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Breaking Dawn Casting News: Christie Burke Rumored To Play Teenage Renesmee

TwiCraddict Addict has some information on the teenage Renesmee will be played by Christie Burke!

Christie – aka second luckiest gal in the world (first place still goes to Kristen, natch) – appears to get to make out with Taylor Lautner in a flash-forward to Jacob and Renesmee living happily ever after…
Whether this is a Bella flash forward or when Jacob first imprints on her (as previous rumored Lainey script deets detailed a Jacob/Renesemee montage) will remain to be seen.
According to her representation, Performers Management in Vancouver Christie is 5’7, has hazel eyes, brown hair (though her pic totes look more auburn) and weighs 115lbs (plenty light enough for Jacob to spin her around in throws of adoration, etc).
Super squishy thanks to my secret source for this info!
- Lorabell

However, Summit has not confirmed this information.

From NessieMackenzie

The casting of Christie Burke has NOT yet been confirmed by Summit. We will be sure to keep you updated when we hear otherwise!

What do you all think?  I like her!   However, I always had a feeling that Janelle Frohleich was the teenage Renesmee.  Summit never confirmed Janelle’s role.  Just a thought.  I do think Christie will be great too.

[Source: TwiCrack Addicts & NessieMackenzie.]

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  • ECfOrEvEr

    i think of coarse they can grow their hair because when u die ur hair never stops growing, so why would it be different for vampires?

  • va25

    who’s the name of the teenage renesmee in breaking dawn part 1?

  • Arenasbeamarie

    i want taylor swift….hahahaha lolololzzzz

  • Albert Acevedo

    I hoep it’s not Christie Burke,  no offense, but she’s not pretty enough to play Renesmee, I like the girl they used when Jacob imprinted in Part 1 of Breaking Dawn!

  • Caille Turcotte

    I think Stephanie is writing a book about that.. how Edward took some potion or whatever to give him the ability to father children.. I heard it from Kaleb Nation on YT

  • Caille Turcotte

    R apparently stops growing around the convenient age of 17 so.. I think her hair would continue to grow until that age.

  • Diblayndman

    how old is she?

  • Said-sai

    I DO NOT LIKE HER!!! The best girl to play Renesmee is Julia Roberts!! :) She’s the ONE!!

  • Said-sai

    I mean EMMA roberts!!!!!!!! :) Sorry….

  • Destiny

    I do not like her either !!!! Yeah your right Emma Roberts would fit Renesmee.

  • Danielmarulanda1

     they must gonna chage her eyes in the book she as the most beaitiful eyes!! the bellas eyes!!! so hard to explain.

  • Stephanie

    Too bad there isn’t an actress that looks like the girl from the flash-forward scene. Seems that Mackenzie’s face was “apply” to the teen girl in that scene. Christie is okay but it’s just not for the role. She has those features that don’t match with Renesmee from our beloved book. She has those small eyes and thin lips. I can’t believe that they (sorry for saying this) couldn’t find a person that could actually be identified with Renesmee . I mean, I see Renesmee with big, extremely expressive eyes, and lips that are a bit fleshy. She will really need a lot of makeup. Sincerely, Mackenzie Foy is the only one who really fits to the role. 

  • Stephanie

    In Breaking Dawn Part 1, they used CGI to age Mackenzie Foy’s face. So there wasn’t any Christie. That’s why in pt. 1 Renesmee looked so beautiful. She had Mackenzie’s face. Good idea! They ruined all when they picked Christie… Just saying… 

  • Larain

    uhhh her lips are weird looking :(

  • Shiree <3's jaycob :)

    i goota a question like dose the part with her and jake like take half of the movie??? or is it jus a little flash of the future ….like he did when he imprinted on her???

  • Erinsmires:P


  • Shiree <3's jaycob

    yeah there kinda really thin not trying to be mean….but she just dosent look like renesseme  like she is suppost to be GORGEOUS!!! shes a little plain but who knows no one is even shure yet if its gonna be this chick yet :) !!!!

  • bezany uniga

    this one is wayyy better

  • betzany uniga

    watea she is she got the looks to be renasme .. u have no taset in vampiers or wat

  • Anonymous

    Everyone has their opinions.I happen to think I have very good taste in “vampiers or wat.” BTW great typographical errors you got there in your comment. (My guess is that you are typing on a smart phone because those things are frickn annoying to type on.)

  • Chloeandrae

    Mackenzie is BETTER than her. Why don’t they just put her head on that girl? infact, that is what they did to the little mackenzie :P

  • Hartybell

    Tho I don’t think she fits the part of renesmee, I think that it’s very trashy for people to put her down. I think shes very beautiful, so quit being a jerk and grow up

  • Ela

    She is Perfect she looks exactly like renesmee when she was young and she looks like bella & Edward :)

  • Mickenzie

    This girl is so pretty! And she sooo looks like a grown up Mackenzie (how ironic my name is Mickenzie!) I hope this girl gets picked!<3

  • alex

    nessie stops ageing at age 25

  • Mandil

    i think christie’s gonna make a good renesmee! they’ll do make up and stuff for her after all…

  • Chowelle

    i think janelle woud be better for the renesmee part too , but dont get me wrong christee is beatuiful however shes not n renesmee

  • jess

    She is the perfect renesmee!!!

  • Replace

    Please REPLACE her! If they use her in breaking dawn Hollywood would RUIN the series , ive already seen the renesme in breaking dawn part 1 n the girl there looks sooo much more like a renesme jacob wouldnt have to be forced to fall in love!

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