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Breaking Dawn Filming News: Set Photos Of The Volturi!

Check out these photos from the Breaking Dawn set of the Volturi in Louisiana on December 15th! Dakota Fanning (aka Jane), Michael Sheen (aka Aro), Jamie Campbell Bower (aka Caius), Cameron Bright (aka Alec) and Christopher Heyerdahl (aka Marcus) all in costume!

OK, who is the blond in the robe (photo after the break)?  Caius’ hair is not white?   They look different, but still good and creeptastic!  What do you all think?

[Source: Popsugar, CelebrityGossip via Vampire Club.  Thanks Leghitchthis, Kelly, eBella and Desiree!]  Sorry for the delay!  


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  • ElianaNoelle

    Wow everything comes with improvement with each movie, lol. The Volturi are stunning. My hope is they get Rosalie’s hair and eyebrows the same color this time, like they had in Twilight and they find Jasper the right hairstyle, the last three have been an odd choice and please lets not have Emmett look like Spock again…ok I’m done. I can’t wait to catch a glimpse of Rob, Kristen, & Mackenzie together :)

  • Anonymous

    I thought the same, there is one also where it looks like he is taking to Dakota first set of double shot on the bottom lt.

  • Unique Jenique

    Either the blonde chick is Renata or she is one of the wives. OME! I am so excited for this! Official set pictures have finally arrived! Dakota looks stunning. Where is Caius’ hair is not blonde? There’s Marcus:)

  • Anonymous

    Oh, this is very exciting looks like Rob is there taking to Dakota but I don’t see Micheal Sheen, and it looks like there might be some stunt double there also wow awesome.:)) happy granny

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Ooooo I’m scared, but hey our Volturi are and I can’t believe I am saying this but they are looking hot. Volturi are looking more like Volturi. Rarr!

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Really now I was thinking of one of those actors with powder faces an old fashioned theater. And I’m not talking Phantom of the Opera.

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    My my you have a strange taste in a man that is thousands of years old maybe even older than father time. But then I know some women half your age that are in love with Snape.

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    My guesses is that it is Snape, I uh mean Marcus.

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Yeah but too bad we will most likely not see them until in the second part. :(

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Indeed because remember Bill Condon wants to do justice on this film and not make it a hot mess. And I can not believe I am about to say this, but I think I am starting to like the Volturi now.

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    That’s what I just said they are looking pretty hot now. I ought to be ashamed of myself, damn me. Funny though I feel like I will be going in a pattern, because in New Moon I was phasing over the wolves, in Eclipse I am phasing over the Cullens looks like the Volturi will be next.

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Yes indeed none of this weird freaky Osbourne look (Im thinking of you Marcus), or Harry Potter caricatures(ex. Aro=Snape, Caius= Lucious Malfoy).

  • Thewolfgirl2010

    And more importantly for the love of God, God CAN YOU HEAR ME IF YOU ARE READING THIS FIX JASPER’S HAIR FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    I know I just prayed to god telling him to make them fix Jasper’s hair.

  • Anonymous

    Just 335 days left ;D

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Would you want to be his hair dresser?

  • Jornd

    Oh, Aro! What did they do to your hair, mia cara?

  • “MY LOVE”-Rob/Edward~TeamV/W

    In every movie they look a little bit different….Love their costumes. I think now Dakota looks right as Jane with childish face…. I see SM there too.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what to say. Usually I like changes but this one seems so radical. They don’t look like in NM and Dakota is so different. Aro’s wig is so obvious :( But I’m glad to see pictures from the set. I can’t wait to see the first trailer :-D :-p I ask too much, don’t I? :-p

  • EdwardFeen

    the blonde girl must be Dakota’s ‘stand in’

    I was like WHAT she smokes? ??


  • Anonymous

    so excited BD is coming!! at least they appearto be filming it all together.

  • Bellas<3SPIDERFLIPPY TmGarrett

    I don’t want to wait anymoooooooooooore!!

  • Sjmutchie

    Not loving Aro’s new hair…it looked a lot less refined, and Aro is the epitome of refined appearance. I liked the tied-back look at the top; the straggly hang-down is not much better…

  • Sjmutchie

    Not loving Aro’s new hair…it looked a lot less refined, and Aro is the epitome of refined appearance. I liked the tied-back look at the top; the straggly hang-down is not much better…

  • Casey

    the blond in the robe is either a stunt double of jane or just someone else that will be with them. There should be alot more new people

  • kerbear585

    they look awesome!!! just think instead of doing the makeup in their hair to get it whiter they might do that through computer graphics just to save time and money.

  • Anonymous

    Ill never tell teehe

  • Ms_P

    No,it`s not just you.I thought the same about Aro`s wig when I saw it…beside that everything else looks pretty good(especially outfits)..:))

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    LOL!! I am glad i am not alone!!! =)))

  • Salma

    i wish November come sooner!!!
    i cant wait

  • Stefanie Jones

    OMG Rosalie’s eyebrows bothered me so much in Eclipse. Especially in her flashback!!! I get her wanting to wear a wig instead of dyeing her hair, but eyebrows being dyed a light brown (at least) is not a big deal. I’m glad I’m not alone! haha

  • rHiz_patzz – ♥ dirty Robowski

    i like the former costumes of the volturi more that in BD.

  • Chantal Meijer

    Wow! Dakota looks S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!

  • teamhardwick

    Jamie! nuff said….

  • Cullen_Forever21

    The blonde in the rove is Dakota Fanning.

  • ESmee<3

    i reckon that the blonde in the robe is either a stunt double(lord knows why) or Reneta but she does have a slight resembalance to Dakota Fanning x

  • Edward101

    I am dead EXCITED about Breaking Dawn. Can’t believe it’s a WHOLE YEAR AWAY. HUMPH

  • Winterdreams

    I agree, her eyebrows drive me crazy being so dark with blonde hair! and Jasper… oh poor Jasper….. lol

  • Nayat

    Cant waiiitititii!!!

  • Lindamolson


  • luisa

    im so excited to watch the breaking dawn!!!!
    Love ya,Robsten..

  • jasmin

    WOW they look nice but Aro looks different but are they all coming out in breaking dawn part 1 or just aro …?

  • Fattydad

    i likee the volturis they are cool but why is cauis hair not what it is like in new moon its still cool and amazing and aro looks diffrent his hair ahhh why but i think they look the part as evil…………………………….. evil still and gud to have them bck int it hahaha lol

  • Falicity Dagger

    they need to change Alice’s hairstyle back to before when it was cute and spiky now its all flat and sleek and she isnt even wearing her necklace i miss that necklace alot and my calander has her in a totaly dif necklace and i love Jaspers hair its so him but i like the other movies better because of how the caracters looked but they are so different now. its not that i dont like the new alice i kinda do but there suppost to look younger and she looks in her 20′s now when she only looked like 17 in the 1st pic i dont really like it at all…..

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