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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Score Finishes at Abbey Road Studios

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Score

The recording sessions for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 score have wrapped at Abbey Road Studios with director Bill Condon and composer Carter Burwell. The lovely Myanna Buring also visited to hang out-

Just got off the phone with Bill. He and Carter finished scoring at Abbey Road Studios today and Carter has rocked — the score AGAIN: his third TWILIGHT score for those counting, fourth score for Bill. Bill is in love with it. They had 70 musicians playing away on Sunday. MyAnna has also been hanging out, so that’s been fun.

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  • TwiKat

    Awesome!!!! Now onto the soundtrack!!! Muse is a must BILL!!! LOL…he’s been great tho…when the bd1 soundtrack came out, I hated most of them. Now I can’t get enough of Christina Perry (who should have been the lead single not Bruno Mars…n then we could have gotten nominated for the Oscar/Grammy for and turning pages….can’t wait to see what Alexa, Bill &co have in store for us…hope Stephanie has a say!!!

  • Mary Masen

    The Twilight Saga Scores got me into instrumental music, since the first one was released, I’ve bought the scores to many movies. This music is just pure magic. I fully trust that Bill and Carter Burwell have done an amazing job bringing the tone of the movie to life.

  • Mary Pat

    Always love the scores the Carter Burwell brought to the Twillight Franchise. Can’t wait to buy it !!!!!

  • Lucy

    So excited! I loved the score for the first and the fourth movie and I’m sure the last one will be great as well :)

  • fabby_fezulous[04/09]

    It’s funny and a little sad how we all kind of ignore the scores in movies, when in reality they evoke emotions that are far more heartfelt than words. But, once in a while we get scores that touch our hearts and that become part of this wonderful new world that the writer created for us. I do have to admit most of my favorite scores belong to Pixar movies lol.. especially UP.. that makes me cry. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. ha

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