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‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ : Year in Review

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This has been amazing and sad year for Twilight fans with the last Twilight movie being released!

With the new year around the corner, MTV looks back on the last year of Twilight in 2012.

‘Breaking Dawn – Part 2′: Top 10 Moments of 2012

The Last First Trailer
In March we were treated to the last first teaser trailer for a “Twlight” movie and it  was  noteworthy for several reasons: it debuted in front of its likely superstar franchise successor “The Hunger Games” and it was the first glimpse fans received of Bella as a vampire, along with Edward and Jacob’s reactions.

The Final Poster
The powers that be that are in charge of all the “Twilight” posters have kept things simple over the years, using subtle imagery and font to set and tease the tone for all five films, i.e. there has been a lot of Bella, Edward, Jacob etc. standing around and glaring. Thankfully, with the final poster, we were treated to something different by way of an actual action shot and a bunch of new vampire friends.

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The premiere was fabulous and I loved the the plot twist, what was your favorite moment?
Be sure to tell us in the comments!

Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years!


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  • EL304

    Woo first! I hope i’m not the only one who still is going to check on this site every once in a while. This year, as well as the past few years, have been some of the best of my life because of twilight and my fellow twihards. I’m going to miss having new movies, trailers, premieres, but I know I made so many memories that will last me my lifetime (as long as we all shall live ;) ). Twilight may be “over” for some, but for us it is immortal. I love you guys! Parting is such sweet sorrow :’( Happy 2013! I hope everyone has a great new year. I still have 3 more hours of 2012 being in NY but I know some people are already in the new year, hope you are enjoying it :D
    xoxo EL304

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Hello everybody. Wow it really has been quite an eventful
    year for all of us. We have gone through
    so many things with our final twilight movie from the sneak peak at target,
    breaking dawn part 1 dvds release, entertainment weekly magazines, posters, trailers,
    promos, supporting the cast in their
    other movies (Snow white and the huntsman, Cosmopolis), premieres, tv
    appearances, interviews, spoilers, and yes the final film. And my god did we go
    out with a bang or what! Yes I know some of us are feeling so many different
    emotions right now but hey we did it. Through out everything we have been
    through in the past four years including this one being the hardest, even when
    things were very difficult we all continued to be strong and hold out together
    as friends. You are all honestly the most dearest friends that anybody can ever have. I love you all so much my twisisters and brothers. And I believe that such a beautiful friendship like this is so rare to come by but it is a friendship that should
    never be parted or have an end. Always remember that Twilight will always be in
    our hearts wherever it is. Though it may not be in theaters anymore the memories
    of it and the impact that it has made for us will make it immortal. Such a
    legend like this never dies, it can only live on in it’s own way. And because
    our twicast is moving on to better things now and since they have given so much
    to us the right thing to do to give back is to support them in their professional
    careers and watch them grow to be amazing actors. That being said I hope each
    and every one of you have a very happy, healthy new year and let’s all have
    another wonderful year together as well.

  • mirandathevampgirl

    Ok I want to let something else out in the open. I just want to say right now that I. Am also eagerly anxious and excited to see some of the movies that will hopefully make some great movie sagas like the host the mortal instruments and yes the hunger games catching fire to name a few. I know that I am not expecting them to give me the same reaction as twilight did but that’s ok I want to be surprised. It will be very interesting and I hope the media treats them well ( well at least with the host and tmi) ithis will become one of my resolutions of the year is try new things even if I don’t know what to expect. Either way it will be good but no matter what twilight will forever remain my number one :)
    Oh and let’s win the mtv movie awards too!

  • twilight_girl

    Yer, it is really sad that our beloved saga is coming to an end. But you kow what we can move on with our lives knowing that twilight wil always be inside of us. Like Kristen said, it’s not going anywhere. I’ll never foget you guys, the people who brought us all together like one big happy twilight family. I have nothing but immense gatitude and respect for all that you have done for me. So thank you. Well, moving on. 2012, how could I summ it up. It was just a great year. ( The beginning of forever.)Do you uys remember when we all saw the first glimpse of Bella as a vampire and then seeing 17 year old beautiful Edward ogles. Sigh..And then how were alll at the edge our seats just wanting more. Then the most momentous day arrives arrives and then its over. In my opinion it just went too fast.The day where we all witnessed the conclusion of this beautiful tale. It was breath-taking and well epic. There’s just no other word. It wil forever live in our hearts. Cherished and treasured, will always be a part of us. As reluctant as I am to admit that it’s over, I have realised that all good things must come to an end. So guys let’s all vote this year for Kristen, Rob, Taylor and our other dear cast members an Mtv award, People’s choice, Nickelodian and well as many as we can get. It will be like our one last appreciation gift.
    Stay Safe,

  • twihard

    Hello everyone so it’s bittersweet for the actors and actresses but it’s also bittersweet for us as well I can’t believe it’s over but it’s only over in the big screen we will always have it at home to watch for ever!!!! My faves are Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part 2

  • Mia

    Its been an epic journey and its sad to see it end but we will always have the books and the movies there to watch and read. Everything must come to an end eventually and we got pretty lucky to have 5 films in 5 years, thats pretty cool. I haven’t enjoyed all the movies, I think they could have been done better and Summit could have chosen a scriptwriter who understood these characters better but they are what they are and people enjoy them and even though they weren’t the best they brought a lot of happiness for a lot of people. My favourite movie of the saga was by far the first one, Twilight was not perfect but it captured the atmosphere of the books better than the others, the chemistry between Rob and Kristen was electric and the movie had some truly beautiful and now iconic moments, its the one that started the obsession and it will always be my favourite. I did enjoy Breaking Dawn Part 2 though, vampire Bella was great and seemed right at home, she just looked more comfortable and happy and that made it great to watch. Plus the battle was truly surprising and that end scene in the meadow was a perfect way to end. So all in all, thanks for a great ride Summit!

  • Jennifer Rogers-Germain

    Funny, but after I saw the first movie, I began researching the Forks and Port Angeles area as well as Olympic National Park. I really want to move there. I live in AZ and am very tired of the excessive heat in the summer, and I miss the ocean (I’m from the E. Coast originally). SO, the biggest impact the books and movies had on me was the location they were set in. It looks very beautiful!

  • Cullengal09

    Well said, Miranda gal! I feel the same way. There are so many wonderful ladies I have had the pleasure of sort of getting to know, and some even becoming friends with, from BD movie site and Robsessed, and let me say, Twi fans are the BEST fans eva! All the comments I see on here and on Robsessed are 98% positive and cool, and I feel so grateful to have fellow Twi fans and Robsessors to gush to. LOL! You’re all great, and I wish you all the best.Happy New Year all, and may it be kind to yall. That said, my fave moment for 2012 (and there were many), was without a doubt BD2 itself-seeing this spectacular film for the first time. It was so worth the wait, and in no way disappointed. The “twist” at the end left me breathless, and was unforgettable-one of the best movie plot twists and endings I’ve ever seen-just brilliant! :)

  • twigrandma

    Miranda, I just wanted to say that I’m loving all your comments on this post and others. I can tell that you are as affected by our wonderful saga as I am, and like you, I will always have a deep connection to anything Twilight. I am feeling a little let down now that it is all over, well, except for getting the DVD. What a ride it has been!!

    To answer the question, what was your favorite moment? Well, of course, the plot twist was mine. I think the reason it was so good and a surprise to even the most die-hard Twi-hards was that you didn’t have time to even think that it might have been a vision of Alice’s because you were so caught up in the action and drama of the fight, one shocking event quickly followed by another, that you couldn’t think that it might not be real. Brilliant! Another fav moment was at the campsite when Bella and Renesmee were sitting in the tent, and Edward thanked Carlisle for the wonderful life he had given him. OMG, the tears! One more fav: When Aro said he would like to meet Remesmee and she, Bella, and Jacob started walking bravely across the snowy field, I loved, LOVED, L O V E D it when they all three paused and looked back at Emmett and without a word, he joined them as they “walked through the valley of the shadow of death” to meet the enemy together. OMG, over the top! Emmett rocks! And we all know how willing he would have been to defend his family. Oh, I loved it all! Can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD.

  • mirandathevampgirl

    If its not too late I would like to say that I enjoy all the moments but the best ones of all is and no its not in the movie but its sharing it with my mother. She is one of the few people in my life who really understands my obsession. A few weeks ago we went and saw the movie together and had like one of the best nights of our lives and it wasn’t just bc we were seeing twilight together it was bc we were spending time as mother and daughter and with that all the scenes with bella edward and reneesme togther as a family r my most dearest moments to treasure

  • twigrandma

    I know what you mean, Miranda. I saw BD1 and 2 with my daughter and she understands my obsession in the same way that your mom understands yours. I feel like we bonded as we watched together in the theater and talked on and on about it afterwards. Nothing like quality mother/daughter time. I’ve seen BD2 seven times. My co-workers would have me committed if they knew, lol!

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