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Breaking Dawn Cast Dances It Up On Set!

Tweets have surfaced from members of the Breaking Dawn cast: Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen), Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen), Christian Serratos (Angela Webber), Myanna Buring (Tanya), Marlane Barnes (Maggie), and Amadou Ly,  dishing out that they enjoy some epic dance offs -

More Tweets after the break!

Sounds like fun!! I hope this makes it to the Breaking Dawn DVD extras!!

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  • ashley

    Im guessing this must have something to do with the Bella and Edward Reception! At least that sounds the most logical. lol

  • tpec1991 SaveaHORSE/RideaVAMP!

    LOL!!!! WHATS UP WITH ALL THIS DANCING!!! I guess cause it has the humans involved… its the BELLA AND EDWARD RECEPTION PARTY!!!!

  • RobSten1123

    its amazing that they’re celebrating the work they’ve done for the past couple of years with twilight dancing :) )
    they’re definitely having more fun in the last movie…. sad that it’s ending

  • I<3waterfalls

    i never even though of that – that might be it cuz it would make sence with the vampires and human being their

  • Oasis

    i’m glad they are! seems to me like they didn’t have any fun on set of eclipse or that much on new moon cos the latter was so serious. sounds like bill condon is an awesome, cool, laid back guy ;)

  • Oasis

    maybe they just had a break and started to release their energy lol

  • Anonymous

    Ok either it’s the wedding reception since Christian(Angela) commented or she is added to a surprise scene OR they are doing a musical number with the cast and having it in the extras because I think SM stated at one time that BC wanted to do a fun musical number for giggles so maybe this is it-just my thought!!
    I would love to see this!!! : )

  • LegHitchThis

    holy shit. I really wanna see this!

  • snapcrakklepreggo

    hope it’s on the dvd extras!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, next time someone twitters about dancing AND singing I’m sure BD is gonna be a musical lol

  • stewyISqueen<3

    lol aww I’m glad they are having fun on set since it’s the last one…but I. Have. To. See. This!!

  • Nicole Lau

    Dancing while working. *wiggles finger* TskTskTsk.
    hahahahah ;p

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    haha no joke. condon did win an oscar for dreamgirls which was a musical, so who knows…. :D

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    ahah me too :D sounds hilarious!

  • RileysGirl_”CanISignYourCast?”

    LOL i guess this is what happens when you have such a young cast. love it!
    hope we get to see this in some BTS footage :D

  • amanda_cullen ♥

    LOL! It sounds like they had an awesome time. Wish I were there, though. :(

  • Britt

    LOL more dancing, I want to join!

  • kerbear585

    this better be on extras!!! i am hoping cuz kristen doing a little jig was on twilight extra for a second so this should be on it too :-) especially since Bill was doing it with them!

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    Imagine that. I love musicals, but they can’t possibly change it to something else it would be the start of the apocalypse.

  • Miranda the wolfgirl

    I say they should all get down with their bad selves.

  • Anonymous

    It can’t be the wedding recep cuz there are vamps there (like Maggie) so hoping too that it’s a fun number they’re putting in the dvd for us. (crossing fingers)

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