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Breaking Dawn News: Twilight Composer Carter Burwell Returns For Breaking Dawn!

According to The Playlist, the talented Carter Burwell (the composer for Twilight), will be returning to compose for Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2 -

Coen Brothers and Spike Jonze regular collaborator Carter Burwell is set to return to the ‘Twilight’ since working on the first film to perform scoring duties for the final installment of the series, the two parter “Twilight: Breaking Dawn.”Burwell has an existing relationship with the director of the final two parts, Bill Condon, having collaborated on “Kinsey” and “Gods And Monsters” and will return to the position after Alexandre Desplat followed him for ‘New Moon’ with Howard Shore stepping in for ‘Eclipse.’ Shooting began this past November all major cast members such as Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, Anna Kendrick and Ashley Greene reprising their roles. The two parts will be shot as one project and will then be respectively released on November 18th, 2011 and November 16th, 2012. And in case you haven’t do so already, check out Burwell’s score “True Grit”; it’s ace.

This is very exciting! I’m hoping that Bella’s Lullaby is incorporated into Breaking Dawn somehow (in some way). I was disappointed that we didn’t hear it at all in New Moon and Eclipse (which was more than likely for copyright reasons?). However, that lullaby (whether you like it or you do not) was a big part in the novels as Edward always hummed it to Bella, or played it on the piano.

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  • Anonymous

    i am so glad carter burwell is back. . . i was just thinking, wouldnt it be the most beautiful thing in the world if bella and edward danced to the same song that they danced to at their prom, at their wedding?. . . flightless brid by iron and wine. . . i almost started tearing just picturing it. . .

  • Koibones

    No, because Bella’s lullabye sucked because, while pretty, the book said Edward hummed it to Bella in bed and Carter’s song was too complex. Desplat’s The Meadow would have been a much better piece for Bella’s lullabye. Howard Shore also gets props because he worked with the band Metric to compose All Yours and then incorporated that song into the closing credits and the melody into the intro credits and throughout the movie. Hearing Cater Burwell’s name reminds me of the Bella’s lullabye piece that was written quickly during production so Robert Pattinson could play it on-camera.
    I may be alone with this opinion, but this time around, I hope he will keep the story in mind, and leave everything he wrote for the first Twilight out.

  • Koibones

    That was claire de lune by claude debussey

  • Sanmajesty

    Thanks God!!!
    The best news of all!!
    I LOVED the score in Twilight, more than any in the Saga!! So moving, just brilliant… unforgettable.. I was so dissapointed about New Moon and Eclipse.. no feeling at all with the story..
    I´m so glad to hear that!! I was expecting this so much! And.. here it is!!
    For sure Breaking Dawn is going to be sublime now!! Burwell is amazing, and he did such a great job in the first movie… the music FIT so well…probably the best score I´ve heard in my life…
    Now, for me, it´s going to be simply perfect.. some things should never be changed.. ;)

  • soundtrackzdll

    i cant wait for this!!!!

  • Spillman2678

    If you are interested, here is a song written for Breaking Dawn:

  • Ktscox2003

    I agree, Bella’s Lullaby should be in Breaking Dawn. I love it so much I have as my ringtone on my phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Storlego

    Know a perfect song that could easily fit into the Breaking Dawn film. The lyrics, as seen from Jacob’s perspective, are perfect for it. It’s a Swedish singer called Loreen, and the song is the acoustic version of “My heart is refusing me”. Every time I hear it I think of how Jacob feels for Bella…

  • Amanda

    So glad!! Hopefully for “Reneesmee’s Lullaby”

  • Malise16

    The soundtrack for breaking Dawn is not good. However New Moon And Eclipse had better soundtracks. In this part it was only the copy of twilight, but it was not good enough to impress.

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