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Breaking Dawn Part 2 on Cover of Entertainment Weekly! Plus, Bill Condon Speaks on Kristen/Rob

Breaking Dawn Part 2 EW Entertainment WeeklyEntertainment Weekly’s Fall Movie Preview issue will feature none other than Breaking Dawn Part 2 on the cover! It features a new roundtable interview with the cast-

In more innocent times (read: a month ago), the Twilight stars sat down for a roundtable interview and talked about the film, the ending of the series, and what they’ve learned from the Twilight experience. Pattinson marvels at Edward’s unflappable ability to stay rational. “It’s strange,” he says with a laugh. “All through the series it’s like, ‘Hey , this guy is trying to be sensible! Let’s think this thing out.’ And everyone is like ‘F— you’”.
Stewart presses him, curious to know what he learned from playing the role. ”Don’t be pragmatic. Be an emotional idiot.”

Director Bill Condon also shares some words of wisdom about the recent turmoil, suggesting it’s time for fans to give back-

“The fact is, these are actors playing parts, and maybe it’s not such a bad thing that people be reminded of that,” Bill Condon tells EW. “Both of these actors gave heart and soul to the Twilight movies, not only during shooting, but also by navigating so graciously the whole life-in-a-fishbowl aspect of the phenomenon. Above all they have always shown great respect for the fans who made these movies such a success. Now it’s time that some of that respect be returned to them.”


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  • Amber Eyes

    The most AMAZING post I’ve ever read on this site. Extremely eloquent . “Fiction takes us past the turmoil of the flesh, and raises each and every fan to the place of what can never exist in reality.” Beautiful. That expresses why I love this series so very much.

  • Edward_My_Love

    Love you Bill, thank you so much for your wisdom, you are a class act. I hope the meadow with Edward and Bella will be the final scene of BD2. Not having a beautiful meadow scene was what I missed in Twilight…

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    You are wiser than your years, I wish I had your insight and wisdom at your age.

  • AnnCullen

    I think he doesn’t need to remind us to respect her. If we didn’t respect and support her so far she wouldn’t be the most paid actress now. The fans weren’t the ones who posted that pictures or behaved the way Kristen did. So just like Ronnie 5683 said : “When you’re in the public eye mistakes can be seen, you can’t blame the public.”
    So WE have shown great respect for them and made these movies such a success dear Bill, now it’s time that some of that respect be returned to US and not think that we are the cause to this mess. Kristen knew very well what to expect when she signed up in this business such as living her life in the public eye.
    Do I respect her now? As an actress yes, as a person NO, because I can’t identify myself with her behavior and there is nothing respectful what she did.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I don’t know if the fans tried to make Rob and Kristen, Bella and Edward. I think adult fans know that just isn’t possible, but we all came to love them through the characters that they played

  • Mary Masen

    Aww the cover picture looks so sweet! And well said Bill Condon!

  • ifonly2011

    I totally agree BC, just wish the promo could be like last yr……..

  • vanquish13

    It’s a two way street. We made the movies a success but without the commitment from Kristen and Rob to the franchise and the crazy promos, interviews, and to the fans…the Twilight world would not have been complete. I think thats what BC was trying to get. Yeap it’s Hollywood…but no one really knows the sacrifices you have to make unless you go through that experience. And no we are not the cause of this mess, but when we go around judging people we don’t really “know”…well thats where a line should be drawn. Especially when these people have been so kind and gracious to fans. Kristen has behaved horribly, I hate it. I have a really strong moral code… But…I hope if I ever make a mistake like this somewhere along in my life…I’m only 20..heaps of time to f*ck up…that I have friends/family who will stand by me and guide me through. And that I be given the chance to earn their trust and respect back. That’s the perspective I’m viewing Kristen from.

  • IloveKristineStewart

    oh yeah! definitely!!

  • Salander

    Love the cover!

  • Mary Pat

    Want to cry…..The two most beautiful vampires back in their meadow. Can you imagine for one moment stumbling upon these two while out hiking. It would be magical.
    In all other “Vampire” movies the focus has been on blood and death. With the Twilight Saga it has always been about beauty, family and love.the Twilight world has always been a fantasy world. Rob and Kristen along with all of us unfortunately don’t live in a fantasy world but rather a real world with its ups and downs, highs and disappointments. What impressed me is the devotion that Rob and Kristen, together or apart have exhibited to the Twilight story.
    They never looked more beautiiful nor more peaceful than in the above photo. Absolutely cannot wait for this movie. Let’s all enjoy it, cry over it and cherish it together.

  • Piyushi Jaiswal

    love it completely. And yeah bill is right we shud respect the privacy of the two of them.

  • Unique Jenique

    I completely agree with what a lot of you are saying here. Kristen really has given her all for this Saga. She’s dealt with the hate and the bashing and the trash talking so much better than a lof of people might have. I don’t want to really talk to much about the cheating scandel, but I can say that people think Kristen and Rob are perfect and they are not. I am glad Bill reminded a lot of us that we can’t compare the actors to the characters that they play. It isn’t fair to them to put them on this unrealistic throne. I am not conding what Kristen did, but I don’t think she deserves the hate she has been getting. A lot of her fans have abandoned her as an actress because of her personal business. That isn’t really right, considering her personal life is none of our business, even though the media makes it seem like it is. All I can say is that I hope Rob and Kristen take this time to heal and maybe even work on their relationship. I hope the fandom can realize that we shouldn’t be butting in when things have nothing to do with us. I also want to commend Bill for even mentioning the scandel in such a professional matter, because he could have just left it alone or even stressed his disappointment in Kristen. But he didn’t. And I know he respects both Rob and Kristen as actors. I really do wish some people in the fandom could act as professional as Bill is.
    As far as this site goes, I respect their professionalism and also the respect most of the posters on here have been giving just on this thread. :)

  • sophiaxoxoPEETA/EDWARD

    she didnt fuckin work her ass off r u kidding me she could have acted better and u all know it!!!!!!

  • S0phiaxoxoPEETA/EDWARD


  • TwiCullen8

    I’d like to see you try and do better

  • Malinda

    You guys say that Kristen was the biggest supporter of these film u guys do remember eclipse when she rather cut her hair for that movie runaway.Then her so called keeping her personal business private. Do u guys see those pictures and how she wanted to keep her relationship with Robert private but goes publicaly and humiliate him in front of the whole world. U say she did a good job on the saga well she suck for me and everyone did way better than her. What about her friendship with Nikki. She destroy that because she wanted Rob. Or her relationship with then boyfriend Michael. U people that are fans of hers should really see what kind of person she really is and see that she not all that.

  • winndsinger

    I’ll give my respect to Robert, who did nothing wrong and didn’t deserve the knife that was plunged into his back. Kristen can bite me. LOL.

  • Ally

    What does cutting her hair have any thing to do with this !!!!!!
    Oh and you do know Rob had a fling with Nikki right so dont try to pin this all at Kristen!!!!!!!!

  • Walter

    Shut up !!!!!!!!!
    Don’t you get tried of having so much hate towards kristen , you are always posting something rude GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!

  • ejh0904

    I feel the same way. I really want Rob and Kristen to try to work this out. If they can’t make it work, then they can’t, but they seemed so blissfully happy before. I still have problems wrapping my head around what happened. Was something else wrong between them before? Was Rupert Sanders hitting on her and she let it go too far? Was it all the time Rob and Kristen had to spend apart on other projects? It’s their lives and none of my business, but it seems like such a waste if they don’t at least attempt to fix things.

  • Ally

    Sophia stop being a brat be respectful go back to The Hunger Games site were you belong you have never commented on here and now you decide to comment something hateful .
    And yes Kristen worked her ass off she even defended us fans when reporters called us ‘Crazy hormonal teenagers’ when in fact most of us are grown women with kids .
    Grow up little girl !!!!!

  • Helen

    Who cares about their personnel life,I just want to see the movie.

  • K2☼_Cosmo♥BD2♀MB♠TRvr♣Maps♦

    I know a lot of us think like Bill, and some can’t. I will be at BD2 for my love of all things Twilight :)

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I don’t want to bash on Kristen, I do feel for her. I certainly don’t take any pleasure in her pain now. She did what many of us have done. Destroyed her on happiness, by her on doing. I think alot of the fans didn’t put Rob or Kristen on a pedestal, but for me, I just went by their on words of how they wanted to be perceived and portray themselves in the public eye. I think that is what has shocked so many fans, with Kristens actions. It went totally against whats she’s been saying these last 4 yrs. I just hope that Rob and Kristen can find some peace and happiness again, whether it be together or apart.

  • vanquish13

    Cutting her hair doesn’t mean anything. It was for a role that she was committed to as well. Why wouldn’t she? Or would you rather she accept the ridiculous amounts of money Summit were offering her to not cut her hair? Also…you can say the same thing about Rob. He went after Kristen when she was with Michael. He didn’t care for their relationship. He just wanted her. Even CH told him to stay away from Kristen.

  • vampfan

    Does anyone know if the former cast members from original Twilight will be at BD2 red carpet event? It would be great to see Rachelle, Cam, and Edi with the rest of the cast!

  • Douglas Blowe

    lol I get such a kick out of watching what is said-to one person, I am a 53 yr old, disabled out of work teacher who loved the books and as the movies got progressively better, have fallen for them-personally I am an Alice and Jasper fan lol. My 19 yr old son loves the books and movies. I wish the movies were closer to the books myself, I have thought the acting has gotten better with each movie from all the cast. I am worried about the super fight with the Volturi in part 2 upcoming. I have seen in one preview the 2 sides charging each other. This worries me, if Bella shields all our side, then Zafrina blinds all the Volturi with her illusions, then Ben sets them all afire, and the wolves chew up whats left-fight over but if it actually comes to it, Bella is charging too, she would be ripped apart-shield gone, I am gonna hate that fight because it’s not in the book, hopefully Stephanie will write one where the Cullens replace the Volturi with few if any losses. Now that would be a book that would be fun to write and read-HINT * HINT STEPHANIE

  • Den U.

    basically what Bill is saying is “Back the f*** off” lol

  • Nutella

    I agree with Bill Condon. And who cares are they together or not. It’s there personal life

  • JMHO4

    I really don’t think anyone “turned their back on Kristen”, I think it just gave the haters a venue to spew their vitriol on this child. I think the fans of Kristen stayed fans of Kristen. Most adults can separate the characters from the people, it’s the young kids who are having the hardest time separating Edward from Robert and Kristen from Bella. As the name says…JMHO

  • Edward is beast:)

    I agree with both Sophia and ali me aspiring to be a actress my self someday I think k stew did a good job but theres always room for improvement wether u give a 100% or not. I think she did great but still in my opinion u can never say “wow I did absolutely perfect” about anything.

  • victoriareborn

    i agree totalty

  • Fiore Alexa Moren Amigable


  • Secert_twi_girl

    Im good you?

  • Lea

    I AGREE with BC. What ever happens in their real life drama is theirs and nobody elses business. People should just leave them alone and let them work their personal lives. They’re only human, they can learn from their mistakes and move on. RP & KS has beautiful chemistry on screen and hopefully off screen as well. I cannot think of any actress out there who could have done a better job than Kristen Stewart. It’s perfect the way it is. Otherwise it would have not been this successful.

  • Maria Luiza Zelio Pereira


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