Breaking Dawn Part 2 Tickets

Breaking Dawn Countdown: 24 Days Left!

Breaking Dawn Countdown 24

Less than 24 days remain until The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 hits theaters!

Today we have a picture of Edward Cullen’s proud vamp-parents Carlisle aand Esme at the wedding ceremony.

There are 24 hours in a day–if only there wer 24 hours rather than 24 days remaining!

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  • I<3Headboards

    OK  breath 24 days!!! UGh omg Im going to pass out when it 24hrs lmao

  • TeamMcSparkly<3

    Yay for 24 Days!
    Papa Cullens ring really annoys me in this picture…lol. And is he slouching?

  • Serena19842001

    I cant wait to see the movie at midnight. I been waiting ages for this movie lol

  • Krista

    Can someone just wake me up when the day of Nov 17th gets here? I have a full day planned leading up to the midnight showing!

  • IndiesR

    time to get my camping gear ready so i can go get a place in line at the movie theater……..

  • Mirandathevampgirl

    awww 24 more days until we see the proud mama and papa cullen watching their first son finally getting marrried

  • Anonymous

    only 17 days until the line starts….. the press junket has already started and so have the previews, it is going to go fast….. can not wait lets go now!!!!  :) )

  • Kenziekins_14

    i already have my tickets(:

  • Anonymous

    GAH!!! Is all I can say.

  • Anonymous

    4 thursday’s to go!!!

  • Anonymous

    I cant believe 24 more days!!!! i know we are gonna get there fast, sometimes i don’t want it to get here yet because i know that after we see the movie there is gonna be a drought again n i don’t think iam prepared for that. 
    But one thing i know  for sure is that THIS MOVIE IS gonna be the best!!! unless it get surprisingly disappointed but i dont think so…. cant wait to see the movie and tommorow we get to see the music videos for bruno mars new scenes!!!! 
    now have to go back to doing my math hwk :(

  • Chantal ♥

    Yes! This means 10 days till… I start fainting every second haha! 10 days till they show the trailer trough the commercials… ♥-♥

  • Chantal ♥

    It looks like he’s hiding a boner. 

  • dr.mary

    This was a great delay….saw four ?Breaking Dawn billboards on highways around Chicago….Yippee

  • Anonymous

    ohmigog. it is coming so fast, i was in a bus and saw a billboard saying *breaking dawn part 1* with bella and edward and started choking on my bagel….. hah, the guy next to me looked freaked. far out. it is so close, i can almost taste it…. and it tastes good ;)

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