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Breaking Dawn Behind The Scenes Footage

Behind the Scenes of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2′

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn – Select Broll from Candela Collective Inc. on Vimeo.

Here is a video of behind the scenes of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2. It was filmed by a crew member name Jason who worked on filming promotional and DVD footage for the movies.

It’s a great montage of filming but the fake snow looked horrible to work with! LOL

[Source: Candela Collective Inc via RPLife]


Behind the Scenes Look at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Battle Scene’s Special Effects

Check out the behind the scenes footage of the special effects making the wolves during the battle scene!

Warning! Some spoilers if you haven’t seen it.

It’s pretty cool!

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‘Breaking Dawn’ DVD Extra Behind The Scenes, Stephenie Meyer says ‘Rob really nailed it’

MTV‘s Hollywood Crush has an exclusive look at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD extras of the behind the scenes of the bloody birth scene with author/producer Stephenie Meyer talking about Robert Pattinson’s performance.

“He was really able to touch the human emotions of that scene. Rob really nailed it,” Stephenie recalled. “It was really powerful. I teared up, several people near me did. It was just a lump in your throat—that moment of thinking you’ve lost everything and not being able to accept it. It was really emotional.”

Oh I did tear up!  I teared up again just watching that! I loved Bill Condon’s air fist!

EDIT! Not sure why we can’t view it. Grrr MTV!



NEW ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ SPIN VFX Behind the Scenes Video & Interview

Check out the behind the green screen video of Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 from SPIN VFX.  VERY COOL!   The Art of VFX also interviewed SPIN VFX producer George Marci, supervisor Jeff Campbell, compositing sequence supervisor Kirk Brillon, and compositing supervisor Eric Doiron.

What have you done on this show?
Jeff Campbell – VFX Supervisor // SPIN’s primary contribution on this film was to add the backgrounds to all the sound stage green screen windows on the main set of the Cullen House. With no actual glass in the windows of the set, many shots required the addition of room reflections and/or character reflections. Both character and room reflection elements were created entirely in CG and animated to match their live action counterpart. We had 600 shots to do in a few months.

How did you manage the different reflections?
Eric Doiron – Compositing Supervisor // There was a wide shot of Bella surrounded by medical equipment. The room featured large windows on two sides, which meant that we had to assemble a wide background environment. Production had shot extensive exterior tiles surrounding the Cullen House from every possible angle and at different times of the day. We modeled all of the interior furniture and created digital doubles for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson for use as reflection objects. These were carefully animated to match the actions of their real life counterparts. Finally, the interior room environment was reflected from HDRI images of the set. In the end all of the pieces came together seamlessly for a completely believable shot.

Read the rest and check out the rest of their photos of before and after green screen stills at Art of VFX!

Wow! 600 shots in three months! VERY talented artists. Great job SPIN VFX!

Seeing Bella’s belly again YIKES!   I have to get my Breaking Dawn fix and go see it again this week!  Who’s with me?

Check out some friggin’ awesome GIF and screenshots of the video at RPLife!  Schwing!


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Collider: 10 Minutes Behind-the-Scenes Footage of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′

Collider: 10 Minutes Behind-the-Scenes Footage of ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′

Collider has 10 minutes of behind the scenes footage of Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Bella and Edward on the couch at Isle Esme…..AHHHH!!!! I can’t! The end is the same as the B roll footage we posted earlier with better quality and sound….

Bella sitting on Edward on the couch! AHHH!!

[Source: Collider via KStewAngel]



‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ B Roll Footage & Screencaps

Breaking Dawn B-Roll Footage from AMFM STUDIOS LLC on Vimeo.

Here’s another behind the scenes look of Breaking Dawn Part 1, the B-Roll footage!

OMG! So much! I can’t even…. AHHHH!

Screencaps added! Kristen and Stephenie hugging…..awwww!

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Screencaps after the break!

Screencaps of the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Screencaps of the ‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Here are some screencaps of the behind the scenes footage of Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Ah!!  Edward with red eyes.  Early years?   Edward covering Bella with the sheet…*sigh*  Jacob tackling Rosalie.  Bella’s in labor and there’s blood?

So much!   What do you all think?  Did you catch anything else?

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