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The 11 ‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills!

The 11 ‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills!

Here are the 11 Breaking Dawn Part 1 stills we previously posted that are in the current issues of People and Entertainment Weekly, but now in HQ!

OH!! You can see Caius!!  Better look at Alice!!  Carmen and Eleazar!!  What scene is that of Bella and Edward in the first one?   LOVE these!!  

199 days!!

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Scans Of The ‘Breaking Dawn’ Entertainment Weekly

Scans Of The ‘Breaking Dawn’ Entertainment Weekly

Here are the scans from the Entertainment Weekly with Robert Patinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner covers! 

You can pick up your issue of Entertainment Weekly on April 29th! 

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‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills In People Magazine!

‘Breaking Dawn’ Stills In People Magazine!

We previously posted the scans of Breaking Dawn stills in this week’s issue of People magazine.  Here are the photos from of Bella and Edward playing chess and Jacob on his motorcyle!

The Twilight teens are finally growing up. 

In the next installment of the saga, Breaking Dawn – Part 1, Edward and Bella (played by Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart) take their relationship to the next level. 

“They make love for the first time, they get married and pregnant,” says director Bill Condon. 

Much of the vampire honeymoon was shot just outside of the Brazilian town of Paraty. “There’s this incredibly sensual vibe down there,” says Condon. 

While Jacob, the werewolf played by Taylor Lautner doesn’t get the girl in this one, he does manage to get over her, and in doing so “becomes a man,” says Condon. At least he gets to ride a cool motorcycle.

I am so getting People too!  Pick up this weeks People magazine! 


Souvenirs from Isle Esme: Bring a Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Home

Souvenirs from Isle Esme: Bring a Breaking Dawn Honeymoon Home

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Isle Esme Souvenir Twilight Breaking Dawn Shirt Clock Bag BBQ Apron

Check out these clever replica-souvenirs from Isle Esme, and imagine you actually traveled to Honeymoon Paradise just like Edward Cullen and Bella in Breaking Dawn!

I love the tagline “Home of the Free Flying Feathers”–you can also get shirts in addition to the clock, tote bag and BBQ Apron. Speaking as an Official Guy™, I think this BBQ Apron is one of the few pieces of Twilight gear your husband or boyfriend might actually enjoy wearing!


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