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‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding Photo Album

Here are some beautiful stills from the the Wedding Album on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 iTunes extras!

I loved the album!

I can’t stop watching it!


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  • Mirandathevampgirl

    to this fine day this wedding scene will always bring tears to my eyes bc it reminds me on why this sage is so dear and precious to me and bill i know i  have said this before but u have brought back the magic back to twilight in so many wondorous ways that i cant put into words  i wll forever be grateful for your contributions to the saga.

  • PurpleHippo

    Hey! I see Mike by the mic in one of those pictures! He gave a speech? I wanna hear it! Deleted scenes where are you!? I really want to see them! Looking at pictures and being like “hey, that wasn’t in the movie” is killing me. I want to see them! Hopefully, they’ll be on Part 2 when that comes out on DVD.
    Anywho, I LOVED the wedding! So beautiful! It made me cry when I saw it in theatres. It was magical and so beautiful and special, just like it should have been :)

  • Marana70

    The special 2 disc BD 1 has not seen scences from the wedding

  • ihatejane

    went to watch the dvd today got to the honeymoon and it started skipping so we had to take it back great timing :/

  • Bella and Edward forever

    Mike did give a speech but you can only see it on the wedding personal video which is on the aptomkin cold one website. It’s beautiful.

  • Jachmi

    Too bad they couldn’t even get the wedding date right. They listed it as aug thirtieth in this wedding “album”. Lame.

  • Jachmo

    They got the wedding date wrong. At the end when they show the invitation looking announcement, it says married on august 30th not 13th. Lame. Even lamer? I posted this yesterday, and it was deleted

  • Robinsonkaydin

    Wow!! absolutely beautiful. I loved it.

  • NewComerTeamEdwardOfCourse

    “Go to sleep, my love” lol loved the whole scene… ok movie!

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    awwwwwe!!!! ohmigod! that is so epic! awwwwe!!!

  • mlj (Team Pea Coat)

    No matter how many times I watch it or see pictures, I will cry during the wedding scene! It was done so perfectly…so VERY beautifully done.

  • Kentuckylady

    I loved the album. It is great

  • Shar23


    I couldn’t wait to watch the Breaking Dawn when it was in
    theaters. Every time I read the books, I imagined something so beautiful. I was
    always reading the Twilight books; it didn’t matter where I was, whether I was
    working at DISH or at school. I was reading a Twilight book. The movie was
    amazing, breathtaking. I really loved Bella’s wedding dress. Now that I have
    Blockbuster @Home, I rented the Breaking Dawn part 1 and I watched it about 5
    times already. Good thing is I don’t have to deal with late fees or extra
    charges for Blu-ray. My family loves being able to get the newest releases
    using Blockbuster @Home.

  • EdwardRules

    wow that is so cool i am playing in breaking dawn part 2

  • Carlotta729

    Did any of you lame guys read the book.  they were married August the 13th  2011.  Just try to read will you.

  • lynsey

    it was  a good move

  • TwiMama

    Has anyone else noticed the typo on the wedding invite at the end of the wedding album?  It says the wedding was the thirtieth of August instead of the thirteenth.  I love the books, have grown to the love the movies (because of the books, I saw them prior to reading the books and was not impressed) and it really irks me… no deleted scenes or extended scenes or extra commentary from KS, RP, or TL.  And, then, they have a typo?  Really????  I wonder if they’ll fix it before the “boxed set” comes out (which I’m sure will happen after BD2).  Just curious.

  • Destinee Deis

    i love all the twilight movie i can’t stop watching ihave bin a fan sence it came out

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