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Behind the Scenes Look at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Battle Scene’s Special Effects

Check out the behind the scenes footage of the special effects making the wolves during the battle scene!

Warning! Some spoilers if you haven’t seen it.

It’s pretty cool!

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MTV gets some inside information on Kristen’s Doll Double in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′

MTV gets some inside information on Kristen’s Doll Double in ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′

Pregnant Bella

MTV talked to the Special Effects Supervisor on ‘Breaking Dawn – Part 1′ about Kristen Stewart’s Doll Double in the birthing scene.

According to John Rosengrant, the film’s animatronics and special makeup effects supervisor, the idea behind the creation of the Bella replica doll was to make the birthing/near-death scene appear as real as possible and to show Bella in her very emaciated form that Meyer describes in the book.

“It’s very hybrid, the approach,” he told MTV News. “We tried to shape the whole Bella, what she looks like emaciated and all that, but it’s also digitally augmented, and that was from the get-go, this was going to be a hybrid-type effect.”

Read the full article at MTV

They showed some great pictures of the doll in the Illustrated Movie Companion and there’s footage of it in the behind the scenes of the DVD.

I thought they did fantastically! It looked so real! I would have freaked out so much if I was Kristen!

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‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Behind the Scenes of The Cullens and Wolves Fight

Just a few more days and we’ll have our hands on Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Here’s a DVD/Blu Ray extra from Entertainment Weekly on the behind the scenes special effects on the Cullens and wolves fight.

Oh soon to be daddy Jackson at the end is really cute!

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Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Wolf Pack Special Effects in Breaking Dawn CGI!

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Breaking Dawn brings larger-than-life wolves to the big-screen, and here’s a peek at the movie magic that made the wolf pack a reality.

A pivotal scene has the Twilight Saga wolves intimidating Bella/Kristen Stewart due to her marriage and child with Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson.

Breaking Dawn director Bill Condon asked Tippett Studios to bring this difficult sequence from script to screen.

“The lumberyard sequence was great,” recalled visual effects supervisor Eric Leven. “It was first time in any of these movies that it was just the wolves in wolf form doing their wolf thing.”

As we know, the wolves communicate telepathically, but in order to create this scene they took a dialogue-based approach. Lead animator Hans Brekke explained that “we got into a recording room and assigned roles, Then we took the dialogue track and started designing shots, which were loosely based on a storyboard sequence.”

Taylor Lautner, who plays Jacob Black and serves as the main voice of the pack for the showdown, needed to stay front and center, so a rough 3D rendering was created to visualize how the sequence would ultimately play out.

The scene was filmed over three days in a lumberyard with cardboard cutouts to represent the placement of the rendered wolves. Once the animation began, Tippett took great care so details like the texture of the fur and positioning of ears for each wolf told a story on their own.

Check out the video above for an interesting interview about the process!

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Twilight Special FX: An Insider Look at Creating Bella’s Belly and Removing Kristen’s Wrist Injury for Breaking Dawn

Twilight Special FX: An Insider Look at Creating Bella’s Belly and Removing Kristen’s Wrist Injury for Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawnk Special FX EffectsMontreal-based Modus FX worked on some of the special effects for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.

They aimed for a seamless experience that fools the eye completely, and if they did their job we won’t be able to notice computer graphics are even there. Modus FX created stylized effects to emphasize the more-than-human capabilities of the main characters without being too gimmicky.

It took six weeks for a team of 12 artists to work on the film. Shots include-

  • A belly for Kristen Stewart, who plays a pregnant Bella
  • Removing a wrist brace Kristen was wearing due to an injury
  • A variety of subtle cosmetic refinements


Legacy Effects Talks About The Bella Birth Sequence In ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1′

Legacy Effects Talks About The Bella Birth Sequence In ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1′

Collider interviewed special effects supervisors Dennis Muren, Phil Tippett and John Rosengrant  recently for promoting Jurassic Park on Blu-Ray.  Phil Tippett is the one of the Breaking Dawn visual effects supervisor and has been working on the Twilight Saga since New Moon with the CGI wolves and John Rosengrant from Legacy Effects is special effects supervisor and is working on the Bella birth sequence in Breaking Dawn Part 1.  Phil praised working with director Bill Condon.

Earlier today I got to talk with Dennis Muren, Phil Tippett and John Rosengrantabout their amazing work on Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park.  They were talking to the press this morning to help promote the October 25th Blu-ray release.  While I’ll have the full interview online next month, for all you Twilight fans, I was able to ask Tippett and Rosengrant about their involvement in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.

While Tippett talked about working with director Bill Condon and how the film has over a thousand visual effects, Rosengrant talked about the Bella birth sequence and how they combined makeup effects on Kristen Stewart with CGI to make her look extra thin.  Also, they’re using a “little bit of puppets and some hybrid effects. Hopefully we bring a realism to that sequence.”

Here’s the part of the interview where they talk about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  Look for the full interview next month.  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 opens on November 18th.

I can’t wait to see the special effects for the birth scene.  *shivers*  Puppets?   This is getting exciting!

Legacy Effects is also involved with Snow White and The Huntsman and The Hunger Games.

[Source: Collider via Kstewartnews]


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