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Breaking Dawn Casting News: JD Pardo Is `Nahuel`, Confirmed By Summit

We previously reported that actor JD Pardo was rumored to play Nahuel in Breaking Dawn.

Summit Entertainment has confirmed (via Twilight Lexicon) that JD is indeed playing the part of Nahuel!

Nahuel is a human/vampire hybrid  from Chile, who was raised by his Aunt, Huilen, after his mother died giving birth to him.  He was brought to forks by Alice and Jasper to help their cause re: Renesmee and the Volturi.

What do you think? Good choice? Or bad choice? Let us know in the comments section!


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  • AlohaSD “Robso-Freakin-Lutely”

    Awwwww, he’s a cutie~!!!

  • erin

    i don’t know his work. so i hope he does a good job

  • H2B~1st Member of Team Garrett

    Woah! He looks like Alex…


    But my concern is why have they waited this long to cast the roll?

  • H2B~1st Member of Team Garrett

    Humina humina!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    he`s cute, but i was expecting someone more latin…
    Anyaway, Welcome to Twiworld JD PARDO!!

  • LegHitchThis

    Looks good to me! Eh I just want my dm movie! XD
    I just cant wait to see all of the characters in play :D
    Welcome to the eye candy club JD!

  • Tiajb10

    oh baby! yea hell make jake jealous ;)

  • I<3waterfalls

    the cast is huge lol – theirs going to be so many interviews that my youtube is going to explode

  • Tallblondetwimom

    He’s PRETTY!

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    LOL!! THAT’S SO TRUE!!! all the twi blogs and websites are gonna crash!!

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    mmmmm…. i like him =)!! lovely smile!!

  • TwiKat

    Hmm…. giving jake some competition!!!!! yes, plz stay in forks for a while, hang with the family, get a sense of how it works, try the veg lifestyle….hang out with another hybrid…maybe stephanie can re-write the ending ;-) ~ he may be a little older than jacob, but then again, edward and bella can’t complain….

    i was expecting someone a bit more olive tone, but i guess they don’t want to confuse with the egyptian and amazon covens, etc… all of my chilean friends are lighter than him, but I thought he was supposed to be from brazil…oh well, time to read BD again!!!!

  • RileysGirl_TeamSnowWhite!

    i’m just glad we HAVE a nahuel! since the casting news came so late, i just assumed that scummit cut his character. and i was NOT happy about that.

    so as long as he is there, it’s all good. oh and he’s pretty hot too, so that helps ;)

  • tegan+saralover

    He was great in A Girl Like Me, good movie too… so no complaints here.

  • Mizreesecup

    Ok this guy is cute and all…but in the book…nahuel is described as having dark brown skin…….

  • Salander

    Cant wait for it all to begin!

  • Anonymous

    Dark + vampire white foundation, ftw!

  • Kobi

    Have to agree. Definately not the guy I had pictured by the way he was described in the book. Little disappointed actually. Oh well, there are more important things to get right I guess……..

  • iSparkleToo

    Talk about randomly popping up out of nowhere…! :L (I mean no rumors of him, etc)
    They keep adding more new cast members, and they still haven’t told us who everyone in that long list of “extras” is going to be! :L

  • BMF_TeamDaddywardkowski!

    I don’t mean to be rude here, but by the looks, I don’t like the guy that much…I guess, when you read the book, you always envision your own character in your head differently, and here, he looks nothing like the way I imagined him….of course, looks is not everything, he might even turn out to be a very good nahuel… *shrugs*

  • Jasperismydestiny :[Fangbanger

    Nah…The two firstly rumoured guys fit more. Sorry.

  • Missmodern6

    Actually a Chilian Native, from the Mapuche tribe, which has nothing to do with Brazilians. We may be South Americans, but we do not look alike. But his skin should be darker.

    I think he looks Latin, at least. it’s more than I can say about the actress who plays Zafrina. So i guess it’s ok.
    ‘m kind of desappointed with his choice.. He’s too old.

  • Anonymous

    I totally agree with what you say just because we are South Americans it does not mean we caome in the same blueprint. look…What does a Latino look like….Fergie from the Black-Eyed Peas? Selma Hayek? Two very different looking women but definitely Latin. Yes Nahuel was Chilian Native, his mother If I remember correctly was named Pire because of her fair skin.

  • bella ♥ vita

    No kidding! My family is only half Cherokee (aside from my grandparents who are full Cherokee) and even we’re not at light skinned as this guy is! Nahuel’s skin is described as dark brown, but this kid isn’t even dark enough to appear half Cherokee let alone full Chilean (assuming his father Johan was also from Chile). Oh well, as long as they don’t use too much vampire makeup on him I guess he’s fine! Welcome JD!

  • bella ♥ vita

    Not even close to what I imagined, but I guess he’ll work. As long as they don’t whiten his skin too much since his skin is meant to be dark brown and even without vampire makeup this guy’s skin is too light.

  • fangsandfurforever

    I have to agree. He’s not what I expected.

  • fangsandfurforever

    I have to agree. He’s not what I expected.

  • Kaydoll02

    He looks more like he belongs with the wolves – poor choice, guess we will see what happens though. Darker would have been better.

  • Laura

    he looks completely american and naheul is from Chile

  • Lsnkittie83

    I guess this guy wouldn’t be my first choice in the world but that Amadou guy was an awful fit, I M just soo glad its not him! LOL!

  • PopTart

    He can TOTALLY pull off being Chileno!…I have many Chilean friends and they arent very dark people…sure there are some dark ones…but it is pretty common for Chilenos to have light skin and colored eyes(green/blue).
    He is tanned enough to pass off as a Latino. =)

  • SusiiCue

    the book also described Edward as an Angelic looking person….No offense to all you Rob lovers, but he is NOT angelic looking! =/ Just saying…

  • Stuckman20


  • Manzana131

    I love how people complain about the looks of the person when that is what matters the least. I mean, sure, it is great if you can get what you envision but chill! There is more to a roll than just the looks. You need to slow your rolls and just wait. JD is amazing and I am sure he will be able to pull it off.

  • Tisbell12

    I guess I’m alone here, but this is how I pictured the character. Good choice!

  • Keylo2

    Not everything in the movie is in the book.I agree with Tisbell12 It is a good choice

  • Keylo2

    I agree.He’s not angelic  looking(no offence)

  • Lilyoe

    I expected him to be darker. dt was the picture in my head about very dark rich brwn skin.

  • Lilyoe

    Urm how about the dreadlocks vampire which i forgoted his name. His black with vampire foundation but we can still notice he is black. That nahuel + foundation will be Soooooooo white.

  • wolfgirl

    Great choice! At least its somebody cute. He’s exactly Perfect for this part! And I agree with Tisbell12

  • Roxy

    well, i’m chilean and he looks very chilean to me! Ok, we (chileans) don’t have many mixture. native (mostly Mapuche) and spanish is the most common mixture, because we don’t have many black people in our country. I think Nahuel father’s name was Johan or something, so that means his father could be german, and we have many german influence, mostly in the south of Chile (where Nahuel comes from, as he is part of the Mapuche people) I like him as Nahuel… if he is the actual Nahuel in Breaking Dawn p.2, because, as he is a damphir, and not a vampire, he doesn’t need the extra-white foundation… at least, not too much… i think :)

  • Dissapointed

    This comment is late….but …..I am SOOOOO upset about this choice for Nahuel. This person is TOO old; TOO light-skinned,  and SO NOT what is described in the book about this character …….(he looks like he should be part of the “wolf” pack)……..  I have tried to remain a fan over the long haul for these movies….but I think this is the LAST thing I can stomach……..V-E-R-Y dissapointing.  This character has a small BUT VERY important part in the overall concept of this saga, and a better choice SHOULD have been made……….I am now actually happy that these movies are ending…….. You think tanks involved with these Twilight Saga movies,…… Summit; Lions Gate; Stephenie Meyer; Bill Condon; everyone……….you ALL should be ashamed of yourselves. The visual ending of this story should be as closely tied to the book as possible…..The diverse and colorful backgrounds of the new characters are what makes them interesting……You truly missed the mark with this character choice.

  • mrscrane

    I love jd pardo. He is a good actor and doesn’t hurt that hes very good looking but in the book I thought nahuel was more of a child or teenager since hybrids don’t age beyond 16ish. Guess everyone will have to watch the movie to find out.

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