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Breaking Dawn Filming News: CGI & Renesmee! has gained exclusive information as to how the CGI will rapidly age Renesmee for Breaking Dawn Part 2 -

We now have more info about the CGI techniques that are going to be used in Breaking Dawn to rapidly age Mackenzie’s character Renesmee. The CGI team is going to use a mixture of ‘Motion Capture’ and ‘Live Action’ Photography by fitting Mackenzie with an individually made skull cap fitted with a tiny camera positioned in front of her face. Like Avatar, the information collected about her facial expressions and eyes is then transmitted to computers.

As reported back in October Mackenzie’s face will then be digitally transferred onto the face and body of a younger child to create the illusion of her character’s rapid ageing. Besides the performance capture data which will be transferred directly to the computers, numerous reference cameras will give the digital artists multiple angles of each performance. All live action and motion capture footage will then be composited on screen :biggrin:

Side note: I don’t know about you — but I LOVE that fan pic of Aro and Renesmee!!

[Fan Pic Source]

[Thanks, Diana!]

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  • IndiesR

    I think it’s is gonna be awesome…especially if they pay close attention to their edits when putting the final thing together. I cant wait to see!

    Yeah…that pic is pretty cool. :)

  • Bellas<3SPIDERFLIPPY TmGarrett

    LMC, that picture is totally awesome ;)

  • Anonymous

    it is going to be awesome it will be interesting to see all the behind the sence stuff of how they do it I would love to see it that and then see finshing product :)

  • african princess

    Love it! It’s magical already!

  • african princess

    Love it! It’s magical already!

  • I’m_with_the_Vampires♥Jenny♥

    It totally looks real!

  • Anonymous

    this pic is amazing! I thought it’s real! ;)

  • LMCullen ~Team Patsa!~ 03/2009

    I know, right? Totally epic!

  • Anonymous

    This is totally easing my mind about how they will pull it off. Amazing pic!!

  • I<3waterfalls

    omg i saw that picture on twitter – it like crazy good – and im soo happy that they got a good GHI team – thank god – You know ever time i hear or read the word Avatar i think of the MTV Movie award and they were making fun of CGI movies lmao

  • Sahow

    This is what they are talking about….

    Scroll down to the bottom of page one. Take a look a Zoe’s picture that is what they are doing with Nessie.

  • “MY LOVE”-Rob/Edward~TeamV/W

    Awww this pic is AWESOME! BD is going to be soooo good.

  • Anonymous

    It will be brilliant and I cant wait to see how it turns out in the film. It will be great to see the extras aswell when the dvd comes out :)

  • kit_”bhealthyfckevry1″

    im still nervous – i wont be able tor relax about this until i actually see renesme. mackenzie is so beautiful and perfect looking, it would be a shame to have her be all computerized

  • LegHitchThis

    Hell yea!

  • Anonymous

    Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Vamp…sort of

  • Anonymous

    That fan pic is great, almost like I imagined it when reading the book..

  • Anonymous

    That fan pic is great, almost like I imagined it when reading the book..

  • Anonymous

    yes very well done :)

  • Anonymous

    oh speaking of Red Riding Hood I do not want to see that movie it does not look good at all I saw the trailor all I can say is YUCK

  • Anonymous

    I know and the others on that site are awesome as well. Makes me wana see more!

  • Britt

    I cant wait to watch her grow up in a course of two 2hour movies :)

  • MissN.Gravety.Magnet.Satellite

    Wow.. They are using the avatar technique.. BD is gonna be really good. They are loding the big guns. Thank you Bill condon &&Summit!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, but I hope it’s longer than 2 hrs!

  • Anonymous

    So excited to see how they do this!! BTW, love that manip of Nessie with Aro, I got goosebumps!!

  • TwiObessed

    Well, we really only get to see her in part two of BD :( but I do wonder who they will use and if they will show the “baby boy” in Bella’s dreams and who thinks is her nudger (EJ)!!! Any thoughts if that will be a toddler actor or cgi???

  • Unique Jenique

    The moment I heard the guy from Avatar was going to be involved in this put me at ease. I know it is going to be great! And yes, that picture of Aro and Renesmee is beautiful!

  • christina snow

    This is going to be so cool I have been waiting for ever to see it……

  • Cynthiaalvarez64

    II wish i wasin that movie

  • rachel roebuck

    mackenzie is so cute

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