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‘Breaking Dawn’ Hairdresser Bonnie Clevering Interview With Canadian Hairdresser Magazine

Breaking Dawn hairdresser, Bonnie Clevering, spoke to Canadian Hairdresser Magazine recently and talked about creating “Bella’s look”. Also, makeup artist Stacey Panepinto talked about Bella’s natural look.

“The inspiration was simple” says Bonnie.  ”I had to remain consistent with “Bella’s” previous looks which was soft and casual.”  The foundation for Kristen’s haircut was layered around the face at a chin length level while the back was longer with layers.  To maintain her hair color, Bonnie would use a colour enhancement to give vibrancy and tone to her hair for film. This all might sound simple but filming scenes in Baton Rouge, Vancouver and the US Virgin Islands played havoc on Kristen’s fine, silky hair.

Even though her hair was dense, Bonnie had to maintain “Bella’s” look for 12-15 hour days of filming.  To achieve her look through various scenes and weather, each morning after shampooing, she would apply conditioner to only the shaft area. For lift and volume, Bonnie would apply IT&LY HAIRFASHIONS Pure Style Mouse (Strong) to the root area to serve as a root lifter while using a light gel to the shaft. It was important to use products that would prevent  her natural oils from weighing down the  hair.   Next, Bonnie would blow dry her hair using a small mixed bristle brush at the root area for added lift and switching to a medium round brush to finish the shaft area.  After blow drying, she would use a jumbo curling iron, running it through the shaft area just to heat up each section and then switch to a 3/4″ iron to create a blend.  To finish, she would use a light hairspray like Sebastian Shaper.  According to Bonnie, “The greatest challenge was the various weather conditions.  I needed products that would allow me to comb the hair out and re-blow dry the hair without any track or pulling of the hair.”

“Bella’s look has been very natural in the movies and we wanted to keep that for Breaking Dawn,” said makeup artist Stacey Panepinto. To achieve the look she used very natural colours like browns and peach tones to enhance Kristen’s eyes and a sheer colour to pull out the natural colours in Kristen’s lips.

Love Bella’s hair in Breaking Dawn!  Kristen is such a natural beauty anyway. *sigh*


Scans after the break!

scans via Kstewartfans!

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  • Just Jenny:)

    ‘Breaking Dawn’ Hairdresser Bonnie Clevering Interview With Canadian Hairdresser Magazine :D

  • I<3Headboards

    I cant wait to see the whole wedding the dress and everything.. Oh even the music – I am dying to know what Edward and Bella will dance to at their wedding – hoping that they will shop that!! Omg this wait is killing me 57 more days!!

  • Snowypearl3

    I totally saw Kristen and Robert in a BMW stopped at a light in front of 
    a Best Buy in Hawaii… why were they in Hawaii?! 

  • kerbear585

    they aren’t in hawaii…kristen is in london right now :)

  • hanhan

    has anyone else noticed that in the top picture bella has her wedding ring on, in the second its not there.
    yet edward is wearing the same shirt in both which would indicate this is the same day or maybe over the course of two days?
    just an observation but i wouldnt like my hair to go through months of products, tweaking, heating and styling like kristen did, poor girl!

  • SureSure4RobSTEN!

    Different shirt – top one is a button down, bottom is a v-neck cut

  • Anonymous

    So, Breaking Dawn Hairdresser yes? One word Ms. Clevering: CARLISLE.
    Just saying…  -.-

  • bluebird

    i hope her looks in Breaking Dawn would be the same as in TWILIGHT, she looks cute, innocent, fresh and natural! In NEW MOON however, Kristen looks haggard most of the time. In ECLIPSE, she looks pretty but her hair looked weird in some shots as if the hair dye was extended to crown her forehead extending to her sideburns. It was very obvious when she visited her mom Renee. Really looked weird!

  • Snowypearl3

    Yeah they were definitely Hawaii. I think they were leaving that day or around that time,

    it was a little over a week ago.  

  • DjF

    I repect the comment that the makeup artist said that she wanted Bella’s makeup to be natural just like the other films…But.. have you not read the books????? In Breaking Dawn part 1 – during the wedding scene Alice gets a hold of Bella and does her Hair and Makeup.. this was no time for Bella to be all natural. Being a makeup artist myself, I would of loved to see Bella in some nice pinks and sliver- nude on her lids and a nice pink shade in the crease eye shadows, nice black liner..  bright pink blush and a lip shade not simply a lip gloss.. I don’t think Alice would of let her walk out of the house looking the way she did in the movie clip.. and u call your self pros. come on.. were was SMeyer during all this????

  • DjF

    it’s because she wore some really bad wigs!!

  • achilles815

    Stacey is a fine artist as we can all see from twilight!

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