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‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ : Year in Review

‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ : Year in Review

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This has been amazing and sad year for Twilight fans with the last Twilight movie being released!

With the new year around the corner, MTV looks back on the last year of Twilight in 2012.

‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′: Top 10 Moments of 2012

The Last First Trailer
In March we were treated to the last first teaser trailer for a “Twlight” movie and it  was  noteworthy for several reasons: it debuted in front of its likely superstar franchise successor “The Hunger Games” and it was the first glimpse fans received of Bella as a vampire, along with Edward and Jacob’s reactions.

The Final Poster
The powers that be that are in charge of all the “Twilight” posters have kept things simple over the years, using subtle imagery and font to set and tease the tone for all five films, i.e. there has been a lot of Bella, Edward, Jacob etc. standing around and glaring. Thankfully, with the final poster, we were treated to something different by way of an actual action shot and a bunch of new vampire friends.

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The premiere was fabulous and I loved the the plot twist, what was your favorite moment?
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Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years!


Green Day’s ‘The Forgotten’ Music Video From The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack!

Green Day’s ‘The Forgotten’ Music Video From The Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack!



The Green Day Music Video for The Forgotten from the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack!

It’s absolutely wonderful! Edward playing the lullaby for Renesmee! *cries*

Screen caps after the break!!


MTV First: ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Thursday

MTV First: ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Thursday


MTV First! Preview Clip of Breaking Dawn Part 2! ::squeal::  MTV First:  The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn Part 2 will air  Thursday, November 1, beginning at 8 PM EST.

“Get ready for an extra-special dose of “Breaking Dawn” goods Thursday, November 1, at 8 p.m. ET, when MTV News presents “MTV First: The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2,” an exclusive sit-down with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, during which they will introduce a never-before-seen clip from the film on MTV. ”

“Following the on-air introduction of the exclusive clip, the “Twilight” trio will stick around for a lengthy interview on and will joined by other castmembers as well. Fans can get in on the action immediately by submitting video or text questions beginning today via or Twitter (@MTVNews, hashtag #AskTwilight). “

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There will also be more special features in the coming week, as well! So excited!!

Can’t wait to see the clip and the sit-down interview!!!





15 New HQ ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Stills!

15 New HQ ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Stills!

Here are 15 new HQ Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills!

Bella and Edward! Bella and Jacob! Bella and Charlie! I love them all!

MTV Interview with Director Bill Condon PLUS New Stills with Edward, Bella, Amazon & Denali Covens!

MTV Interview with Director Bill Condon PLUS New Stills with Edward, Bella, Amazon & Denali Covens!

As part of their Fall 2012 Movie Preview, MTV has an exclusive interview with director Bill Condon plus two more Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills!

MTV News: How are you feeling? What stage of the post-production process are you in?

Bill Condon: We’re at the stage of mixing and doing color timing and adding that last big bunch of visual effects shots, and that’s where it gets complicated because the [most challenging] ones always come in last, so it’s just making sure that they look as good as they can, that’s the big thing right now.

MTV: Is there one specific FX shot that you’re particularly pleased with?

Condon: Oh man, there are so many that are so beautiful. I love the way, it’s very creepy, but I love the way that Alec’s mist looks. He has that mist that can make you blind, deaf and dumb, so that’s looking really good. It feels like the best Hammer [horror] movie you’ve ever seen. It’s a little different [type of mist] and sort of has tentacles that can get inside you and all that stuff.

MTV: I’m so excited to see all the powers! I spoke with Mackenzie Foy recently, the most adorable person the planet, and she talked about how she had fun filming her “power scenes.”

Condon: I know, she’s adorable, right? Her power, she touches somebody and she can show them what’s in her head and that you develop. There are some visual things, but a lot of that is done through Carter Burwell’s score, but then just recently in the mixing Dane Davis, who is a brilliant sound designer, he did “The Matrix” and so many other movies, he had her just speak and read poetry and things like that, and he’s turned it into hundreds of tracks. You don’t actually hear words but it becomes the chattering of her [voice], it’s a very abstract effect that I’ve never heard before. It’s really cool.


MTV: How about the running time? Is that official yet?

Condon: Yeah. The running time is one hour and 56 minutes, one minute shorter than the first one and as such, I think the shortest of all of them.

Go read the rest of Bill’s interview with MTV!   Awesome interview!



MTV Interviews Mackenzie Foy

From MTV:

MTVNews was lucky enough to catch up with Mackenzie Foy recently to talk all things “Breaking Dawn — Part 2,” a conversation I’m happy to provide in its entirety for this week’s Twilight Tuesday. Read on to be delighted by Foy’s accounts of the“vampire contacts tent,” why Michael Sheen is amazing and how she hopes to own a Renesmee action figure at some point.

MTV News: What do you think of this crazy promotion process so far? We saw you briefly during the excitement at Comic-Con…

Mackenzie Foy: It’s fun. It’s my first movie so I haven’t really got to do all the promotional stuff before, so it’s all really fun for me.

MTV: Have you seen the finished film yet? Do you know if you’ll be allowed to see the whole movie?

Foy: I haven’t but I’m really looking forward to seeing it. I honestly don’t know [what I'll be allowed to see].

MTV: What about promotional material like posters, t-shirts, lunch boxes or action figures? Have they given you an early look at any Renesmeee-themed products?

Foy: I haven’t seen any yet. I don’t know [if they're making them] but it would be pretty cool. It would be pretty cool to have my own doll from the film, then it would be like, “Look, I’m playing with me!” It would be cool to have lunch box too.

MTV: Aside from how the movie ends for Renesmee and what you might know about how the book ends, if you could think up a happy ending for Renesmee what would it be?

Foy: I haven’t really thought about that but it would be cool to see her happy and having a normal life.

MTV: As normal as possible for a girl surrounded by vampires and werewolves.

Foy: [Laughs] Yeah.

Read the full interview HERE

Mackenzie goes on about having to wear contact lenses :) I’d need someone to hold me down to stick them in too!

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Robert Pattinson Interview with MTV

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Joshua Horowitz interviewed Robert Pattinson on the red carpet at the premiere of Cosmopolis where Rob spoke about being David Cronenbergs pawn in the movie.

Josh is such a fanboy and they get along so well :)

[Source: MTV]


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