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‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Cast Global Promotional Tour Dates!

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 cast, director Bill Condon, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg and author/producer Stephenie Meyer will be touring all over the world to promote Breaking Dawn Part 2!!!

October 6 – Spain: Chaske Spencer to appear at Sitges Film Festival for fan event and press.

October 14 - United States: U.S. press tour in select regional markets to be announced.

October 21 – United States: U.S. press tour in select regional markets to be announced.

October 21 – October 28 - Australia, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, Scotland, Ireland: Robert Pattinson visits Australia, Kristen Stewart visits Japan, Taylor Lautner visits Brazil, Ashley Grene visits South Africa, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed visit Scotland and Ireland.

October 28 – November 3 – Los  Angeles, California: Worldwide press junket in Los Angeles with Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Michael Sheen, director Bill Condon, author Stephenie Meyer, and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.

November 3 – November 4 – Burbank, California: The Twilight Saga Official Convention in Burbank featuring Peter Facinelli, Gil Birmingham, Charlie Bewley, Alex Meraz, Booboo Stewart, Tinsel Korey, Casey LaBow, Julia Jones, and Bronson Pelletier. (Details here.)

November 4 – November 11 – Various  Cities, U.S.: The cast will do national press and talk shows.

November 12 – Los Angeles, California: World Premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 at Nokia Theater at LA LIVE featuring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and the cast along with Bill Condon and Stephenie Meyer.

November 14 – November 16 – England, Spain, Germany: Premiere Tour in London, Madrid, and Berlin featuring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Bill Condon, and Wyck Godfrey

November 14 – November 16 – Denmark, Norway: Premiere Tour in Copenhagen and Oslo featuring Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone

It’s starting!  The beginning of the end!

If they are coming near you, you have to go!  This is the LAST promotional tour!   Hopefully we’ll find out more SOON on who and where for the US press tour!

[source: Deadline via Pattinsonlife]

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  • Katniss Tesara Everdeen

    after 5 movies, no Philippine premiere yet. hopeless.

  • Emily

    I wanna go to the us premiere I hope they give us the place :(

  • Jay-Peeta-Pat

    It’s the Nokia theater LA Live in Los Angeles November 12

  • Lill

    Kristen and Robert are going to be in 4 or 5 countries promoting BD2 ;”) that makes me so happy !!!!!
    I really hope Robert and Kristen go to El Hormiguero show when they’re in Madrid that would just be amazing !!!!!

  • Lux

    Yes, we are almost there! From what we can see, there has been an increased effort in promotion. Good. They’ll cover so many places!!

    I can’t wait!!! It will be very emotional and memorable!!!

  • Em

    How do you get tickets for the London premiere?

  • natalia


  • georgia7

    same here in Greece :(

  • Purple

    I MUST go to all the LA events! I can’t believe all the places they’re going to! This is so exciting but so sad at the same time. What am I gonna do when it’s over???

  • Taylor_is_a_sexy_BEAST

    We might as well be just a far away. I live in the midwest and I can’t even imagine be getting a chance to go to LA to see them. Its just so out of reach but so close[with the youtube and all].

  • Issy Stevens

    Hey! I live in Australia we are so excited that Rob is coming, ahhh! But can you please give more details on where Rob is visting in Australia?! Thanks so much! xxx

  • ivy

    omg! michael sheen?! omg! that would be delightful! :)

  • Angelica Grahn

    What about Sweden???!!… They came last yr (Ashley and Rob) and the yr b4 that….(Kirsten and Taylor) :-( ….Why aren´t we on their tour this yr??… When it´s the LAST movie and all… :-(

  • Twifan 1960

    Regarding the lottery for the LA Premiere Nov 8th-Mov 12th:

    DON’T NEED TO FIX WHAT IS NOT BROKEN….scratch the lottery please!!! We
    the fans have made the bulk money for this franchise, have we not?? This
    is our finale too!!!! We have waited 4 years for this event!!! I wish
    it would be first come first serve as in the Eclipse and Breaking Dawn 1
    Premier – they just need more people on the front line. I will gladly
    stand in line again for hours knowing that I got there and made the
    effort when I was supposed to and did the time and effort for it. Now
    that this info is public (google search) thousands will register and may
    not understand they have to camp and then someone like us twihard fans
    will receive a declined e-mail.

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    yes! me too! I’m going to go google it now

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    He’s only visiting Sydney. That’s all I got.

  • Jacqueline

    Finally Ireland gets a visit!!! Would be rude not to seeing as we have our own coven in part2. YAY!!

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