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‘Breaking Dawn’ DVD Extra Behind The Scenes, Stephenie Meyer says ‘Rob really nailed it’

MTV‘s Hollywood Crush has an exclusive look at the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD extras of the behind the scenes of the bloody birth scene with author/producer Stephenie Meyer talking about Robert Pattinson’s performance.

“He was really able to touch the human emotions of that scene. Rob really nailed it,” Stephenie recalled. “It was really powerful. I teared up, several people near me did. It was just a lump in your throat—that moment of thinking you’ve lost everything and not being able to accept it. It was really emotional.”

Oh I did tear up!  I teared up again just watching that! I loved Bill Condon’s air fist!

EDIT! Not sure why we can’t view it. Grrr MTV!

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  • PurpleHippo

    I totally agree. It was such a powerful moment and Rob did an AMAZING job! I cried so much in this movie lol. But the most was in this scene. You could just really feel everything! It’s actually my favourite scene in the movie (the birth scene). Just because they did so amazing and it felt so real! I can’t wait to see it again on DVD! Only 8 more days!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree aswell. just watching it again my throat closes up and my eyes water.

  • Mirandathevampgirl

    well ladies let me say something just to get it off my chest. *takes
    deep breath and wipes sweat off her forehead* All right. Let me just say
    that for as long as i shall live and remain a loyal twilight fan the
    iconic birth scene will always be the most scariest, traumatizing,
    suspenseful, chilling but most unforgettible scene i will ever have
    layed eyes on in a twilight film or even read in the original book and
    when i read it for the very first time i felt like throwing up and i put
    on some “Metallica” music to get in the mood. Clearly when Bill Condon
    said it was like a horror film he was not kidding  felt more terrified
    watching this scene more than any other horror film i have ever dared to
    watch in my life and im not even kidding, even when i heard the music
    portion by itself when i brought the score it was so freaking terrifying
    i cant even listen to it with the lights off. Seriousely!!! But yet in
    this scene roberts performance clearly went on a whole nother level as i
    have mentioned a couple of times in the past, he was all anxious,
    frisghtened, and in extreme agony at the same time saving  bella’s life
    and bringing her back to life. And the sequence before where bella is
    about to drop and he quickly catches her head demonstrates his undying
    love  and devotion to her that he will never let her be harmed. And do
    not get me started on when he says “Come back to me baby please” it just
    breaks my heart into pieces so so much and if that doesnt move anybody
    to tears then someone needs help. Ok i need to shut up now.But u
    understand what i mean?

  • ifonly2011

    Totally agree…..even though watching the film I knew she came back as vampire Bella I was still on the edge of my seat thinking “please Bella come back to Edward”!! Rob did a fab job as did Kristen playing dead!!! All in all best scene of the film by far!

  • ifonly2011

    Ahhhh Edward *sigh* :) Rob you did a fabulous job!! I didn’t cry but I was on the edge of my seat!!!!!!!!

  • Mullet Mofo (CF)

    The last fifteen minutes of this film are by far the best for me.  They even trump the wedding.  And it’s, in large part, due to the performances of Rob, Kristen and Taylor, and Bill’s excellent editing.  Even knowing what happens, I was still on the edge of my seat.  Rob made me cry.  His performance was perfect.

  • Tina

    I can’t see the first one. Can anyone post a link where I’m allowed to see it “in my region” (germany)

  • Anonymous

    As I’m not one to get emotional in public, I thought to myself while watching in theater, “I can’t wait for watch this at home with a box of tissues!”

  • Hamilton23


  • twigrandma

    Ditto, Miranda!  The only thing that kept me from going to pieces was that I knew how the story ends.  The scene was chilling and unforgettable, thanks to the great acting and the awesome music.  It was so hard for me to watch Bella in such physical pain and see Edward in such emotional pain.  It really was so real and even more horrifying than I had imagined from reading the book.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD and watch to my heart’s content. 

  • Pyroprincess89

    The birth scene is my absolute favorite scene because Rob nails it. I think he does really, REALLY good in movies where he has to show emotions like loss, pain, suffering, sadness, etc…. When it comes to emotions like happiness and stuff, he does okay but it just comes across as cheesy. This though. Showing the raw emotions that are commonly seen as negative, this is the stuff he nails. He’s awesome. I love the birth scene.

  • VILF

    omg… about tears just watching that….. I’m not one to show emotions, but this got me at the premiere. I agree with everyone, its the most “real” scene, and even tho we all know how it turns out, it completely gets you on the edge of the seat, wanting to hear her heartbeat, or her to wake up. HUGE Kudos to Rob for completely nailing this.

    Now! Is it the 11th yet?! This is making me want to go to the midnight release….I can’t decide!

  • Anonymous

    I could not agree more! I wasn’t  even paying attention to the horror of the scene, for me, I was so focused on Rob that everything else was a blur. He was amazing! Bravo, Rob!

  • Mrskellyking

    I’m gutted that we have to wait until the 12th March for our DVD/Bluray here in the
     UK :-(
    CANNOT wait to see Breaking Dawn again – roll on March!

  • ifonly2011

    I know! Seems so unfair!! Only 6 weeks I think!

  • Anonymous

    SM is so right, Rob really did a fantasic job in that scene, I knew Bella was going to make it, but but that didn’t stop me feeling like he would lose Bella and was helpless to stop it.

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    OHMIGOD! i cried SO much at that scene. i hated it. it was soo freaky. oh, btw- i am in love with rob so bad… mmmm… that back….

  • Bella and Edward forever

    I totally agree with you the birth scene will always be the most memorable scene in breaking Dawn. It’s like this defenite purpose, every time I watch Breaking Dawn I immeadeatly  start tearing up. Kristen Rob and taylor nailed that scene it was so believable and bizaarly real.All the emotion depicted were so phenomenally real. 

  • Just no

    No, no, no :) I have to disagree. I think Rob is equally good in happy scenes. Remember honeymoon stuff or when he hears his baby for a first time and puts his hand on Bella’s stomach? He is shining and his reactions are perfect. Put any other guy in those scene and you would cringe but with Rob they look natural.  Rob also has one of the best comedy timing I have ever seen. He should do comedy one day. He and Kristen made me laugh when Bella paraded in her sexy underwear trying to seduce Edward. Rob’s reaction was so adorable and funny at the same time. They both nailed that scene. :)

  • K2☼__Ami♥BD2♀Csmpls♠

    I agree, Rob was fantastic! Of course, I can think of something else that can be nailed by him…

  • Anonymous

    I have to agree with most of you here, that the last 15 min of the movie are the best. I cannot wait to get my blu-ray on Saturday. I’ll be watching it over and over again :)

  • Monique/booksaddicted

     What, what, whaatttt??

  • Unique Jenique

    I also agree. I mean, when watching this scene, I was literally taken aback and couldn’t believe the sheer horror of it. I was devastated for Bella even though I knew the end result. Just seeing her so frail, so human, so helpless, and yet seeing her strength and her silent determination to live. And then watching Edward struggle endlessly over her still heart – amazing. He would not give up — “Come on! Come on!” that part killed me. He willed it to work. He did not want to lose his wife. And I think that one scene FINALLY showed how much Edward loved Bella. During the entire series, his love for her was sudtle, but in BD at the end, it was powerful. All three of them did fantastic.

  • Deatresspickett

    Well, twl fans. I love the movies and I can’t wait until the next one comes out. I still watch them from the first Twilight. All of the actors did a great job. Breaking Dawn was so realistic and emotional. My heart was so into the love that he showed her when she was going through the transformation. It showed me how one would sacrifice for their family. Omg, that was a good film. I wish Mrs. Myers will consider to make a movie on the life of Renesme.

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    EXACTLY! I felt the same way! She was just so still and her eye’s seemed so unfocused. It was an intense scene that made me forget for a minute that I knew what was going to happen to her. Such skilled actors! xD

  • Anonymous

    They really did Rock that scene!

  • Mary_Pat

    Can you just imagine how you would have felt about this scene if you did not know how the saga ends…….It would have torn our hearts out – it would have been too much to bear

  • Jaypat

    See, I was waiting for someone to write that! LOL!  

    Thank you K2!  

  • K2☼__Ami♥BD2♀Csmpls♠

    LOL…that’s what I’m here for! xoxo

  • K2☼__Ami♥BD2♀Csmpls♠

    …must I really spell ME out… ☺

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