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Breaking Dawn Filming News: Day 5 Of The Construction Of Bella’s House!

More pictures of the construction of Bella Swan’s house for the filming of Breaking Dawn in Surrey, British Columbia have surfaced from talented photographer Christine Kilpatrick of Newsgirl News!

Check out more pictures after the break!

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  • Twiguest

    thats some green grass!!!

  • Anonymous

    yeah it sure is!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see it COME ON NOVEMBER 18TH!!

  • I<3waterfalls

    wow they are fast !! – i bet their making the cullen house some where =) – the Jacob house too – i think they would need that in the movie too right??

  • ali

    oh this is awesome!

  • Anonymous

    I wish they film the part where Bella and Edward are training before the wedding, wright before Emmet and Jasper appear in her bedroom window. Trainings, I never get enough of that! xDDD

  • LegHitchThis

    Training? Like practicing for their big night? >:D -runs to get BD book-

  • robert cro

    great pictures !! i’m so happy

  • Unique Jenique

    God I hoope the tree in front of Bella’s house looks better in Breaking Dawn than it did in Eclipse. It just looked too crappy.

  • Unique Jenique

    God I hoope the tree in front of Bella’s house looks better in Breaking Dawn than it did in Eclipse. It just looked too crappy.

  • Anonymous

    Ah!! To be able to peek into that window during filming of the honeymoon night rehersal….

  • I’m_with_the_Vampires♥Jenny♥

    Yes…. I wish Rob would show up tonight. I would totally practice with him… ;)

  • robert cro

    oh i forgot !!
    Looking at these pictures, i remembered the first movie” TWILIGHT “…

    I don’t know, why the first movie, but it’s true…. maybe is nostalgia, because the end is close

  • bella ♥ vita

    They don’t have to make the Jacob house. Its someone’s actual house in Vancouver and that person has simply allowed them to paint it and use it for the movies so they don’t really have to do anything there other than contact the homeowner for permission I suppose. The Cullen house will be built inside on a massive sound stage again just like they did for Eclipse so we won’t be seeing any pics of that one for a long time.

  • TeamAidan

    LOL we have seen pics of the movie set but pics of the cast in character? Nada expect those first shoots in Brazil

  • I<3waterfalls

    i didnt know that about jacobs house – i knew about that cullen house that sucks though – that we cant see it

  • Anonymous

    Rob shirtless!!!!!! :D finally! ;P I hope they won’t make him hide it anymore!
    But from these pic we got form Paraty… *sobbing* I don’t like the idea of him sleeping in the pijama on Isle Esme ;( he’s never cold!!

  • Anonymous

    I will so miss this house! As well as Bellas truck!
    c’mon Bells keep the truck, store it in the Cullens garage.
    And when you are in a reminiscent mood you cuddle into the seats.

  • chick from Louisiana

    I don’t recall Bella going to Jacob’s house in Breaking Dawn. I could be wrong though

  • “MY LOVE”-Rob/Edward~TeamV/W

    Ahhh, they MUST film this scene!!! Edward’s shirt on the floor, how Emmet and Jasper come after him. If they cut it..

  • Anonymous

    He goes to Charlie’s house and gets him to the woods strips and then phases in front of him ….tells him just enough about Bella’s transformation without spilling she is a vampire.

  • Queendevil6969

    maybe it just me but im lost i thought bella and edwards house was in the forest like edwards parents house is ???? This house looks like its on a main road with other houses around it …someone help me with this picture lol



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