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‘Breaking Dawn’ Pro Beauty Tools Now Available!

We previously posted Pro Beauty Tools presenting a new line of Breaking Dawn hair tool products. They are available now! Go check them out!

One of our readers Lori sent us pictures of their display at Walmart too!

Go to Pro Beauty Tools to find out more about the products and where to purchase them! Plus watch the video of Breaking Dawn‘s  lead hair stylist, Beatrice De Alba!  She goes through how to style your hair like Bella, Edward, Alice, Esme and Rosalie!

I want the steam hair setter!

Thank you Lori for sending us your photos!

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  • Anonymous

    I need a new straightener!

  • Kirtsch2

    How many curlers does the Ionic Steam thing come with? Only 4?

  • Robsessed.twerd

    they r FULLY SICK!

  • Laura Scully


  • Jaypat

    Yeah, I think so.  That’s the one I want!  Maybe you can buy more?  It looks like you can only steam one curler at a time. 

  • Robestenlondon

    the ionic culer come with 20 roller . i just brought some of the product yesterday and i’m in love with the blow dryer

  • TeamEC1918

    Everyone wants to get their hands on some of that twimoney!

    N it works cause I may get one just because lol

  • Jaypat

    Really?? 20?? Awesome!

    Do you have to steam each one individually?

  • Robstenlondon

    you do have to steam the roller one by one but  this rollers come with a cup to prevent them from falling off  and love the brushs and i going to go back and buy the rest later

  • Dchapman

    yes, but its so hot it takes only seconds.  I get them lined up and ready it goes so fast!  Nice job too.  I don’t have a problem with the quality. No different than other items on the market.  I think I have at least one of each item.  My 2 fav’s are the flat brush and large round brush. The edward brush is my husbands fav.  I also like the small flat iron (edward) to use on roots. Gives nice lift.  Awesome and worth the literally couple hundred I put out on it!

  • Dchapman

    No, 20 and with a carry bag.  Plenty to do any length hair.

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