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‘Twilight: Forever’ Blu-Ray Trailer!

We previously reported the Twilight: Forever The Complete Saga on Blu-ray and DVD releasing November 5th. Check out the new trailer from Yahoo Movies!

Chills! I still have chills! This will be added to my collection. ;)

You can pre-order your Twilight: Forever at Amazon!

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Kristen Stewart’s Top 5 Moments from the Saga

Kristen Stewart’s Top 5 Moments from the Saga

Kristen Stewart spoke with Entertainment Weekly about her Top 5 moments from the Twilight franchise.

Awesome interview!! :D

I’m sure her favourite scenes to film are the same scenes we loved to watch!

[Source: EW via KStewartFans]

UK ‘Twilight Saga: Complete Collection’ & ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ DVD/Blu-ray Covers

UK ‘Twilight Saga: Complete Collection’ & ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ DVD/Blu-ray Covers

Here’s a look at the UK Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD and The Twilight Saga: Complete Collection! There is no release date, but has an alert to email you when it’s available. HMV also has an exclusive one for the Complete Collection HERE! Go HERE for Breaking Dawn Part 2.

I’m going to be so broke after all of this! LOL!

[source: HMV via KristenStewartUK]


The Twilight Saga Ultimate Trailer Mash Up!

Here’s the ultimate Twilight Saga trailer from Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part 2! WOW! It really is the ultimate trailer!!




Stevie Nicks: ‘Twilight’ Changed Her Life

The Insider interviewed singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere in Los Angeles.

Stevie said Bella and Edward and Kristen and Rob changed her life. She would have never made another record if it wasn’t for them. *crying*

I really wish I could have met her at the premiere. I adore her! I used to dance around and sing Gypsy when I was young. Loved her. Rumours is one of my all time favorite records. I could go on and on. It is so sweet what she said about Twilight and Kristen and Rob. Non Twilight people don’t realize the impact this story has on all of us. From everyday stay at home moms to a Grammy Award winner artist. I just love Stevie Nicks.


‘Twilight’ Saga Supercut: Save Bella!

MTV put together all the Twilight Saga films about protecting and saving Bella. LOL!

It’s Bella vs Edward in the Twi-Fight Tournament for the championship! You have until Monday to vote! VOTE HERE!


MTV News The Twi-Fight Saga: A Twilight Tournament of the Best Twilight Characters!

MTV New is having a Twilight Character Tournament starting October 22nd!

Here’s how it will work: Voting begins on October 22 at The single-elimination tournament will proceed from round to round, with characters knocked off as we go, until only two are left to duke it out in one final face-off. The pair of finalists will be announced November 8, with the ultimate Twi-Fight champion crowned November 12.

The full Twi-Fight Saga schedule is as follows:

» Round 1: Monday, October 22, through Thursday, October 25
» Round 2: Thursday, October 25, through Monday, October 29
» Sweet 16: Monday, October 29, through Thursday, November 1
» Elite Eight: Thursday, November 1, through Monday, November 5
» Final Four: Monday, November 5, through Thursday, November 8
» Championship Round: Top two announced Thursday, November 8, with voting concluding Monday, November 12

So fill your belly with mushroom ravioli, get those voting fingers ready and be sure to follow along on Twitter using the hash-tag #TwiFight. Sixty-four characters will enter but only one will emerge the Twi-Fight Saga champion — and it’s all up to you!

I bet Butt-Crack Santa will win. LOL!   It better be Bella!

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