• Tiffgackle

    I would have to say this girl is very pretty and would be a great older renesmee but that is only at the end it would really lose the scene if they dont create a renesmee that is growing. I had mentioned my daughter would be great for the 3yr old. Suri cruise could play the older renesmee of course she has blue eyes but the could fix that.

  • lauren

    i think your rite

  • lauren

    she does look to old. renesmee is supposed to look like a one year old or almost a two year old. kayla looks about 5 or 6 years old that way to old but she is very adorable =]

  • Matienza_la_usa

    they’re both too old for the roles..maybe someone else around the age 3 or 4..

  • aj

    they both look to old to me!

  • http://twitter.com/xPaRaMoReRoCkSx Kayla Boland

    She’s so cute, AND she has the same name as me! She’ll be great! :) But she’s too old to be Renesmée when she’s born. So they’ll need to get someone younger in that looks like her until Renesmée is that old :) !

  • Alcie

    there is no chance that this girl could play renesmee. she looks wayy too old. her hair isnt dark enough and she looks nothing like rpatz or kstew

  • sigh…

    Nahul (sp?) is not in his twenties. Bella described him as looking like a 12 year old. That’s why at the end of the battle when she and Edward are talking in reference to Renesmee, they say, “Can you believe it? Fully done ‘maturing’ at age 15.” It’s not precisely what they say, but it’s the gist. This is also why Jacob’s imprinting makes sense in the end because since the vampires are back, the wolves don’t age, therefore, he is basically stuck at 16. Get it? They’ll both be stuck at their teen ages, and THAT’S when the imprinting will go from protective love to ‘romantic’ love. I really wish people would pay more attention to what they’re reading.

  • emery’s mama

    I probably sound like a bitch, but I truly do love this series, and ESPECIALLY Breaking Dawn. I was pregnant while reading it, and I too was POSITIVE I was having a boy and ended up with a girl lol. This is my favorite of all four books, so I just get a little over passionate concerning the details that people just seem to overlook.

  • Anonymous

    really? i thought they’re twins….

  • Miracle_fairy

    Yes I think she is to old! this is the last of this saga and everything has to be on point!!!! don’t screw things up now people! you already done that when you took part of the eclipse book scenes and are adding them to BREAKING DAWN! I KNOW I READ THE BOOK AND THATS 1 OF THE REASONS ECLIPSE DIDN’T DO WELL AT THE BOX OFFICE!!! (STOP OVER THINKING THINGS AND JUST GET IT F#$kING DONE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.fanfiction.com/~youroasis Nutty for Taylor’s MCNutters

    oh wait he is auditioning. my bad. but no their not twins.

  • LesNessie87

    Beautiful kids. But like everyone else, I think they are a little too old. Even at the end of the book, I don’t picture Renesme being that big. Also, it’s not exactly how I pictured little Nessie. Rounder cheeks. I guess we will see. I still think that Eclipse is going to be the best movie by far. It was the best book.

  • Lisa

    They are both so cute. She does match the profile for Renesmee when she gets older. But you still need a smaller child to play when she is born.

  • http://disqus.com/BECullen/ BECullen

    Yeah… But I thought that Jake is suppose to be stuck in his early 20s??? At least that is what I remember him explaining to Bella… That’s why he ages because when he turns he ages quickly and stays like that as long as vamps are around…
    As for Nahul I think you’re right. But for some reason I thought it was older than 15… I must have mixed it up with Jake’s aging…
    I did think it was a little older than 15 tho… But I’m pretty sure you’re right about him…
    As for Jake he is stuck looking like he’s in his early 20′s… I am almost positive that is what he says in the books to Bella. Not 15 as well…
    Also, Nessie and Nahul’s aging doesn’t completely stop at 15 but that’s when is slows drastically… =)

  • http://disqus.com/BECullen/ BECullen

    No not at all! =)
    I get your frustration! BD is my fav of the books too. These two movies are the ones I’ve been looking the most forward to being done since I read the books!
    I totally get what you’re saying. =D

  • Kayra

    Casting for Renesmee has always seemed to be a conflict. My thoughts are that perhaps they will size her down? I mean, she’s supposed to have a more proportioned body than a baby/young child, so maybe they’ll film her, than re-size her. Just a thought.

  • http://twitter.com/zoeytje14 Zoey Van Hoeydonck

    I dont like them they not can be chidren off Bella & Edward
    Renesmee Her hair is brown long , her eyes are brown and bigger.

  • TwiLoverMom

    Yes, she is beautiful, but Renesmee needs to be an advanced baby/toddler in the beginning. In the book she’s only a month or 2 old with the advanced genetic growth towards the middle and end, maybe find a young child for the beginning, 2/3 year old, and especially towards the end of the book, a 4/5 because she hunts, rides Jacobs back with her backpack, etc. A 5 year old would be max age, I feel… Hopefully Stephenie will create a new novel continuing the story with Renesmee, Jacob and the new Cullen family…that would be so awesome. I’m so excited about BD…good luck Melissa, Cast & Crew….U all R FAB!!!

  • twihard_diehard

    just doesnt look like i thouhtshe would, i thought she wud have huge beautifulll eyes and more of a reddish colour in her hair lyk bellas

  • twihard_diehard

    just doesnt look like i thouhtshe would, i thought she wud have huge beautifulll eyes and more of a reddish colour in her hair lyk bellas

  • Itslacybitches

    too old

  • Alycuba12

    yes she is a little old she needs to b around 3 years yonger

  • Karlayy

    dude she has to be an infant at first, they will have to get several actresses

  • Phalmg

    In the book Renesmee appears to be two or three years old at the most. So yes I believe this little girl is much to old for the part unless there are alot of special effects added to make her appear younger.

  • Dimps 07

    she s nt as good as the girl described in the book. . she gotta be attractive and flawless

  • sg

    that little girl would does not look at all like edward and bells daughter should look like, also shes too old.

  • Stephanie blench

    yh she is 2 old to be renessame
    i have a niece and she is 2 and a half she has brown eyes and brown hair wiv curls at the bootom
    she looks more like bella and edwards daughter for sure

  • Tamera

    Omg!! she is soo pretty!!! I knew it…. I wanted to try out for renesme

  • jaydien

    i cant wait to watch this movie…go go

  • jaydien

    i cant wait to watch this movie go go twilight…

  • sharenrog

    I like this one better than the one they picked! If they need someone so old. I agree with lil00la.

  • amaree

    I hear their gonna use CGI to put Foy’s face on a baby’s face and possibly have a child that looks similar to Foy to keep it real

  • RoseAnna Contreras

    no! she’s a beautiful little girl she’s perfect I mean she does kind of look like bella & edward wow!!! it’s going to be great! :)

  • Arielle

    heck yeah, way TOO OLD. I was thinking little like 5yr.

  • Scalastar

    she looks adorable but wayy too old to be playing renesmee – its a pity

  • Sam0801

    i think the little girl is a bit to old for renesmee ….it is a shame because she is beautiful.I think the little boy would be good for playing Sasha’s secretly created immortal child x

  • Daizy

    as long as she’s under 9 i think it will work

  • daisy

    i think a 6 year old will be ok….they wanted to cast a 9 year old….which i think is really ridicules!!! hopefully they will make her look a little younger!

  • Laureneident

    ok,,,,um they look mexican! bella and edward are white!

  • Gary_bear6

    i think the girl they cast looks even older!!!!

  • anna

    makenzie foy i herd it waz goin to be and she is 10 so i dont get why you gyes r sayin that that 6 year old looked 2 old becoz i mean summit made the wolves so i get why they cant make the actress look younger or older

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