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Breaking Dawn Birth Bloopers!!!

I rarely go full-on three exclamation points, but this video definitely deserves it.

Check out a newly-released clip from the Breaking Dawn Part 1 DVD & Blu-Ray which features some bloopers from the gory birth scene.

How did anyone manage to keep a straight face on set during this process?

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  • PurpleHippo

    YAY Bloopers!!! So glad we get so see some! :D

  • elizabeth

    Youtube??? I sent in my laptop for repair and I cant watch! :’(

  • PurpleHippo

    It’s through Movie phone.

  • PurpleHippo
  • klayrahx7

    haha i could watch it over and over! i love how she calls him taylor and than goes shit..

  • ifonly2011

    Are those Kristen’s real legs right at the end when Rob’s giving her cpr??!! Bizarre question I know! but they look far too skinny and like they don’t really belong to her!!!……maybe they belong to the dummy they used?? Any thoughts anyone…:)

  • VILF

    SO they are inserting the bloopers into the commentary?  So excited! Just a week and a day left! :)

  • Pyroprincess89

    I’ve seen on some other behind the scenes (on youtube) that they cut the table in half and made it so that only Kristen’s head/shoulders/arms were out. The rest of it is a dummy version of her.

  • phaedra82-Edward’s only Bella!

    Have you guys seen the 12 minute behind the scenes for the wedding?  Awesome!!

  • Bellacat60

    Can’t wait for the DVD….Have seen the movie ten times but can’t wait for the behind the scenes….Also wish the last movie was in March not November…I hate to wait oh well….

  • kerbear585

    nope not her real legs. they made a dummy version of her for the real sickly times. they show the dummy in the movie companion. it is so creepy cuz it looks just like her!

  • Twivampire10024

    So will these bloopers be on the Target Deluxe Edition???  Because I am going to get that at midnight and will be soooo mad if it doesnt not have it on the DVD, but it does on the Blu-Ray

  • ifonly2011

    Yep knew I’d seen/read about the dummy legs somewhere…movie companion! Thank God for that :)

  • ifonly2011

    Thanks…will check out youtube ….sooo glad it was the dummy!

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know if they are going to have a a blue ray and dvd combo (hopefully with digital download so i can put it on my computer at work )   :)

    i’ve seen that they are going to have the combo over in England, i am hoping that they do have it here!!

  • Jakefannnn

    Yay. Bloopers, and behind the scenes… Who’s going to Target for that special edition?

  • Robsessed_Twerd

    ohmigod. that’s funny.

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