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Behind the Scenes of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2′

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Select Broll from Candela Collective Inc. on Vimeo.

Here is a video of behind the scenes of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. It was filmed by a crew member name Jason who worked on filming promotional and DVD footage for the movies.

It’s a great montage of filming but the fake snow looked horrible to work with! LOL

[Source: Candela Collective Inc via RPLife]


Extended Scenes From ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′

AHHHH! Here are the extended scenes from Part 1.

I think the Edward/Jacob scene was really important. It shows Edward’s feelings about the imprinting and why Jacob wasn’t out there at first when the wolves attacked. I thought what took Jacob so long? The imprinting?

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Director Bill Condon & Michael Sheen on Creepy Laughs and Love Scenes

Rotten Tomatoes posted interviews with director Bill Condon and Michael Sheen (Aro/Volturi) for the release of Breaking Dawn Part 2 on DVD/Blu-ray on March 2nd.

Please watch this!! It was sooooo funny! Michael Sheen had me laughing so hard!! Sexma! OMG! And I didn’t even think about Edward going for the neck first and Rob thought of it!


‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Cast Interviews with Time Warner Cable! Available On Demand 3/2/13

Here are more interviews with Time Warner Cable with the Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast and director Bill Condon!

Don’t forget! Breaking Dawn Part 2 will be available On Demand with Time Warner Cable on March 2nd!


More Behind the Scenes Still of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

More Behind the Scenes Still of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

The danceoff!!! Here’s proof we will get to see it the DVD!

They look they’re having so much fun.

What is Rob Pattinson showing the Amazonian coven!?!?! :D

More at the source

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20 Comments Breaking Dawn Cast React To The Twist Ending & Fan Interview with Kristen Stewart interviewed the Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast and director Bill Condon about the twist ending and answered some fun questions! Oh, I think I nearly lost it when I saw Esme during that scene. Then all the Cullens’ faces from horror to anger going after Aro. Still gives me chills.

Also, surprised a fan to interview Kristen Stewart at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 press conference. I was there! I thought her question was the best one at the press conference. I tried to look for me in the video, but you can’t see me.



New Interviews with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner & Michael Sheen From Breaking Dawn Press Conference!

Video –

Video –

More new video interviews with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and Michael Sheen at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 press conference a few weeks ago.

Rob took underwear from the set? LOL!

Taylor and Michael after the break!



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