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‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Premiere Date Monday November 12th at The Nokia Theater!

Summit Entertainment/Lionsgate confirmed the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Premiere will be on Monday, November 12th at the Nokia Theater at LA Live in Los Angeles, California.

Camping for the premiere will start on November 8th.  But hold your horses!!!  Please wait to purchase or book your plane ticket!  Summit/Lionsgate will have more information on October 1st.


Exciting!   Oh my, this is the last premiere in LA for The Twilight Saga!  *grabs tissue*


Who’s planning on going?


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  • Sarai

    If I live in L.A do I still have to camp out?

  • D. Martin

    They were stating on twitter that people are having to register for this one. I’m betting this is for security reasons. This is good. That means Summit is looking out for their people.

  • georgia7

    i wish i could go, but I live on the wrong continent (europe) :(

  • Sam

    I’m so there! I live in LA and I don’t have school that day! I will be on the look out for the registration!!! Eeep so excited!!!!

  • Sam

    Yes (ish). I’m pretty sure they don’t force you to stay in there but there’s SO much that goes on that you don’t want to miss a second. I’m sure you could go home at night and sleep in your own cozy bed and then come back in the morning. I think i’ll go home a couple of times and shower LOL. But yeah, it’s best if you camp out.

  • Lill

    Thank God we have to register !!!!
    I don’t want any crazies to try to spoil it for the rest of the fans with their pathetic immaturity .

  • Jessie_M

    I’m from Belgium and I’m going no matter what continent I’m from :) ! You should go too, it’ll be epic!

  • fefe97

    i dont live in LA i live in LV so not kool but im going to LA cuz i seen the first part and im not going to miss the second part

  • titi

    iam planning to go, but iam from another country!!! can i register from another country? and what happen with yours friends traveling with you, im traveling with my liltle bro! does he need to register too?

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Saw new pics of Rob at a fund raiser for Vancleef and Arpel LA Dance Project dinner at the Disney Hall.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I just heard from someone thet went to THG premiere just registering online then RSVP and that still does not guarantee you get in, just the opportunity to get in. So you could go to LA and still may not get in.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Registering doesn’t guarantee, that you get in, just the opportunity to get in, if its done like THG premiere.

  • Lill

    Oh ….
    I will find a way to get in no matter what LOL .I’m not going to miss the LAST premier for “Twilight ” plus I got to go support Kristen and Robert . I better take backup just in case crazies get out of hand .

  • Twilight_a_drug_2_me

    I’m going as I went last year! Wouldn’t miss it! Going with couple of Twisisters! None of the premiers guarantee getting in. We got in last year, as they said everyone would get to go. You had to beg for tickets to be sure.
    There were a lot of empty seats that could have been filled. There should be no limits to the fans!

  • Nicole Helena

    You’re going to LA? Wow, exiciting! (I’m Dutch btw)

  • Nicole Helena

    I just picked up my tickets for the Twilight marathon. I’m kind of sad it’s going to be the last time though.

  • Kim N VM

    I would do ANYTHING (well, almost) to get in there! Is there a way to get tickets? How/where? THANKS!!!!!!!!

  • Kim N VM

    How do we even get the chance to FIND a real ticket? any sugestions are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx!

  • Kim N VM

    Twilight marathon? Where? Do u know how people (liek me) can FIND real tickets to the premier? Where do they sell them? Any sugestions are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx!

  • Kim N VM

    How/where didu get tickets last year? I have no idea how to find real/legit tickets and would do/pay anything to get in! Thanks!

  • Kim N VM

    What is, “THG premiere”?

  • Twilight_a_drug_2_me

    Last year you had to line up to get wristband to camp and be part of the fun activities. No buying of tickets. You got to be part of red carpet to see the stars. No guarantee getting ticket to see movie.
    This year you have to register.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Its short for THe Hunger Games.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    Your right, there shouldn’t be a limit and you shouldn’t have to beg. That was just someone’s power trip working over time.

  • LupieLaurel

    Okay-all of you who are going MUST provide tons of pictures and inside news!! Since this is our last premiere, we have to stick together! Of course, we will always have the DVD release….. *sigh*

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    You definitely need a twi buddy with you.

  • bella 4 ever

    ya ur right

  • Katy

    Why is it bad to buy plane tickets??? I already bought mine!

  • asja

    Well, I am from Bosnia…and only plane ticket is 1000 bucks…so, considering I have to eat and drink something…and sleep somewhere…well, I need at least 2000 dollars…and i am not working currently…so, I don’t think I’ll be going but I hope all of you going do get tickets and get to see our beloved cast and movie…and I honestly hope you enjoy it and have great time. Hugs to all ;)

  • Jessie_M

    Jaja ik ga nr LA met een vriendin! Vorig jaar was ik er ook dankzij Qmusic en ik heb er verschillende mensen leren kennen, waar ik dit jaar mee nr de camp out ga :) !

  • lindor

    I know that we can’t register till oct 1st but can anyone post a link to the website were we are supposed to register. i cant find it anywhere online. thanks.

  • linda

    do you know what websire we have to go to when the time does come to register?

  • Em

    When does info on the London premiere usually Get known? Like whos going to be there.

  • debz

    Any news on the london premiere??

  • Nicole Helena

    I’m sorry I only just replied.. but cinestar/wolff organizes the twilight marathon in the Netherlands (you should visit the website for more info). I went to the marathon in 2010 and I went last year and I can tell you, it is SO much fun. You should definitely go this year.
    EDIT: You’re Dutch, right? lol hope so x

  • Nicole Helena

    Ik ben jaloers! VEEL PLEZIER!x

  • kelsi

    i wanna go how much are tickets and stuff

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