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Breaking Dawn Countdown: 4 Hours Left!

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Breaking Dawn Countdown 4 Hours

Less than 4 hours left until Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits the big screen at midnight on the East Coast of the USA!

Are you in line yet? What does it look like where you are?

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  • Millie2002

    omg i love breaking dawn

  • Vrcastilho

    Hello, I’m from Portugal and I’ve just see the movie, and I’m like wow, it’s really amazing. There are some scenes different from the book, and you’re gonna love it and the end of the movie is amazing,
    Congrats to the director, to Kristen, Robert and Taylor and the rest of the fantastic crew,

    Go and see the movie, it worth every € that you spend on the ticket.

  • Guro Farstad Søvik

    Just saw the movie in Norway too, two words frikin’ amazing!! I have butterflies in my belly and love Edward (and rob) even more now! I envy every person out there who still haven’t seen it, you have a lot to see!! 

    Trying to sleep, but no sleep will come. Guess I just have to stay with Edward a little while longer. 

  • Moniaczek87

    Hi Everyone. Just came back from the cinema, and i just have one word to say: LOVE IT, well ok thats 2 word :) . Bill done really amazing job with this part. And all this sexy Edward stuff, yeah uff , im like blushing  now :) Team Edward 4Ever :) )))

    Greetings from Poland guys :)

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