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Breaking Dawn Countdown: Midnight Release Begins!

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Breaking Dawn Countdown Release

It is now just past midnight on the East Coast, which means Breaking Dawn Part 1 has started playing in the US!

Enjoy it everyone!

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  • Team EC

    Just got home from watching it and it is by far the best movie of the series.  I am Team Edward all the way.  I would’ve loved to see the “fido” scene.  Other than that it was amazing and so well done compared to the previous ones.     EC  looks great in a suit.  Loved Emmett’s toast at the wedding as well, funny.

  • CazCullen

    I NEED TO SEE IT AGAIN!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG WOOOOOOOW!!!!!  i cannot explain properly how i feel, im speechless almost lol the wedding….the way bellas wedding gown was revealed was perfect, the wolves were dynamic in everyway, bill gave a unique view on them i didnt expect. its so surreal, watchin breaking dawn was out of this world, i felt so out of it watching it but in a great way, it felt so different from the other movies, i dont know im really struggling 2 describe it all without spoiling it for everyone else, really GO SEE IT!!!! u will not be disappointed, its more than i imagined n ive imagined alot like we all have, JUST GO SEE IT if u havent already OMG OMG OMG!!!!

  • Jared Nothstein

    saw it twice in 12 hours already…can’t get over how perfect the instrumental is when bella is walking down the aisle.  That instrumental just gives me chills down my spine.  Really that was the best movie by miles and miles.  Finally the emotions were right, the wrong message wasn’t portrayed…it was just so true to the book and even made some welcome additions/corrections not in the book that didn’t make me mad.  I don’t undestand critics problems…i know they hate the story in general so that’s why the movie will never get good reviews but compared to the other movies, if they just read the books they would understand why this movie was so much more.  Bill Condon was not sub-par, he was everything we’ve been waiting for in a director.  And as a writer himself, I’m sure he was able to help out good ol’ MR a little, but I guess she had to have some talent in this script so good for you MR, i guess u woke up and stopped ur love of crap and jacob and altering the story.  

    Of course I don’t want to complain and I really don’t mean to.  This was the one movie where from what they showed, it was all positive.  So two hours of positive scenes weighs out my complaints.  I think beginning of a movie should be the same as the book.  I just think its essential and it just highlights the main point that i keep trying to make that us fans should get those pointless minutes that take up time.  It would flow to us.  Who cares about the credits.  Who cares if it costs an extra $50,000 (well probably more) to make 20 extra minutes of movie.  Us fans have given u billions so I think for the last movie summit and the whole team coulda pushed themselves just a little more and given us a 2:20-2:30 minute movie for each part.  I think starting the story with bella in that tank mercedes could have added more comedy and not having bella/edward tell charlie about their marriage just killed me.  There is a never a dull moment with charlie and I don’t ever think we get enough of his humor.  Sex scene to me was G or PG rated…i don’t get this whole cutting close to PG-13 nonsense.  Rob was way more steamy in remember me (or at least it seemed more steamy to me) so I think they maybe cut down their “R” rated sex scene a little too much.  But hey its better than all black screen so I will not complain too much as long as Bill gives us that “R” rated version in the deleted scenes hehe.  So yeah really I wish they had more dialogue before the wedding like was in the book and really thats about it.  I can’t say there was many other big things in my mind at least for the 1st part.  I think they pretty much nailed all the big parts except for the beginning as I have mentioned.  But all in all if that’s all I have to complain about you’re doing pretty good Bill b/c I analyze everything and the fact that I only have two main complaints is a pat on the back to you.  For the other movies I could have written a book on how disgusted I was with their directors, MR, Stephanie Meyer, the producers.  I really just hated the other movies.  Twilight was butchered but at least the emotions were on par.  New moon was crap. Eclipse – all the good dialogue was cut out and emotions were not good enough.  But BD Part I – even though the book doesnt heat up for me until bella becomes a vamp I just cant keep myself away from wanting to drive to go see it again (which I probably will when i get up tomorrow).  If thats how good Part I is without a lot of ya know juicy action and vampire bella stuff, then I can’t even imagine how good Part II will be.  But Part II – 1 hr and 52 minutes.  I just have to get out this complaining now.  I dunno maybe you’ll surprise me.  But if I was Summit I’d say SM you’re an idiot on how u ended the series – can we please spice up the movie a little and give a better ending and add more dialogue to the end. Now I’m sure the really don’t add alot that wasn’t in the book but if there is one essential movie where they have a chance to really go above and beyond the book this was their chance.  We aren’t going to get another Rob and Kristen twilight movie so they could have really stepped up their game and showed the fans how much they love us.  But ya know they won’t do it b/c SM will say ya never know if I’ll write another twilight book when I’m 80 and bored and need to make more money so they won’t add any new ending dialogue b/c that would just mess up any future plans of her writing another book.  

  • Anonymous

    The imprinting wasn’t weird, but the CGI of Renesmee’s face was a little creepy.

  • Anonymous

    As a twi-mom who got to see it tonight (and went with 6 other moms!) my biggest advice to you is to take tissues!  I was very impressed with Kristen’s ability to convey the level of bonding and attachment to a baby considering she’s never had a child.  Very impressive.  Visually stunning, beautifully acted, and wonderfully directed.  Eclipse was my favorite book in the series, but after seeing BDP1, I may seriously have to rethink that!  Really a treat.

  • Feathylynn R

    Yes, she looks genuinely happy and not at all worried about Bella dying lol.

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Yes he does!

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Yeah for group hugs and Twilight love! And yeah for Breaking Dawn being awesome!!!

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    I hope your kids get better soon! It’s no fun being sick and unable to do anything.. I’m glad that these reviews have brightnening your day though!

    Since you mentioned tears, I’d have to recommend you bring tissues for this one. I didn’t think I’d cry but I totally did lol!

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    They sure did xD

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Thank you so much! I honestly have zero negative things to say about it so staying positive was pretty easy for me lol! I’m not too picky about adaptations. I did notice the small changes, but they were just that, small changes that didn’t even effect the story line. You won’t be reading any complaints from me lol!

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    It is interesting! I feel different about these ones as well. It’s like this movie renewed my already pretty intense love for the series, and I didn’t think I could possibly love it anymore lol.

    I gasped during the wedding as well. It was literally how I’d imagined it (minus my being bella lol..sorry kristen xP). I’m not too creative when it comes to the fashion aspect of thngs either, but my version of Bellas dress was earily similar. I had goosbumps, and tears through the entire scene. I know I’ve alreasy said this a million timee, but it really was perfection. It was an added bonus to see a close up of Stephenie and Wick! For a split second I was disapointed that we wouldn’t get to see Stephenies reaction to Bella walking down the isle. They fixed that disapointment fast haha!

    The honeymoon was definitly a wow factor! I loved every minute of it. Rob speaking portuguese so well surprised me for some reason. I guess I figured they wouldn’t show him really speaking the language. I’m glad they didn’t becuase like BElla, I think his voice is especially sexy when he speaks a foreign language hehe!

    The birth was great! Oxygen tanks were probably neeeded everywhere! I thought the visual representation of the venom spreading was a genius idea. It helps the audience understand why the venom is so painful imo. It looked like frostbite on the inside of a body (hense the burning alive feeling xD).

    Wow is right! I enjoyed your comment immensly and I couldn’t agree with you more if I tried!

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Thank you! It shouldn’t surprise me after 3 and a half years to know that I’m not the only one with these feelings, but I’m always pleasantly surprised by every one on this lovely site. =D


    I think it must’ve been an even bigger wow-moment for her than it was for us! Can you imagine seeing the characters that have been in your head actually getting married and you getting INVITED? Unreal… ;)

    I read BD after I watched Twilight (which was like, the end of January of 2009)and I was in the car reading the scene when they arrive in Rio and Edward starts talking in fluent portuguese and I LOLed so hard my sister and my mom looked at me asked me if I was okay… I could just NOT picture Rob 1) speaking Portguese and 2) doing that fluently. And then he comes and surprises us all (I speak Portuguese, so he surprised me even more hehe) by talking to the cab driver and then having this whole intense dialog with Kaure! I take my hat – that I don’t wear – off for him.. LOL

    Oh I hadn’t even thought of it that way! I just thought that showing the cells gave that much more emphasis to what was happening to Bella physically… That the venom was taking over, even if you couldn’t see it on the outside. But that’s really smart, what you said! :)

    Well, thank you very much for that compliment. It means a lot :) I always enjoy talking to actual fans about this, at least you understand LOL

  • cmb897_TeamRobsten=P

    Definitly!! Watching any of those scenes being filmed, or even seeing the finished product must be extremely unreal for her. I’d have to keep pinching myself lol!

    I chuckled a little to myself when I read it too! I just didn’t think they’d have him speak Prtuguese! It was a pleasent surprise though.
    “I take my hat – that I don’t wear – off for him.. LOL”
    LMBO! That sentence is pricless! xD

    Thank you! I don’t really excel in science, but the whole frost bite thing seemed logical to me when I was reading it. If vampires are cold why not the venom right? However, the visual is what really made me believe it’s the equivalent of having frostbite on the inside. The way the veins changed reminded me of freezer burn (goofy comparison but it works haha)!

    You’re very welcome! I do understand what you mean.I never get to have in-depth conversations with anyone about Twilight besides on this site. It’s the little chats like this one that brighten my day. So thank you !D

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