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Bruno Mars ‘It Will Rain’ Music Video from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack

Finally! Here it is! The music video of Bruno MarsIt Will Rain from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 Soundtrack!

No new scenes though. :( Sowwy.

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  • Thejim1987

    omg. only 4 little scenes in the whole damn video. very disappointment.

  • TwiKat

    Agree with all of you! This song isn’t about the saga at all its a song for Bruno. Even when it was first mentioned as a BD song, and it aired on satellite my husband said “what? This over Muse? Paramore? Anyone?”! It really is too commercialized and doesn’t fit our beloved saga at all. Even Iron&Wine is a beautiful remake…come on!!!! And the video was a joke! I never liked Christina Perry and now she won me over right down to matching tattoos! So now hubby has bragging rights! The saga introduced me to Muse and now he’s a huge fan (we’ve gone to 3 concerts in one year) and now he’s introduced me to Co…not as big as Muse in our house yet…but we’ll see….but BM…..NEVER!!!! Here’s to praying Muse is on BD Pt 2!!!!!

  • TwiKat

    I meant Christina Perry not Co….typing too fast…so happy hers was first video released for BD…and his delay was???? Lol!

  • Ash McPerk

    I hope so too.  Really miss Muse, since they were such a big influence on Stephenie Meyer. I bet they were really awesome to see live.
    There’s a song by an Australian band called the Living End that I think would have been awesome for the first movie.  It’s called Staring at the Light.  Lyric: “Some may relish in the afterlife, dancing slowly on the edge of a knife.  Sipping wine of the poisonous kind – overdose on loneliness… Staring at the light, so easily denied.  Staring at the light, released before your time…”
    Sorry, I’m on a soap box. :0)

    Also, the Iron and Wine remake was incredible.  

  • Mimi

    can’t open this link from Belgium, vid’s nowhere to be found on the net, help !

  • Chantal ♥

    I’m going to punch the lil’ #%#@! in the face who came up with the idea: “This video is not available in your region”.

  • Ravishakedia88

    No matter how much publicity the movie gets, everyone is surely going to see it once. As Edward & Bella move on to another stage of their lives, the story will definitely unfold some beautiful scenes. I cant wait for this one!!!

  • Anonymous

    so i shouldn’t be that pissed that i cannot see the video??? you know…mtv does not allow that in my region because i live on Neptun…tough stuff being an alien i’m telling you!!!


    its absolutely ridiculous. MTV is getting a massive complaint from me…

  • Willow138

    uk gang i cant find it on you tube but if you go to the mtv uk website its on there

  • 30yearoldtwifan

    I do not even “GET” how his song or words fit BD and what it is about. Sure it’s a nice song but defiantly does not fit the movie for me.

  • rocknrollsuicide116

    I don’t like him either! I never have. I have NO idea what the hype is all about. His songwriting is terrible (“I’ll be lounging on the couch just chilling in my Snuggie/Click to MTV so they can teach me how to dougie” – is he for real??), his voice is decent but I’ve heard much better, and there’s nothing at all original about his sound. How this guy got the attention of record company bigwigs is so far beyond me it’s halfway to Pluto.

  • rocknrollsuicide116

    It seemed to me like halfway through editing, the producers were like “Oh crap! This is supposed to be from a movie!” so they scoured the internet for little clips and threw what they could find in there at the last second. The result – 2 VERY short, completely randomly-placed snippets of Edward and Bella walking around the house that fit nowhere in the rest of the video. I can’t believe they made us wait a few extra weeks for this crap!

  • Chantal ♥

    I totally agree with you on that one.

  • shelley513

    Loved the song, hate the video.

  • tk1stoud

    Kind of disappointed with this video.  Where were the Breaking Dawn scenes???  I mean come on this is a song from a movie soundtrack!! 

  • Amber eyes

    The fan-made video that was on here a few weeks ago was awesome. Fit the song and the movies so well. This leaves much to be desired. Perhaps MTV could learn a thing or two from fan-made videos, and stop their generic, boring, same old, same old.

  • Eli_cabeza

    video here

  • Anonymous


  • hay b

    Ok, so Bruno Mars was given a massive opportunity here and his song and the words have grown on me, but what an absolute shambles of a video.  He has let down Twihards worldwide with a haphazard ‘interpretation’ that I can only describe as him and a moderately plain jane moping around in a house with no wall paper.  Gutted about the result.  Severely disappointed.  I will ONLY be watching the fan made video that was on here a few weeks ago and I will NEVER watch the official one again.  What a disgrace for the beginning of the end. :’(

  • scu11y22

    PM me and I’ll get it to you.

  • Tomas

    Is there a youtube link? Can’t watch the video, I live in Belgium

  • Bitten

    Am I missing something………..I have to say I’m disappointed in this video. I mean I absolutely LOVE this song but I don’t feel like the video embraced the movie at all. There were 2 – maybe 3 little tiny snippits of Edward and Bella. If this song was wrote for Breaking Dawn then this video really disappoints!!

  • Team Charlie

    That was what we had to wait for?? Really? What a sucky video…so disappointing

  • Anonymous

    It sooo does, For me I think it fit when Bela is preggo and dying and he’s all broody, they should have shown scenes of edward touching Bella’s stomach and him looking sad she might die… I think the song fit they just chose the wrong clips.

  • kerbear585

    is there a reason why BD scenes aren’t in this? so much for this being the Jacob/Bella theme song.  they should be in it. Christina Perri put them in hers. 

  • Susie Zavala

    Totally DISAPPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I wish they would have made the fan video the official one cuz that one was PERFECT. This one was SUPER LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree that it matches perfectly to Edwards dark mood but whoever directs the videos just didn’t get it, Iguess.  It could have been soooo much more.  I still love Bruno and the song but am a little dissapointed but hey  Breaking Dawn in 7 days!!  Then we can see all the scenes!! 

  • Silencedogood

    Took the words rite out of my mouth, dont mess with the twi hards

  • silencedogood

    Ok i know im just repeating everyone else but that is some serous BS! I was all set for some footage and then… nothing. If i hadnt read that bottom comment under the video I would have watched that whole sorry exuse for a video, like anyone gives a crap about bruno and his random love intrest huh! 

  • Kez_MLIT..100%switz.stew.riley

    well I have to disagree with you there slightly love, I dont really like the Christina Perri song, I think it’s a bit dull. But that’s not to say it wont fit in the film because I think seeing it played during a scene will be lovely.
    and totes about Bruno, it blatantly has nothing to do with the story or anything -__-
    he just wrote a song and thought he’s pitch it, bet he hasnt read the books or watched the films or anything.
    I love Paramore anyway and the raw emotion and passion in both their songs from the soundtrack are just incredible!

  • Kez_MLIT..100%switz.stew.riley

    exactly! I just think the song is dull and predictable, the chorus is just, mehhh!
    I love the tone from the other soundtracks too! It had an edge to it because the story isnt just clean cut, different levels of up and down.
    I havent heard the Noisettes song BUT I adore them so Im sure I’ll like it :D

  • twilight fan

    THIS IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO GRATEFUL!!!

  • scu11y22

    Didn’t get it.  Look fast before it disappears!!!!

  • twiooligan

    uh stop hating on Bruno thats all some people know how to do get over it its not  edward cullen’s song for him to be in the whole clip Bruno is the one who worked hard on it. The producers of breaking dawn came to him his not trying to make profits or shit and he has 4 sisters so he has obviously seen the twilight films!

  • MeadowLupine

    Maybe that’s why they ended up having Christina Perri debut first. They became aware that the fans would be p.o.’d at this, and needed something more genuine. Perri was bawling when she got to see the movie, has a twilight *tattoo*, and wrote her song as a love song to Bella and Edward. They *must* have realized her song would mean a million times more to the fans.

    But yeah, it’s a halfway decent pop break up song, but I don’t see how it really applies to Edward being afraid of Bella dying. That’s such a different, deeper, more heartbreaking situation than what Bruno’s singing about here. This song just doesn’t really apply to the movie at all, in my view. Even with Jacob, he was afraid of Bella dying as well. This ain’t no gf walking out the door situation (as heartbreaking and awful as that is, and I know, ’cause I’ve been there).  This song almost would have applied better to Bella in New Moon, in a lot of ways.

  • twilight fan




  • Stephenroeder

    Love that song Bruno.That song was a hit.My wife loves it also.Guess will see the movie first day.thanks…………….

  • Dc_0tcho

    what a nice song!!!

  • cameron brett

    fucking shit ha ha ha

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