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Breaking Dawn Cast on the Ellen Show Plus Bruno Mars Performs “It Will Rain” from the Soundtrack!

Breaking Dawn Ellen

The cast of Breaking Dawn Part 1 was on the Ellen Show today, and it was outrageously funny!

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Reaser and Peter Facinelli were there.

Bruno Mars performed “It Will Rain” from the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack as well.

Check out all the videos!

‘Twilight’ Cast Gives Sneak Peek at Breaking Dawn, Part 2!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Babymaking Scene Was too Steamy!

Nikki Reed and Ashley Greene Discuss Marriage

Bruno Mars Performs “It Will Rain” from the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

Here are the YouTube vids of the full show!

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  • Will

    Thanks! Added to the post.

  • Mira_nee

    im pretty sure that edward turn bella into a vampire..i just watch it here guys. its awesomeits online free

  • Anonymous

    Lol at : “It’s all comes from the hips ! That was exciting thank you “

  • Bellaura

    Lol it looked like Rob had a hard time not putting his arm around her and the end. So cute!! But what does kellan say?? 

  • Maggie

    BTW, Bill Condon don’t use “Original music”. It’s because Carter Burwell – he did music for the first one, and now for BD ;)
     I love so much Carter’s music in Twilights movies!

  • DearJacob_I_Win_SincrlyEdwrd

    Hi my lovely Twiladies! I got back from seeing BD last night. And I would normally post this in the midnight release section, but it’s not letting me comment and you all know us Twihards need to vent to the other Twihards! So here I go:
    Oh. My. God. OH  MY GOD. I am so freaking happy I can’t even contain myself. Hold on. Let me get myself together. Okay. Well, first of all, thank the good Lord for Mr. Bill Condon. If I happened to see him anywhere, I would attack him with hugs. And kisses. I love that man. 
    Never before in the history of the Twilight saga movies have I ever, ever cried. Never have I ever been so elated that I had this big goofy smile on my face the whole film. I hated New Moon, and Eclipse I was so disappointed with. I never felt anything genuine from those movies. 
    But BD Part 1 was amazing. Kristen Stewart, I had my doubts before, but I will never doubt her again. To see her cry! To see her laugh, a real laugh! People can say all that want about this movie, but one thing they can’t deny is that Kristen Stewart is now a legitimate, amazing actress. To finally see her passionate about something: the baby! To see her turn into a woman who loves her baby, who LITERALLY died for the baby for a little while there was just incredible. 
    When Edward pulled Renesmee from out of Bella, and he said, “It’s Renesmee” and when tears leaked from Bella’s eyes, and then she died, I lost it. And she can play a dead person better than anyone in Hollywood! She really looked like she was dead, I was terrified. And when she transformed into a vampire, ohmygosh she looked beautiful!! I love how it showed her skin healing, her hair becoming more lush. It was perfect.
    The honeymoon had me dying with laughter and joy. When Bella was trying to get him to have sex with her by wearing the black lingerie, and when he flipped over on his stomach so he didn’t have to look, I laughed SO much. Too funny. Bella is such a horny wife, it was hilarious.
    And then Rob’s acting. Amazing. Especially when he heard little Renesmee’s thoughts. It was just beautiful. 
    I could continue this post forever. And ever. But I will wrap this up by saying why it’s the most amazing Twilight movie so far: 1. It is no longer a teen-angst movie; these characters turned into adults. Bella and Edward, husband and wife, with a child? With facing real sacrifice for that child? Very adult concepts. 2. The acting improved by a million. Sure, there were some cheesy parts, but come on. It wouldn’t be Twilight without at least on cheesy part. 3. They stuck to the book in this movie like no other Twilight film. It was like page to page, sometime word for word. Although they added a couple of things, all that did was make it even better. 4. We now have Bill Condon, and he did this for the FANS. Not for critics, not to make these movies more appealing to men, but for the fans.
    I am so happy!

  • twi-hard

    I cried for Eclipse when Edward proposed and Breaking Dawn like throughout the entire movie but mostly at the end when Edward thinks he’s lost Bella and he kinda cries for his loss that was emotional for but hey I’mma sucka for those types hah…. I loved BD even though it could have been better but it was good and romantic wish it was out on dvd so I could watch it over and over like I do with Eclipse and New Moon!!! Lol 

  • Woodz

    Love this entire cast. Sad, we’re almost to the end of this saga. Saw BD1 last night and couldn’t be happier. Was awesome, will see it many more times. Must stay for credits if you want to see cute special scene. Woo-HOO!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    When Rob walked out I loved how he actually turn back and help kristen down the stairs. Usually it would have be Taylor helping kristen but not for this, maybe kristen and rob now are more relaxed now. :)

    And I enjoyed the interview alot and was laughing non-stop thru out especially the butt cracks, ellen throw grapes at rob, how Peter met ellen 15 years ago and taylor’s dance. Best interview!

    And lastly, when ellen ask rob how he know that the priest was a real one he just mumbles and look at kristen, like both of them is sharing a secret XD 

  • Woodz

    Absolutely love the Bruno Mars song. He hit it right on the head with this one, so friken good. Thanks Bruno and have already bought the sound track and have become a HUGE fan of his.

  • [Robward'sPillows]<3

    OMG… I have already seen the film twice, but this interview made me want to see it again. Good thing I’m going to the twilight marathon tomorrow :D

  • mfk8

    I think they got married on the set in real life with all of their friends and family there already.  The non=cast members in the audience = who do you think they were?

  • mfk8

    Yes,  it’s only Saturday and I’ve seen it nonstop at the local cinema.  12 times so far.

  • mfk8

    reread the book. you’ll like it that much more.

  • myajace

    just saw BD for the 2nd time and it gets better every time I go and see it again… Bill Condon you are the best, got the important human moments at it’s best…So LOVED IT!! IT was the best so far!!! you won’t be dissapointed

  • Anonymous

    I felt exactly the same way!!! I was so nervous going into the theater because Eclipse was so disappointing. This was a terrific adaptation! Everyone played their parts beautifully. The hair was finally not so distracting. And the humour mixed in was awesome! I cried, laughed, and wanted to sit through it again!!!!!! <3

  • Diana

    Everything u just said…hands down, cause I had the exact same feeling…about everything. The acting was amazing and the added scenes made the movie better instead of worse , like the rest of them.  The parts that didn’t make the movie were molded somehow that we wouldn’t realize they were missing in such a fine matter. smooth like water. the dress was amazing, the BABY BEAUTIFUL, and Steph is IN THE MOVIE…I like how they introduced Irina to make a better connection as to why she rattled to the Volturi, and most of all (although I heard most of them didn’t like it) I LOVED the scene with THE PACK…to at least get a glimpse of how the wolves communicate and see things (at least in Bill Condon’s head, who is a genius, a mastermind of human emotions)…I was not breathing without even realizing it…and at the last scene, everyone was already out of the theater, but I knew the Volturi were coming (everyone was looking at me as to why am I still not getting from my chair…HAHA)…conclusions?: PERFECT, go see it…I know I will…again, and again, and again, again :) )

  • HAPPY123

    hey guys, it’s not yet too late to see breaking dawn part 1 watch it here. i’m pretty sure you’ll love it.

  • Anonymous

    In… 10 hours I’ll be sitting in the theater for the 4th time watching BD1… Every time I watch I see something new. 

  • twi hard

    Whay 12 times omg that’s crazy I’ve only sceen it 1 time and wants to go back to watch it again how did you see it 12 times??

  • Anonymous

    Ditto to everything you just said.  Especially about the acting.  I think had Rob and Kristen been able to play those characters like that from the beginning, then more people would like the movies.  The honeymoon was great!  I can’t wait for part 2 

  • rHiz_patzz – ♥ dirty Robowski

    omg taylor and robert dancing!! THE HIPS!! i’m smiling like an idiot the entire time. hahah!
    gosh i love ellen! she’s hilarious! 

  • Victoria

    Absolutely the BEST Twilight movie thus far.   Just can’t get enough, going back today.   The acting skills of Robert, Kristin and Taylor are spot on.   You can actually feel what they feel.   Very well

  • Rachmc

    i like seeing them all together i think it is better then just 2 or 3 of them at an interview 

  • Micelle

    I definitely missed it!  I’m going to have to go back to watch the movie again just to see what I missed at the end.  No complaints here!  ;)

  • lilyjohns

    I just finished watching breaking dawn again haha.. i found it online.



  • vic

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