmee

TwiCraddict Addict has some information on the teenage Renesmee will be played by Christie Burke!

Christie – aka second luckiest gal in the world (first place still goes to Kristen, natch) – appears to get to make out with Taylor Lautner in a flash-forward to Jacob and Renesmee living happily ever after…
Whether this is a Bella flash forward or when Jacob first imprints on her (as previous rumored Lainey script deets detailed a Jacob/Renesemee montage) will remain to be seen.
According to her representation, Performers Management in Vancouver Christie is 5’7, has hazel eyes, brown hair (though her pic totes look more auburn) and weighs 115lbs (plenty light enough for Jacob to spin her around in throws of adoration, etc).
Super squishy thanks to my secret source for this info!
- Lorabell

However, Summit has not confirmed this information.

From NessieMackenzie

The casting of Christie Burke has NOT yet been confirmed by Summit. We will be sure to keep you updated when we hear otherwise!

What do you all think?  I like her!   However, I always had a feeling that Janelle Frohleich was the teenage Renesmee.  Summit never confirmed Janelle’s role.  Just a thought.  I do think Christie will be great too.

[Source: TwiCrack Addicts & NessieMackenzie.]

Breaking Dawn Filming News: Lainey Gossip Spills The Deets!

Breaking Dawn Filming News: Lainey Gossip Spills The Deets!

This post comes along with a huge spoiler warning! If you don’t want to read the spoilers then do not click after the break!

Please remember this is Lainey, she could be being completely truthful or maybe not so much. Take it as you will ;)

[Source LaineyGossip] Thanks eBella for the tip ;)


Kristen Stewart Passed On Lois Lane Role In ‘Superman: Man Of Steel’?

Kristen Stewart Passed On Lois Lane Role In ‘Superman: Man Of Steel’?

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There have been rumors circulating that Kristen Stewart read for the part of Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman: Man Of Steel.  Well, according to NY Daily News, Kristen turned down the role. 

According to a source close to Zack Snyder, director of the upcoming “Superman: Man of Steel,” K.Stew recently met with the filmmaker and his wife, Deborah – who’s a producer on the film with Christopher (“Inception”) Nolan – to discuss her taking the role of Lane.

The meeting could not have lasted long. The source says Stewart “ultimately passed” on being cast as the intrepid Daily Planet reporter who works alongside Clark Kent and becomes Superman’s love interest.

Our source, who works with Snyder, says the director did not offer Stewart the role, but had “definite” interest in her playing the quick-thinking brunette.

Stewart, however, had specific reasons for turning down the part. The source says the intense-eyed actress, whose rumored involvement with “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson set the media swooning, was “caught off guard” by the success of that film franchise and wasn’t ready to leap into a similar situation just yet. Instead, the source said, Stewart professed an interest in “smaller, independent films.” (Stewart’s spokeswoman said only that she “did not read for the part” and declined to elaborate.)

Legitimate reasons, perhaps, but our source says Snyder was left feeling “slighted” by Stewart and that the awkward beauty had “wasted his time.”  Snyder, whose résumé includes “300,” is also reportedly considering Jessica Biel, “Glee’s” Dianna Agron, Rachel McAdams, Malin Akerman and Mila Kunis  for the role of Lane. (On Sunday, Warner Bros. said that Brit Henry Cavill, best known for his role as Charles Brandon, First Duke of Suffolk, in Showtime’s “The Tudors,” would play Superman (and alter ego Clark Kent.)

Granted, there is no confirmation on this, expect for Kristen did not read for the Lois Lane role.   

Good!  LOL!   Love that she’s into smaller independent films.   Henry Cavill was Stephenie Meyer’s Edward.  :D

[Source: NYDailyNews via Kstewartfans]


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