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More ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Stills from ‘The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archive’

More ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Stills from ‘The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archive’

Here are some new Breaking Dawn Part 2 stills in The Twilight Saga: The Complete Film Archive book! You can pre-order the Complete Film Archive at Amazon and it will be available on October 16th!

Don’t look if you don’t want spoilers!  Grown up Renesmee!


Spoiler Alert!  ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Clips info shown at Comic-Con!

Spoiler Alert! ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Clips info shown at Comic-Con!

During the Breaking Dawn Part 2 fan panel at Comic-Con in San Diego today, the first seven minutes of Breaking Dawn Part 2 was shown to the audience. *insert scream and OMG! here* Here’s the description:

We start from the moment that Part I ends. Bella has just opened her eyes.
She sees everything. Tiny cracks in the walls. Dust in the air.
She looks down at his hand and then at hers.
She sees the ring and moves to embrace him.
She’s stronger than she thinks and he winces in pain.
“It’s your turn to break me,” he says.
He tells her she’s beautiful and takes her to a mirror. She looks at her new eyes.
She wants to see her daughter, but Edward says that she needs to hunt first to get her strength.
We cut to them running through the woods. They’re moving super-fast, but the world slows so we can see their perspective.
Again, Bella sees everything. Flowers in bloom. A spider spinning a web.
Bella leaps, gliding over a waterfall.
Edward tells her to listen. She hears owls. A chipmunk. Finally, a deer!
She moves in for the kill, but — all of a sudden — there’s a mountain climber in the distance who cuts his hand.
Unable to control herself, she races, rapidly climing to rock to attack.
Edward won’t let her attack the climber. He tells her that she’s doing great and that even experienced vampires have trouble with resisting the smell of human blood.
She’s angry, but stops her approach, jumping right off the mountain into the woods.
Deciding to go after the deer after all, she stalks her prey.
Just as she’s about to attack, however, a mountain lion moves in.
She leaps, catching the mountain lion in mid-air and tearing it apart.
She takes its life instead, letting the deer run free.
Edward and Bella head back to the house. Jacob is there and comes out to greet them.
He tells her that her eyes are weird.
He mentions the baby and Bella asks, “Since when do you care about Renesmee?”
Edward and Jacob exchange an awkward look.
Bella smells Jacob and tells him that she finally realizes what everyone has been talking about: he really does stink.
He smiles and tells them that they’re a beautiful couple.
The next clip is later on and Bella is taking lessons from the Cullens about how to act human.
She has special contact lenses for her eyes, but can’t stop moving with super-speed or super strength.
They try to get her to sit in a chair, telling her that she’s sitting to straight.
“Humans don’t do that,” they say, reminding her blink at least three times every minute.
She tries, but looks forced doing so.
“That’s great,” says Jacob, “For a cartoon character!”
Ahh! Can’t wait to see it! Um, maybe someone could put up the youtube video soon? *fingers crossed*

UPDATE: Movieline posted a positive review of the clip:

A second clip showcased what a difference Condon’s made with his actors. Having been rendered at times cardboard-like by other directors, the cast comes alive, so to speak, in a scene in which the Cullen family teaches Bella how to pass as a human now that super strength and speed – not to mention not having to breathe or blink anymore – have turned her into a blood-sucking bull in a china shop. Stewart in particular shows off her comic side, playing Bella’s preternatural mannerisms with a nuanced sense of humor. She’s matured as a performer, but more to the point, Vampire Bella is simply a better fit for her talents – bold, feline, and assured, she’s the antithesis of Twilight’s Bella Swan, which is really the point of Breaking Dawn and the end game that many critics of the character didn’t grasp with previous sequels. Vampire Bella is who Bella Swan was born to become, and Breaking Dawn’s final Comic-Con visit drove that point home.

New ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Photos!

New ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Photos!

We previously posted two new Breaking Dawn Part 1 photos of Bella and Edward. Here are more photos of Edward, Jacob, Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Charlie, Sue, Billy, Leah, Seth and the wolf pack with Collin and Brady! OH MY GOODNESS! So exciting!


Screencaps of the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Screencaps of the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Here are some screencaps of the behind the scenes footage of Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Ah!!  Edward with red eyes.  Early years?   Edward covering Bella with the sheet…*sigh*  Jacob tackling Rosalie.  Bella’s in labor and there’s blood?

So much!   What do you all think?  Did you catch anything else?

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Breaking Dawn Spoiler Pics: Don’t Look at this Post! Wedding Pics Plus Possible La Push Image

I am trying to look at as few pictures as posible from the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn:Part 1 before it’s released, but I know some of you want every tidbit.

TwiCrack has posted 4 new shots that give a better idea of the wedding in Breaking Dawn, as well a rumored shot from the movie at La Push beach.

You’ll have a much better time if you watch the movie for the first time with a clean slate, but if you absolutely must take a look, click on the spoiler code below to expand the box and view the pictures and find a link to TwiCrack.


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