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‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ DVD/Blu-Ray Extras – The Wedding & Honeymoon

Check out two of the extras from Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD Blu-ray of the behind the scenes footage of The Wedding and The Honeymoon.  Love it!

I love watching the DVD extras. I really wish they had more blooper footage from all the Twilight Saga films. So cute at the end of the honeymoon one.  :D

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  • Mary Masen

    Amazing extra features!! I could just sit all day and watch them over and over again!!
    LOVED the bloopers with Rob & Kristen! I wonder where they slept during that monsoon… ahem ;)  
    In the wedding vid, what does Kristen say when she has the Volturi cloak on? “Hey, what’s up? I’m…”? It’s at 0:45

  • LupieLaurel

    I can’t wait for Feb. 11th….and I agree. I would have loved more bloopers as well as Rob & Kristen movie commentary. I guess a girl can’t have it all. (Did I mention that I was diagnosed with high blood pressure? Totally blame it on having to wait for BD part 2 to be released in NOVEMBER!)

  • Kiki

    Ahh this is awesome!!!

  • Iris Correia

    love it!!! Now I can have a little glance on how difficult is to film a few seconds sequence, how much is involved..and I really appreciate all the care and details of the movie.It could had being filmed all in a set, but actually going to Rio make the difference.Thank you for such a great movie

  • Naleigha

    When is the DVD being released ?

  • Hedy Grossman

    What a perfect Birthday present for me with the release of the movie. Love it, love it.

  • jite4vanquish

    I could watch those over and over and over again! Well done Bill Condon!

  • DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdwrd

    She says, “Hey! What’s up, I’m walking away!” lmao xD

  • Fanpire Cecy

    haha, I love the part where a guy is like “everyone who goes up the hill carries something!” and in my head, I’m like “that includes you, Rob and Kristen” and lo and behold, the next scene is Rob with his big ol’ backpack. :-)

  • Anonymous

    This is so great can’t wait til the DVD comes out. I  hope the deleted & extended scenes are in the DVD, but I didn’t see it listed. I saw they did shoot the scene about Bella eating so many eggs, while they were there, I want to see ever thing that didn’t get in the movie.

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Along with being a twi-hard and a potter-nerd I am also an extras geek! I pride myself in the fact that I’ve watched all the extras  on all my favorite movies. Wow I’m such a dork! xP lmbo

  • klayrahx7

    i was thinking,” i dont think they’ll make rob and kristen stewart carry anything” ahah!

  • PurpleHippo

    I love how Kristen can’t remember what the line is in the wedding and how Rob can’t drive the boat! So cute! I always enjoy the behind the scenes and I’m glad they included more goof ups in this behind the scenes than they have for the other movies.

  • Hamilton23

    AWWWW I love the wedding video especially the little bits with Robsten and how right before they start shooting the vows Rob is all silly and says “you ready?!” or something like that and Kristen looks so serious and just totally in it……they are so perfect. sigh.

  • Mary Masen

    Thanks! I tried to turn up the volume, but my speakers are too low for things like that. I thought she said  ”Hey, what’s up, I work with the Volturi”! lol Must be the cloak!

  • ifonly2011

    Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!!!! The extras always reveal so much more of the story and I love seeing everyone so natural :) )) Hope the dvd has all these extras….but I’m still moaning that we have to wait till March 12th here in England!! Arrrghhh!

  • Anonymous

    i absolutely loved that!!!!,rob and kris are adorable,i feel like i was able to see how they are as a couple….just loved it!!!!

  • snapcrakklepop

    “I don’t know any of you people!” LMAO I love Kristen!!

  • ryder

    DITTO! There’s a lot of scenes we saw in stills that didn’t make it into the movie. I want it ALL!!

  • Monique/booksaddicted

    I love Robert and Kristen interpretation of Bella and Edward… but, I love Bill Condon… I could listen to him for hours.  He is so insightful and have so much love and respect for the actors.  No wonder he get great performance from his actors… in BD and his other movies.

  • Anonymous

    I loveee bloopers.  And I think Kristen should get to wear Bella’s dress when she really gets married (whenver that will be.)
    on a side note: Flapper Alice FTW!

  • Anonymous

    “I’m going out to sea” LOL

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely loved all the Robsten movies! I already thought it must be hard for them to film a movie but watching this makes me so much more grateful for all they went through! I know they do it for the fans and the movie was absolutely amazing!

  • DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdwrd

    Ahh that sucks! Hmm. Come fly to the USA, buy your DVD, then fly back home!   Hahaha no but really. At least you guys have amazing accents! I’m so jealous, English accents are so amazing, they make me melt!

  • ifonly2011

    Ahh thanks :) although we don’t all sound like Rob lol I love my country but they just don’t understand the depth of feeling we have for twilight!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh! Can’t wait for the DVD release and the Breaking Dawn Part 2! Bill Condon was a really great director, I loved how he actually start off with Edward and Bella scene first to get into the mood without any distraction. 

    In Breaking Dawn, somehow Edward and Bella had become more real and more genuine to me that you can actually feel the love coming off from the screen. Breaking Dawn was really a thrill to watch, hope Breaking Dawn 2 would continue rising up to the fans’ expectation :)

  • ryder

    I love the up and down looks he gives her as she’s getting her veil fixed right before that.

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    Did you see Rob’s jaw when he kisses kristen at 1:08  ??
    BTW I loved all the Robsten’s moment!! I’ve never seen as many in one vid!!

  • Ilovebellward<3

    What features are going on the normal non blu-ray?

  • Anonymous

    ok in the wedding one at the very end when they kissed at the vows that was very robsten there and not there characters,i mean they were in character but that time you could tell that was from there hearts it was in there eyes not just a line they have to say….so beautiful!!!!!

  • Cullenized!

    i love how carlisle looked at edward when bella was walking down the isle.. its like he wanted to say “all right son, this is it, you ready?”

  • Observation

    Does anyone else notice how icy/chilly Rosolie-Nikki looks during the wedding scene.  Not sure if I’m watching Rosalie in the footage or still a resentful Nikki.

  • lisa dunn

    it`s a beautiful wedding makes me want to get married all over again

  • kk

    The shops (ie Tesco, Amazon, HMV) are stating release date of DVD is in March and not 11th Feb – do you know which is the correct date?

  • ifonly2011

    What country are you in? It’s March 12th here in England :)

  • DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdwrd

    All English accents are amazing! Trust me, a lot of people in the USA don’t like Twilight either (or if they do, they don’t say it. I, however, LOVE it!). 
    Here, if you like Twilight you kind of get made fun of! I bet a lot of people in England make fun of the USA for making Twilight, since you guys made the amazing Harry Potter, haha. 

  • ifonly2011

    Hi there! Give me Twilight any day over Harry Potter! I tried to watch them (with the kids) but after the first few I just got bored! I can however see why they were so successful….but give me twilight and I’m very happy :D

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