Breaking Dawn Part 2 Tickets

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Calendar with New Images

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Calendar

Breaking Dawn Part 2 2013 Calendar

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Bella Edward

Check out these covers for the upcoming Breaking Dawn Part 2 2013 calendars from Pyramid International and NECA! Release is set for 8/15/12.


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  • Mary_Pat

    Terrific/ No longer a human – posing with the Vampires

  • Tina

    Love it!!!!

  • Unique Jenique

    These are okay, but I don’t understand why Jacob stands out more prominently than Edward and Bella. And I am a little disappointed that Renesmee isn’t on the front of the calender. I was hoping for that. At least Bella and Edward look awesome together. They’re the same color now :)

  • iamnotcreative

    I don’t ever want to say good-bye to the Cullens!!! :(

  • Frida

    That’s amazing! I think Bellas lips are a bit dark though :P But it’s so cool seeing them finally the same, same color, same species :D

  • Mary Masen

    Oh My God!!! The group photo looks amazing!! Badass Vampire Bella for the win!
    And in the second cover, Bella’s eyes are like golden WOW!!And no offence but what is Jacob doing right into our face?
    This is Bella & Edward’s story! They should have been in front and, only if necessary, Jacob too but further behind – with Renesmee not alone!
    I have to buy one of these tho. (the first one hehe)
    The calendar is the last first piece of merchandise of the Twilight movies people! *tears*
    I don’t want this to end… :(

  • Stephanie1892

    I don’t care what anybody says but they look amazing,love how they all look. I see that maybe the reason of Jake coming more out in front if them its because he’s the protector of their daughter and has a duty of protecting the cullen’s now. It’s just amazing and well perfectly done….

  • ★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB®

    Gotta have it! I’m starring at Jasper this month on my BD1 calendar. He’s hot but the wig is not. Next month I have to stare at botox daddy C. I might have to tape a pic of Rob over Carlisle.

  • Jenna

    No Renesmee?!?!

  • Sibuna

    i hope that other calendars will include the other vampire coven

  • ryder

    That’s Jackson’s real hair, not a wig. He said he was over the wigs and didn’t wear one for the final 2 films.

  • ryder

    Renesmee should’ve been peeking out from behind Jacob’s arm. The three of them are united in protecting her. She’s always peeking around Rose, Bella, Edward, whoever, in the book to see what’s going on.

  • hot_for_rob

    i agree, they should have had renesmee on it…that would have been cute to see her standing behind the three of them

  • Lux

    I love it! I have to say that I had been missing the Cullens, since the teaser and pics almost did not appear, and it is normal to want to start presenting the new covens …

    What I find strange is that Renesmee doesn’t appear in these pictures! But I guess that there is enough time to promotion ahead and they bring us several calendars and much more.

    For be the first imganes, aesthetically it sees fit all. And that was a big problem in all the previous movies. But this time everyone look good, especially Rosalie and Emmett. The detail of Bella’s golden eyes is very good too.

    And respect Jacob, he is in the pack now more than before, so we’re gonna to have to acept that. And maybe because I’m a bit nostalgic for the end and all, but I’m more tolerant about that now.

    Well, do not give rest to our hearts …Of course, I’m not complaining!

    Kisses from Argentina.

  • ★FreezeBurn♥RobMyCooter★BTB®

    Are you serious? wow. That just makes the situation even worse. I think I should cut off the hands of the hair stylist that did that to him.

  • lulu

    i’m sorry that is so ugly. rob and kristen are good looking people. why do they always have to heavy photoshop them, and turn them ugly? also why is jacob standing in front. bd is not about him. epic fail summit.

  • Sierra

    I wish there was one with Renesmee and Edward;(

  • Christie

    Shouldn’t Remesmee be included in the calendar??? She IS a big part of the movie!!!

  • ryder

    Laughing . . .

  • Vampir Bella

    Bella and Edward are so gorgeous and with those daring amber eyes stunning.Except for thee fact that I’m a little confused with Jacob being right in the front.

  • TeamEdward_Bella4ever

    I really don’t understand, why Jacob is in the front of the pic. Its Bella and Edwards love story, not Jacobs. Who’s ever idea it was, it was a bad move on Summits part. It just irritates me how pushy their being with him.

  • Naomi

    Am I missing something? Where is Renesmee?

  • vanquish13

    Same. I was hoping for a family photo.

  • kerbear585

    i hope they do a movie still version for this one. they didn’t for BD pt1 and i was upset :(

  • Betsy Day

    Gotta get me 1 of those. I Like much better than part 1 calendar , xxoo

  • Jenny

    Not that impressed. No Renesmee?! Really?! Whoever came up w/this failed big time!!! I’ll probably still get it though since I have all the others.

  • Ronnie5683

    Booo BD is as much about Jacob as everyone else…

  • Ronnie5683

    Excuse me but Twilight is about Edwards Bella & Jacob!! He has as much to do with the story as everyone else. I don’t understand why you all are so forgetfull, he saved Bella several times, he saved Edward & The Cullens, even gave up his home & his brothers for them, & now he will save Renesmee. Why doesn’t he deserve to be in the front of the poster Damn, yall get on my nerves with all the hate

    PS all of these are ugly!! but the calendars haven’t been good since Twilight

  • bluebird

    maybe you should read the book first before you give comment like this, Jacob is willing to give his life just to save Renesmee….. just read the book, you will know why!

  • Mia

    I’m sorry but just because Jacob saved Bella and is now Renesmees future husband does not mean he is the focus of the story. BD Part 2 is about Bella being a vampire and protecting her daughter against the Volturi. It should be Bella who is front and centre because she is and has always been the main character. Just because Jacob is her friend and was there for her does mean he should be the lead. But this is Summit an this is what expected these days, we’re used to it I suppose we still always hope things will change but they never do. I cannot believe they do not have Renesmee on his calendar either… Considering the storyline how ridiculous!

  • Breanna

    Where the hell is Renesmee???!!!

  • Cathy Cook

    Re Renesmee, maybe there’s a law against children appearing in print on a calendar??

  • Kesha

    `I agree with bluebird because people shoulndt post things they dont know.You should stop talking crap because if you read the book you would know that jacob imprinted on renesmee.If you love breaking dawn that much you should read the books.

  • Kesha

    First of all you dont even have a calender you dont know if she is in the calender or not so why dont you just wait and see.

  • Kesha

    Do you know where you can find that calender!?

  • Victoria Isabella ♥

    They should’ve included Renesmee in this promotional calendar, I mean she’s one of the main reasons my this next movie franchise exists! And their photoshop make-up makes them look a bit odd or awkward, their natural beauty fades; especially for Rob and Kristen.

  • alicecullen

    where/ when can you buy it?

  • chong

    Wow… How much effort was put into this one shot photo shoot calendar?

  • aman agarwal

    i saw the twillite .it iz jst @mazngggggggggg…………….

  • aman agarwal


  • Hello kitty

    Wen does this come out

  • claudia

    I love them all, and I’m fans of the series …. Completely and utterly in love with the wolf and vampire ….

  • Jose Velasquez


  • Jose Velasquez


  • Jose Velasquez

    WAT UP

  • Shaira Jane Sobrino

    love dz movie!!…^^

  • Shaira Jane Sobrino


  • Jacob

    It is ………

  • M&M’s

    Omg! I sooo want this calendar i just saw it dont judge me ^.^ LoL

    Anyways I love the whole twilight saga and I am sooo sad that its over… It will always be in my heart. ILY TWILIGHT FOR EVER!!!! <3

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