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Bill Condon’s Amazing Commentary for Breaking Dawn Part 1

Bill Condon is the perfect director for the same reason his commentary for Breaking Dawn Part 1 is so illuminating. Condon explains the strengths of each of his actors and collaborators with precision while keeping in mind the complete picture.

Condon’s adoration for the Twilight series is clear; changes made from the novel are explained with grace and thoughtfulness.

Here are the most interesting tidbits-

  • The last scene of Breaking Dawn Part 1 is exactly where Part 2 begins.
  • “Kristen is the ultimate Twihard.” She remembers the first time she read the books, what made her cry, and she’d lobby for certain lines to be put back in.
  • The characters were so comfortable together that “it was between the lines of acting and just being.”
  • Towards the end of filming, Kristen Stewart has a scene with Taylor Lautner where Jacob and Bella have a last dance. At the end of the scene as the Quielute recede into the forest, Kristen lifted everyone’s spirits by hiking up her wedding dress and running after Taylor with the hilarious “Jacob! Jacob! I was wrong, I changed my mind, come back, don’t leave me!”
  • Kristen Stewart’s Bella in Breaking Dawn 2 is a sort of “Warrior goddess.”
  • The original cut of the love scene had “a bit more thrust.”

  • Bill Condon toyed with the anticipation for the love scene. He knew it would be impossible to live up to fan anticipation, instead he empahsized reliving the moments as Bella remembered them–where he touched her, where he kissed her, Edward’s smell.
  • When Edward and Bella kiss on the beach after the chess game, it was very awkward for them because there were tons of boats with paparazzi in the harbor. The boats had to be digitally removed.
  • Carter Burwell’s theme for Renessmee’s lullaby is heard around 46:30, Robert Pattinson will perform it in Part 2.
  • Kristen Stewart is an amazing cook. Condon can imagine Kristen as a director, Rob as a writer and Taylor as a producer.
  • Part 1 is intimate whereas Part 2 is epic. Many scenes were removed from Part 1 to make it more personal in scope.
  • It was nearly impossible to acquire a Visa for Brazilian actress Carolina Virguez (housemaid Kaure) so she could film in Vancouver. A friend of a friend had to contact the White House to make it happen.
  • There are 1400 effects shots in Part 1, 2000 in Part 2. In total, it’s more than Avatar. The goal was to not discern when special effects were used.
  • Kristen Stewart doesn’t have the vanity of a typical actress. She “wanted to look just as terrible as she could” during Bella’s deterioration.
  • Robert Pattinson is unbelievably tender with children, and we’ll se a lot of that in the second film with Renesmee. “Something changes” when he’s around children: he’s very “sweet and caring” with them.
  • Stephenie Meyer wore two hats as producer and writer with equal aplomb. She understood what needed to be changed for the movie while not loosing the spirit of the novel.
  • Bill Condon’s first Comic-Con for Breaking Dawn was as “unbelievably intense and overwhelming” as everyone told him it would be, he was amazed and pleased at the fan interest in every frame.
  • Kristen Stewart pretended to get in a fist fight with her emaciated body-cast dummy on set.
  • Condon loved how interactive the fans were in wanting certain scenes to play right, like the childbirth and love scene.
  • Condon knew they couldn’t have an R rating, but wanted the childbirth as intense as possible. A rule was imposed in direction to frame the scene as Bella sees it. Stephenie Meyer stood firmly behind Bill Condon in supporting the scene-it wasn’t sanitized it in any way.
  • The original score was hugely operatic during the end as Bella recovers into a vampire, it was a huge revelation late in the production to have the score end in silence with her last heartbeat.

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  • kerbear585

    So no version had deleted or extended scenes? Good I thought that I was missing things.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda pissed that there are no bloopers, deleted scenes, etc…… I totally agree with winndsinger it feels like a rip off, and I’m a true Twilight Saga fan and I would/will spend all my money on them :^|

  • Jonanner1984

    i when to see the movie in before it came out in stores and iwould have to say that did enjoy it very much i loved it. the only thing i wish is that it would have finished it instead of making another part.. i think it did great..i didnt see anything that should have changed…but i do think that all the ppl ;that are out ther would stop the negitive stuff. it was your decision to go get the movie and if you didnt like that your business..dont blame the movie ppl for that…i will say this i cant wait til part 2 comes out cause if i have the money when it does i hope i am in the movies watching it too

  • Freaktab11

    I completely and totally agree….  Listening to the actor commentary was hilarious and very informative!

  • Team Jacob

    Totally agree, a couple of deleted scenes, would have been nice, since he talked about filming them. Maybe a commentary with Taylor since he did have a important role in BD

  • Team Vampire Bella

    You guys are so luckt toactually have the beloved dvd in your hands I have to wait for a month to get in Australia. March 15th can it not get any faster.

  • Gloria Jenkins

    Well i got my DVD and i LOVE Bill’s commentary. It suprised me that some of the iconic scenes from the book where actually filmed but he decided not to used them in the movie. I hope these deleted scenes make their way onto the BD2 DVD in 2013. R.I.P. Whitney.

  • Kentuckylady

    I finally got this movie and it was great . these actors got it going on. the role they play were just right for them. No others actors could never  close to thier performance. I love this series have watch each one about 25 times and the new one  have watched it 3 times since saturday when I first got it. You all are great in this movie series. hate to see it end.

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