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Breaking Dawn Filming News: New Photos Of Filming Isle Esme

Here are some new photos of filming Breaking Dawn at Casa Em Paraty for the honeymoon scene on Isle Esme!!  From Capricho (translated):

Seriously … The Island is really beautiful! Water and superverdinha, the clean sand and whim was the first and only to spend hours on duty there in front (imagine my tan right now, hahaha!).

At the site, has a bigger house, where the recordings are made, and a smaller, where production is being made. Contrary to what many people said so, access to the island is not that hard. While we were there, nobody stopped us anything. Yes there was, however, an isolation area that began around 150 or 200 yards from the house.

More after the break!

As the whim told you, Robert and Kristen have descended on the island, on Sunday. Despite the possibility of the actors have been sleeping here in Paraty, a source told us that the actors are in a house, and the simplest island, to facilitate movement to the recordings.

In “Isle Esme”, the production is a mile a minute. The recordings should happen tomorrow so, since a house was being imploded next to the site and the producers did not want anything that messed up the perfect shot.

Today? Today was just to set the stage … perfect.

While we were there we saw the decoration rolling loose. A staff worked to leave the sand perfect for the scenes, while other staff decorated the entrance with plants and artificial flowers.

If you saw Robert and Kristen here? Still not! But we will not come unglued glue them not to see?

Kiss for you! I’ll hunt Robsten! ;)

I’m sure there will be tighter security tomorrow during filming.  I think it’s a perfect place for Isle Esme!

{Source: Capricho via Twifans]

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    The Island is really beautiful! Water and superverdinha.

  • TwilightFann-TeamJacob

    There is a small scence outside but i dont think its outside cause thay are at Isle Esme then go for a swim,maybe thats what people are on about x

  • Villakeno

    when will be the showing of the official trailer?


    Looks Amazing!

  • Falcikir

    I just cant wait to see the movie

  • Crystal

    Are you joking!!!! July 2012… I am so upset!!! CRAP!!!

  • bellalover_11

    That looks like a faire tale. So beautiful! I can’t wait for Breaking dawn!![:

  • Sam

    So anyone know when the trailers come out. Or how to find them. I can’t find it anywhere and it is pissing me off.

  • bella

    *i like <33
    i read the book and omg it's the greatest part of all twilight saga .. "breaking dawn is the best(Y) "

  • Katmlg2008

    i think this is going to be good because i love the books and i watched alll the films there amazing

  • Joanna Sheila Margret Maitland

    Can Not Wait For Breaking Dawn To Come Out. Wish I Could Be In It I Actually Look Like One Of The Cullens!!!! xxxx

  • Alistairlim

    I cannot imagine… I am sooooo shocked, the house, the sand, and the ambiance is really what I have vision when I read the book…. REALLY PERFECTLY SAME !!! :-) )

  • Alistairlim

    I cannot imagine… I am sooooo shocked, the house, the sand, and the ambiance is really what I have vision when I read the book…. REALLY PERFECTLY SAME !!! :-) )

  • DPTwiMom

    I do think this movie will be more intense than the others or it should be but we will see. I just can not hardly wait until it comes out. Also I went to Baton Rouge a few weeks ago, got lost saw the studio but did not see any actors. I was neat to be where they are shooting.

  • Monicajns76

    Wow that place is amazing. It is just like it is described in the book. Can’t wait for the movie.

  • Www Girlytoohotty

    ever since twilight came out i was hooked i got the movie and then i begin reading the books. i am the bigest fan and i wish that there whould be more movies to keep going on with the crew…i love youlll

  • Nacell Nobe

    @twilight:twitter i cant wait to see isle esme~! ^___^

  • Sara

    and she wasnt trying to be stupid and reckless

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