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Breaking Dawn Screenwriter Describes Difference Between Vampire Sex and Human Sex

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There’s a new interview with Breaking Dawn screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg on Celebuzz and besides the standard stuff we expect she goes into a little detail about Breaking Dawn Part 2, and she also gives a pretty funny description of the difference between human sex and vampire sex.

Wedding/Honeymoon/Birth: Which was most difficult to capture?
Certainly the wedding. A little bit the honeymoon. Really, the three main things are the wedding, the sex, and the birthing. Those are the big three. You deliver those or you go run screaming.

Nervous about fan reaction?
Honestly, I feel like those really delivered. Those are pretty satisfying scenes. I was satisfied by them! You’ll be shocked at all the things they can be disappointed by, and they will be: [laughing] Edward didn’t wear a tan shirt and in the book, he clearly had a tan shirt. I appreciate their passion though. It’s so much fun!

Sex Scene: Kristen’s fault for almost an R?
I thought it was Bill [Condon]’s fault! I told [Rob and Kristen] to go for it- and they did! I thought ‘this is fantastic!’ When I saw early cuts I was like don’t you change a thing. They were like well…we have to a little bit.

Rob and Kristen’s evolution from Twilight to Breaking Dawn:
Well the characters have gotten older. It’s a very different story of a high school girl showing up at a high school for the first time as the new girl, and a woman deciding to choose to have a child that might kill her. They are very different themes.

Has Rob and Kristen growing up helped?
I think this is the best I’ve ever seen them. They show such craft and skill in this, and are so comfortable with each other.

What did Bill Condon bring to the table?
Changing directors isn’t too new for me coming from television, but Bill- an academy award winning screenwriter himself- we speak the same language. I think first and foremost he’s a storyteller. He understands character, and theme, and emotional complexity. That’s what he thrives on, that’s what he loves! That’s why he was almost more interested in the fourth movie than the fifth, and I was more interested in the fifth than the fourth. I was like, ‘I want to see all the action!’ He was like ‘I want to see the really dark character story.’ So he really pushed me deeper with every draft.

Tell us about Breaking Dawn Part 2
The thing I’m looking forward to is seeing Bella as a vampire. It’s a very different character. The fidgeting, the stuttering, the insecurity, the awkwardness- it’s gone. I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to seeing vampire sex versus human sex [laughing].

What’s the difference between human sex and vampire sex?
We’ll see! But I think it’s more aggressive. It’s physical. Even gymnastic!

Who would you like to work again with from the cast?
Billy Burke for sure! Anna Kendrick. I love these two. Anytime I get to write something for Anna it’s tons of fun. Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli- I mean look at Peter’s range. Nurse Jackie to this.

Could Rob & Kristen pull off a romantic comedy?
?You know, honestly they could do anything. I would love to see them in another film together. Comedy is a very different animal, so I don’t know. I’d love to see it though!

Now that it’s all over, how do you feel?
I felt satisfied and anxious for what’s next.

What’s next?
I have a movie at Paramount called Earth Seed. It’s based on a young adult novel. It’s science fiction, I’m writing and producing it and I have a team of science advisors, and that sort of thing. It’s so fascinating!

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  • TwiKat

    If only she had more controlling dire tors in NM & Eclipse, we would have had stories a lot closer to the books than now! I’m so grateful for BC! And can’t wait to see their work translated onto the screen! No more “love triangle” (there never meant to be one or at least that should never have been the focus) and this is Edward and Bella’s love story…enough with Jacob’s additional focus (although this one does have some chapters from.his POV im sure MR some how changed it to his entire novel even though in earlier interviews she said it would all be from Bella’s POV ……is it 11-17-11 yet????

  • Ahlrichs09

    Normally she annoys the crap out of me in her interviews…but I must admit it was interesting and insightful! Do I think she stuffed up bd like she did the other 3? Not sure, probably! but all my faith lies in Bill Condon…it sounds like he reeled her in when she strayed away from the book with her cheesy, awkward dialogue!

    9 DAYS!!! (in australia!)

  • Jaypat

    ROTFL!  The photo!  

  • Paganbabe 452444

    Oh my god it’s like you channeled my thoughts exactly about NM & Eclipse. I hope they get Breaking Dawn right and actually let Edward be the hero we love.

  • MeadowLupine

    “Cheesy, awkward dialogue” hits the nail on the head of what I don’t like about MR. I’m not one of these people who cares about the color of the shirt or whatever, and I don’t mind having the wolves fight the Cullens, and stuff like that that adds to the story, I just *hate* it when she takes liberties with the characters to dumb them down in a lowest-common-denominator “humorous” way, when SM already wrote plenty of pithy, humorous lines for them.

     Case in point: in the new clip of Charlie and Renee talking with Bella before the ceremony, MR evidently wrote some *bone-headed* line from Charlie to Renee where he takes a dig at her for being “old.” It was stupid and too nasty-humored for Charlie, and I don’t get it at all. Charlie and Renee *get along*; they didn’t split super contentiously, Renee just couldn’t handle Forks, and that was *years* ago. In fact, Bella mentions how Charlie still has a lot of love for her mother. It’s just such a stupid, flat note in what could have been a lovely scene. There’s something so crass about it…

    Yeah, so glad I’m not the only one who notices it. These movies don’t *have* to be cheesy or crass, but apparently MR thinks they just gotta have that element… Argh.

  • Anonymous

    She made us, the fans sound so superficial, I am sure half the time we are not complaining about “Edward didn’t wear a tan shirt and in the book, he clearly had a tan shirt. ” But rather the lines she added in for the characters, the humor that she think is suitable for twilight it just seems she does not understand the essence of what makes twilight, twilight. 
    I just don’t understand how someone with the books as a guide for the script could actually create lines that make me cringes so badly…

  • MeadowLupine

    Omg, like the stupid “my monkey man” line from Rosalie, and the “hang on tight, spider monkey” line from Edward… Gaaaah! Like Edward (or Rosalie) would *ever* say that.

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