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Breaking Dawn Filming News: Mackenzie Foy To Appear In Breaking Dawn Part 1?

Over at, they’ve sent a tweet out that we’ll get to see Mackenzie Foy (aka Renesmee) in a flash-forward scene in Breaking Dawn Part 1.

Big news on Breaking Dawn part I & II – Renesmee

It’s been confirmed that we won’t have to wait till 2012 to see Mackenzie Foy on the big screen.  She’ll also appear in Breaking Dawn part I in a tiny flashback scene.
Her face will be CGI’d and transferred onto another baby, little girl, teen, and finally a woman to show her growing up really fast. It’ll be a quick scene, and maybe you never realize it’s Mackenzie, but we’ll finally get to see Renesmee!

Also, in Breaking Dawn part II Mackenzie will play a 6 years old girl.  Mackenzie is 10 years old now, so Breaking Dawn director (Bill Condon) will work with similar digital effects to the ones used in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. This means we’ll get to see Mackenzie playing a 6 years old Renesmee throughout the whole movie. is down at the minute for maintenance so I can’t check the source of the information, but they’re pretty much spot on with what they know.

Thanks 30yearoldtwifan for sending this in!

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  • Bananawig

    Wrong!  it has nothing to do with ‘chromosones’ Alice cant see renesmee or the wolves because she has never been one or will never be one.  i read the twilight illistrated guid and it said  “she can see the vampires best coz she is one, the humans ok because she was one and she cant see the wolves or nessie coz she will never be one”

    that is why!!!!!

  • Lady Donna Royce

    I have friends that think I am ruddy
    well bonkers, but given the chance & IF I could somehow, get
    myself into the “Twilight” books & be a part of that
    world, I would make a mad run for the Cullen home. Messed up back,
    bum right leg or not! I would flat out run for that house with my
    mind wide open so Edward could hear me coming, know I am “safe” &
    have the door open for me because I would not stop until I had Esme
    in my arms and hugging her for all I am worth!

    Then I would start with Dr, Cullen and
    not stop hugging till all were hugged, yes, even Jacob would be a
    target of getting hugged!

    Do not get me wrong here people. I KNOW
    that the books & movies are just FANTASY, but the books were
    written in such a way that there is NO DOUBT that THIS IS A FAMILY &
    NOT a Coven & this family does what the majority of families
    these days DO NOT DO! They stand by each other, they protect each
    other & the top on my list is THEY LOVE EACH OTHER!

    Now. One might say “But Donna, you
    had a family growing up.” & in part, they would be correct. I
    had a family IN NAME ONLY! My Mum was divorced from my Sire, (His
    doing here.) & I had two younger brothers.

    Mum was the ONLY ONE that loved me &
    wanted me around. My brothers were always trying some stunt to hurt
    me & nine times out of ten, I would catch them at whatever they
    were trying or Mum would catch them & stop them cold!

    I do not have the room here for the
    entire story, but suffice it to say, my childhood & my adult life
    have NOT been the best at all. So, when I ran into the “Twilight”
    books & movies, I found a family that has everything I never had,
    A REAL FAMILY & I would darn near do anything I needed to do to
    be a part of that family!

    If that meant being changed & going
    through three days of pain to be one of them, I WOULD GO FOR IT! It
    would be worth that kind of massive pain to have a place where I
    would love being & having a family that wants me around!

    Mum always said she & I were
    “Woods-babies” & “Water-babies” & I love the forest &
    swimming in a clean river. The only thing holding me together anymore
    is that I am finally able to rent a small place that has a small
    forest across the street from me & the house sits on one acre of
    land with a small stream behind it! It is a very nice little house &
    fits me just fine.

    BUT! I would trade it all to be a part
    of that family! For me, the Cullen family would be a dream come true
    & I would pay the price of pain to be a part of it! Besides that,
    little Alice would be one ruddy good sister to have around & do
    all the sister stuff with & Emmett is just a big old Teddy Bear &
    would be fun to hang with & go camping & hunting with.

    All in all, this is a family that I
    would dearly love to be a part of!

    Lady, Donna M. Royce

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