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Edward Cullen

Extended Scenes From ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′

AHHHH! Here are the extended scenes from Part 1.

I think the Edward/Jacob scene was really important. It shows Edward’s feelings about the imprinting and why Jacob wasn’t out there at first when the wolves attacked. I thought what took Jacob so long? The imprinting?

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‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Blu-ray & DVD TV Spot ‘Forever’

Check out the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Blu-ray and DVD TV Spot with Christina Perri’s song A Thousand Years from the soundtrack!



‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ DVD Bonus Features!

‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ DVD Bonus Features!

Entertainment Tonight has the Breaking Dawn Part 2 DVD Bonus Features!!

Some of the features include a seven-part “Making Of” documentary (exploring the difficulties in shooting Part 1 and Part 2 back-to-back), The Forgotten Green Day music video and audio commentary with director Bill Condon.
“The excitement of the worldwide sensation Twilight Saga’s final chapter culminates with a massive home entertainment release that will reach fans and retailers nationwide,” said Ron Schwartz, Lionsgate Executive Vice President & General Manager, Home Entertainment. “Both The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games have changed the way studios and audiences look at the blockbuster, even altering how Hollywood rolls out its films. Making the DVD and Blu-Ray release as much of an event as the theatrical release gives our passionate fans an opportunity to celebrate this much-beloved film all over again.”

Rob doing the somersault (or not doing it) was cracking me up!!! He needed the stunt double!!

More Behind the Scenes Still of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

More Behind the Scenes Still of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′

The danceoff!!! Here’s proof we will get to see it the DVD!

They look they’re having so much fun.

What is Rob Pattinson showing the Amazonian coven!?!?! :D

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New Behind The Scenes Still from the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ DVD

New Behind The Scenes Still from the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ DVD

Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek still of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the behind the scenes footage of the dream wedding in Breaking Dawn Part 1 extended edition!




More Behind The Scenes Videos of Making ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′!

bts-ch1 by rpdailyvideos

bts-ch2 by rpdailyvideos

OH MY OVARIES!!! Robward! Daddyward!! ……………………..

Here’s a look at the behind the scenes videos of making Breaking Dawn Part 2! Vampire Bella and Renesemee! I thought that guy was funny talking about that cougar loose. LOL! And who wants Rob to be their baby’s daddy??!

Ovaries are exploding all over the world!

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‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1′ Deleted Scene – The Dog Bowl

We finally have the deleted/extended scene where Jacob throws his food into Rosalie’s hair!

Loved this scene so much in the book!! :D

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