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‘Breaking Dawn Part 1′ B Roll Footage & Screencaps

Breaking Dawn B-Roll Footage from AMFM STUDIOS LLC on Vimeo.

Here’s another behind the scenes look of Breaking Dawn Part 1, the B-Roll footage!

OMG! So much! I can’t even…. AHHHH!

Screencaps added! Kristen and Stephenie hugging…..awwww!

via KstewAngel

Screencaps after the break!

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  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    1.) Yay!

    2.) Poor Ashley, you can totally see her nipples. Come on wardrobe – no show tape! Is this what they mean by “partial nudity”? lol

    3.) Haha, Kristen wasn’t lying about the Volturi cape during the wedding scene. Literally LOL’ed around 2-minutes in.

    4.) Wow, talk about Dancing with the Stars! Ashley and Jackson are gettin’ it on the dance floor!

    5.) Aww haha Elizabeth on the running treadmill is classic.

    6.) Picture wrap… (sad face)

    November 18th is almost here!

  • Anonymous

    OMG OMG OMG that all I can sayyyy

  • Jaypat

    WOAH!  I was getting ready to do screencaps.  Now I’ll be looking for her nipples! LOL!  

  • Karen Hernandez26

    Wow! I am soo excited!

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!


    1. Jessica’s comment about bella showing…. LMFAO!!
    2. Vamp dancing… When you have the humans next to them HILARIOUS!!
    3. Edward giving a wedding speech big AWWWWWWWW!!
    4. Edward fighting against jacob MAJOR TURN ON!!
    5. Seth being team Edward MAJOR KUDDOS!!

  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    Hahaha clear as day, right around 1:37

  • Red

    First of all: Anna Kendrick is “sofa king” awesome. She is just too funny. Secondly: Alice and Jasper have quite a few dance moves!….and thirdly: Can November 18 get here already?…Can’t wait! <3

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    What does Eddie says when he hits jacob?? 

  • Anonymous

    I shouldn’t of clicked the play button…I can’t even say I’ll stay away. I know I’ll come back, anxious for new footage! lol

  • twi hard

    Omw Anna Kendrick(aka Jessica) is like whench I mean it’s like always negetive about everything gosh maybe she should STOP being a brat and not make this whole things always about HER!!!! Jessica so you think Bella’s going to be showing??? Christina Serrentos(aka Angela) Jess she” not preggers Jess why esle is she getting married at 18…. I think Jess is Jealious about Bella’s life bc 1 she’s got a man b she seems like she’s got her life together and 3 she’s not pinning over some guy who dosen’t want her so can’t stand Jess she’s ugly in character and real life!!!!!! Sorry all those Jess fans but that’s just the way it is!

  • Laura Scully

    it’s “I’ll deal with this later.”

  • Brittanie ❤’s KSTEW

    ugh I can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  • Jaypat

    Did you guys see Jasper flipping Alice on the dance floor!  :D 

    Oh and Charlie and Sue eyeing each other!

  • Anonymous

    Love it. I have this big smile on my face! Love love the humans! I like how Jess says “Bella will be showing”. Kind of reflects on Bella’s initial fears of getting married to Edward…and at the same time it shows typical Jess. Loved the dancing. Mike’s moves are so smoothe! ROFL.

  • PieceOfForeverRPatz

    Yup, I saw it too. 1:34 to be exact, they’re showing right through the lacy violet dress. And then you can totally see her butt on the dance floor when Jasper flips her all flapper style. 

  • Ash McPerk

    Tanya rules m/

  • Ash McPerk

    Did anyone notice at around 3:48 when Taylor/Jacob has that really awkward half smile?  I think that that is right before Edward punches him (because he found out about the imprint).  I read somewhere that it made Taylor feel really awkward to have to do the whole imprinting thing – like, with a child.  It made him feel uncomfortable.  Anyone else think that?

    Also… I can’t help but notice the differences between Rose and Alice’s dance style.  They both sort of fit their personalities – Rose is more elegant and understated and Alice’s is more out there. (I can imagine her dancing like that back in the 20′s and 30′s during the whole flapper era)   Carmen and Eleazar seem to be cutting a rug back there too.
    It was cute watching Charlie speaking to Sue… She looked so pretty!  I wonder where Renee and Phil were?

    Kristen hugging Stephenie … too sweet!

    I know I say this about all of them… but this one is going to be the best one yet!!!!


    Renee and Phil were just behind Carmen and Eleazar watching them dance :)

    and yes I agree, I just think the whole dance thing was perfect

  • Anonymous

    that alice&jasper dance was just AMAZING!!! they look like pro dancers…so cool :)

  • Mirandathevampgirl

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sssssssssssssssssttttttttttttttttttooooooooooooooooppppppppppppppppppppppppp sssssssssssstoooooooooooooooppppppppppppp sssssssssssstttttttttttttttooooooooooooppppppppppp no more spoilers you dummys! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    Lol, Taylors voice cracked a couple of times! Haha

  • Anonymous

    Who is that last couple dancing, girl wearing brown dress with something blue? We  see Carmen and Eleazar, Rosalie and Emmet, Alice and Jasper, and there’s another one in the back, who look like they actually know the jive. Maybe they’re the dance instructors? Don’t recognize the faces…

  • cm

    I definitely agree with you about Jessica. She was the snobby dumb-bell in the books, and in the first 2 movies, but for some reason Melissa Rosenberg wrote her, not Eric the brainiac, as the Valedictorian in Eclipse.  Give me a break! It made NO SENSE!! Eric was the Valedictorian in the book!! I still say it was only because Anna Kendrick had just recieved an Oscar nomination for Up In The Air with George Clooney and they were feeling obligated to give her more screen time. All in all, there’s a real ”Jess” in everybody’s life. BEWARE! FAKE BULLYING FRIENDS!

  • ryder

    Oh yeah! I still wish they had stuck to the book in Twilight and had them dancing at the prom like that. And, Sue is really pretty. I love the dark sleek look of Native Americans. Charlie needs somebody!!

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know what alice says when she is looking directly into the camera?

  • lil_abz

    “I’ve got your things packed and ready tot go” :)

  • lil_abz

    sorry :) “to go” lol

  • Anonymous

    ok, thank you!!

  • Anonymous

    Sad Asian dude at the very end makes me so happy. 

  • Jasmine

    Wardrobe malfunction. lol

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