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Breaking Dawn Filming News: Robert, Kristen And Taylor Headed To Brazil?

According to, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be in Rio, Brazil next week to shoot scenes for Breaking Dawn for a total of 6 days.  Here is a translation from the lovely people over at FoForks:

According to the newspaper ‘O Globo’, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner will arrive in Brazil next Friday, November 5th, to rehearsal the scenes of ‘Breaking Dawn’. The newspaper said that the actors would return later this month to shoot the scenes. The neighborhood LAPA will be used as location. According to another source, the historic city of Paraty will also be used as location and the filming will start 11/6 in Rio, 11/7 and 11/8 in Paraty.

Hmmm… I’m trying my hardest to look at this positively. We already know they’ll be filming in Rio, Brazil next week.  But why would Taylor be there?  I was unaware when reading the book that Jacob stowed himself away in Bella’s suitcase so he could have a free holiday LOL.

What are your thoughts if Taylor will be there?  In my honest opinion, the honeymoon is a pivotal point of the whole book.  It sets events in motion and leads up to the most important point of the whole book.  Changing that in script form in any way would just be wrong.

[Source: ROBsessed]

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  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    i wanna go too! and then me and him can create our own Isle Esme ;)

  • MCNutters [Team Renesmee]

    i’ll admit i didn’t like jacob much in eclipse or his cockiness at times but it was his first time “in love” if you call it that (i question SM’s idea of love a lot from both sides in these books. they all look unhealthy). i didn’t like edward in it either. or bella at all. but jake was working with what he knows or thought he knew. he was panicking and when you panic you don’t think. he also wears his heart on his sleeve and for him its hard to hide his feelings. he was conditioned to think all vampires are bad. and since one of them just so happened to shatter his best friend’s heart into his pieces, well that was just the cherry on top. i would hate edward too if i was him. cos jake saw everything bella went through and felt while edward didn’t.

    also usually cockiness is a sign that the person feels inadequate so they try to make up for it in that way. he did put bella as his first priority many times though, he didn’t want her “to die” and lose his best friend. i might’ve done the same if i knew my friend wanted to do that. he’s pretty much the underdog in this story i think, most of the time. he’s been through a lot. more so than bella.a beat down scene would’ve been fatal and very hard for SM’s precious bella to take in. i loved him in BD too. cos he grew up and matured but i loved him before that as well. not until i understood why he acted the way he did and his intentions behind them, i finally realized the whys. and i sympathize with him. me and him can relate on some levels.ironically, im one of the few jake fans who was totally caught by surprised for bella’s feelings toward jake. but it was slowly building in new moon i just didn’t see it at first cos i read it too fast. so the eclipse kiss really surprised me and pissed me off, well more surprised. i don’t call it love either. but i also question the kind of “love” bella has for edward and vice versa but that’s just my opinion. i agree with you that i don’t think bella and jake were soul mates. and i don’t think it would’ve lasted long if edward wasn’t around. it was almost volatile at times, a lot of bickering. kind of unhealthy. she only noticed him after he took his shirt off (typical lol) and cos she only needed an anchor to get herself out of her depression. i guess cos i got so used to bella obsessing over edward i can’t picture her with anyone else. nor can i picture jake with bella. i really felt bad for him cos i knew and he knew he was going after something that would eventually deeply hurt him and that it wouldn’t pan out.oh yeah, eclipse was horrible. SO boring. which is sad, cos these movies could’ve been almost epic and more well done. i felt bad for edward in that scene really. and i thought the parking lot scene made no sense cos its not the bella in the books. many scenes were just weird and awkward it felt. i like movie bella more than book bella but in this case i saw more kristen than bella which i never minded before but it was just in every scene.well bill’s a screenwriter too, got an oscar nomination for it and the two worked together on it i have more faith in this movie. and if condon is so great then BD has a great chance to be epic and end it with a bang. it also have a chance to be beautiful if its dealt with delicate hands like chris weitz did with new moon. we’ll see. im also one of the few jake fans who liked the 4th book. it just made more sense to me than any of the other books. it all fell into place and i finally understood the whys of everything. plus its the most mature of the books. i didn’t like eclipse cos there’s only so much ego, pettiness, immaturity, and male testosterones competing that i can handle lol.


    ROBERT AND KRISTEN IN RIO.welcome robsten!!!!

  • EAD_TwistAArmpitHair

    Here is to hoping that MR got it right with all of the Jake/Renesmee scenes. It has to be handled just right, ya know? And yes, SM seems to like triangles.. there is one in The Host for a bit, as well, if I remember correctly. lol


    Exactly! I swear these ppl want this to be a threesome between E/B/J. The wedding Edward? I think Jake was a masochist for going. I still think Bella was sorts of selfish to want him there and bask in having him there, and I think Ed is a masochist too! He also is mega freaking inappropriate. BFFs or not when you’re in love with the Bride, you just should stay the hale away. It was way too soon for him to be close to her again. And SHE just doesn’t effin learn. I could have smacked her bringing up her plans on having sex with E. Really? To the guy who is hopelessly in love with you? How cruel, never mind inappropriate to be discussing u and your hubbies sex life w/his enemy. Yes bc at that point Jake was still Edward’s enemy.


    I have faith in the Script ONLY bc Bill Condon is the director. He’s won 3 separate academy awards. His screen writing abilities are supurb, so I am sure he wouldn’t accept any bs from MR…cuz I am sure he would fix her f*ck-ups….he’s an Oscar winner. He can’t put bs out else he’ll risk hid rep.

  • ruhnesmee


  • ahana

    actually….u r ryt…….thank u 4 calmin me down….

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