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  • Duygu

    but bella finally found her best looking ever…

  • Jennyfer

    I like the 2nd and last Bella of course!!!

  • RobinEA

    Looked good in all movies except when she had the really bad wig in Eclipse. Multiple wigs were used in Eclipse and one was good and one looked like a dead beaver. Kristen even talked about the bad wigs on the dvd. Everyone else in Eclipse looked ok.

  • teamjake

    i like her look in New Moon and BD2! so excited to see her as a vampire! she’d be so hot :)

  • Edward’s Playmate

    I like how in the first film she looked so young and innocent. She’s clearly grown into this role along the way and you can see it with each film.

  • sebjam

    Apart from the Cullens 99% of the BD2 posters are terrible. The supporting cast look like they have been airbrushed so much their faces look like they’ve all had reconstructive surgery. Sorry but a disappointing effort on the others.
    Bella 1-3-5
    Edward 1-5
    Jacob 1-2-5

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