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Breaking Dawn News: Will This Necklace Be Worn In Breaking Dawn Part 2 During The Battle Scene? is reporting that the above necklace will be worn by an actor in Breaking Dawn Part 2, during the battle scene -

Crafted by Boutique du Vampyre artist, David Herb (Debo), this chain mail
necklace will be featured in the fourth Twilight saga film Breaking Dawn.

They won’t tell us who will be wearing the necklace yet, but as soon as we
know, we’ll fill you in.  We can’t show you the entire necklace – quiet yet.

Get your early orders in.  The necklaces are very intricate.  They are hand
crafted and made up of 600 rings.  This ancient technique, once used for
armor in battles, is an art that can not be mass produced.

The character in Breaking Dawn will be wearing it during battle scenes.

This necklace, which may or may not be shown in Breaking Dawn Part 2, is currently selling for $250! You can order yours here.

What are your thoughts? Who do you think will be wearing this? Remember — the full version of the necklace has not been shown .. keep that in mind!

[Thanks, Jayme!!]

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  • newborneyes

    I can´t wait either !!!!

  • Pmmantas

    hey guys it’s not twilight but it’s awesome video!! watch all :)

  • Icheer4cheer

    Bella will be wearing it no doubt if you read the book. Its the necklace Aro gave her as a wedding present.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, they didn’t make the engagement ring exactly as described (in my mind anyway) so it could be similar but different but I’m pretty sure it’s the one Aro sent Bella, they just haven’t shown the gold ball sized diamond yet.
    I would imagine something for Renesmee a little daintier since she’s still so small.

  • babyblues

    is it the locket they give nessie? hmmmmmm cant wait to find out!

  • Deboherb99

    well im the maker of this piece and i can tell you you should go to boutique du vampyre and check it out befor you judge. it is in new orleans and it is a french name. i dont work there i created the necklace and other items that were on display there and the rite person walked in one day. the rest is twilight history.

  • Anonymous

    im the maker of this beautifull piece and i dont know who will be wearing it!

  • Anonymous

    if anyone is interested in seeing more of what i do look up “debo’s chain maille and industrial art” on facebook.

  • Anonymous

    none takin.

  • Anonymous order away!

  • NatashaNemesis

    I do not believe this is going to be the Necklace Aro gives to Bella. I was in New Orleans on Monday and actually got to see the full necklace and try it on!!! I could see the finished necklace on a member of the Volturi but somehow can’t see this one on Bella. And it is HEAVY as hell!

  • Vallybutterfly1981

    This is the necklace Aro gave to Bella as a wedding gift. On the end is a giant diamond.

  • Natasha Sanders

    Just to mention a few things to those in the debate on who is wearing this.  In my previous comment I said that I had tried in on at the boutique in New Orleans while I was on vacation.  Without giving you specifics I can tell you that unless the production company has taken it upon themselves to modify this piece, there is NO gem on it anywhere and it is NOT a locket.

  • samm318

    i think it’s the huge necklace the size of a golf ball that Aro gave Bella as a wedding gift with that ominous note and in the pretty box :D

  • MagicTheRocker

    yes possibly it could be the one that has the diamond on it…

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